'Lost' Actress Cops Plea

1/12/2006 3:44 PM PST

'Lost' Actress Cops Plea

Cynthia Watros, who plays castaway Libby on the ABC hit series, 'Lost,' pleaded guilty to drunken driving Thursday. Her driver's license was suspended for 90 days, she was fined $370 and ordered to undergo an "alcohol assessment".
"I'm sorry," Watros told the court after entering her plea.

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District Judge James Dannenberg also ordered Watros to submit to 14 hours of counseling. "This is no fun, but you know how much worse it could have been. Get on with your life, and I wish you luck," the judge told Watros.

The night she was busted, Watros' blood alcohol level was just over .10. The legal limit in Hawaii is .08.

Following her court appearance, the star spoke to reporters. "I'm extremely grateful to the people of Hawaii for their love and support," she said. "Thank you."

Click here to watch Watros address reporters after her court appearance

Fellow 'Lost' star Michelle Rodriguez was arrested for drunk driving in Honolulu the same night Watros was busted. Unlike Watros, Rodriguez pleaded not guilty and is scheduled to stand trial on March 30.