Jen and Vince Separate

12/12/2005 1:24 PM PST
Why is it that Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn don't want to be seen together? TMZ saw this first hand last Saturday night at a trendy Los Angeles restaurant.

It all started at around 10PM, when 'Legally Blonde' co-star Meredith Scott Lynn (she played Enid Wexler, the lesbian) left the restaurant. She's good friends with Jen and had been inside the restaurant with the couple. When Meredith saw the camera, she appeared agitated and ran inside the restaurant so fast her coat was flapping in the air.

A short time later, Jen and Vince left the restaurant. The moment they saw the camera they separated. Jen turned back and ducked inside the restaurant. Vince kept walking down the street, as if he were alone. Vince then walked back, extremely cordial but pensive. As he hailed a car, Jen stayed tucked inside the restaurant.