Silliest Celebrity Lawsuits 2005

12/29/2005 3:34 PM PST

Silliest Celebrity Lawsuits 2005

When it comes to kooky court cases, 2005 kept craziness alive. TMZ dipped into its freak files to find some of the flakiest litigation to hit the nation. Sometimes it's the superstar who gets the urge to splurge on the seemingly nonsensical suit, and sometimes even celebrity pets were on the receiving end. You be the judge!

Tara Reid: Nip Slip Suit

The gorgeous Tara Reid gave onlookers more than they bargained for when a wardrobe malfunction popped her dress strap and left her, um, over-exposed. But the 'American Pie' star says that after that "unfortunate incident" she sued a Las Vegas developer over a condo ad that said, "Dear Tara Reid, come let it all hang out."

In her lawsuit, Reid claimed the advertiser used her name without permission and "ridiculed" her, implying she was sexually lewd and/or immoral and causing her "humiliation... embarassment and ...mental anguish." The case was settled, and TMZ's Harvey Levin explains why it's a big deal for stars.

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