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Exclusive: Murray and Bush Annulment Docs

2/28/2006 6:21 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Divorce Docs between Murray and BushTMZ has your first look at the official official request for annulment documents between 'One Tree Hill' teen stars Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush.

The couple announced their separation in late September 2005, after just five months of marriage. They married in Santa Monica, Calif. in April 2005.

"Fraud" is cited as their reason for their request.


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I don't understand why he did that to you and I dont even know if it is true. But I know one thing that he is a Wondful actor. and we went to the same school in New York. He is a really really nice guy. so you should of gave him a chance before you devorce him. But I am not doging on you I love how you act but i think you should of gave him another chance because people deserve another chance before you do what you do. If I was married to him and if he cheated on me with another girl I would give him another chance because of how nice he is to people . d

2765 days ago


not only is it celebrities who believe that marriage and then divorce is right. wake up world. the best way to analyze whether you're ready for marriage in the first place is to see yourself for who you really are. don't get married just because it feels right. it has to actually be right. don't get married for money or lust, fame even. get married because you truly respect one another. once married, understand that both of you get hurt, not just women. remember that men are just as sensitive as women, and simply, we are all human. treat each other with kindness. don't use insults when you are hurting. instead be honest with how you feel, and communicate when something is bothering you. don't just let it ride out in a wave only to return one day as a barrage of hurtful comments. and should it get to this point as you're working on your apporach in disagreements, don't allow it to get to the point of a barrage of insults, and especially not in the form of saying the things that were shared in times of sharing deep thoughts that were entrusted to be safe or even commenting on fundamental things that are a part of your partner. unintended hurt is one thing, but intentional hurting never leaves your heart or memory. create yourself before creating your life with someone, too. and no matter what age you are, be accountable that you don't know everything, and your partner deserves to be trusted before questioned or judged. everyone can learn from this. whether you're a celebrity or not, have been married for less than a year, married for a year or longer, never married, or married for more than 30 years. don't forget why you're supposed to be marrying. for love. don't tell your partner you love them for the very first time if you have any question they treat you in a less than deserving way. but don't be zealous with a bravado that you're deserving of so much that you're that much better than your partner. ego isn't part of love. once you love someone, stay stik through the good and bad times, but don't allow those to change you negatively. women should remember that your engagement and wedding day are stepping stones in your journey, they aren't where the fantasy begins. once you get engaged and once you marry, you still have to treat your spouse as respecftully as you had the very first time you realized whole-heartedly how deep your love and trust you have in them is. if you don't have this going into a marriage, don't say yes to an engagement hoping things will change. men and women, love your family and your most raw self, before you can commit to appearing ready for a faithful longterm commitment. it doesn't happen without your input, and your lives don't just work together. you and your partner have to realize how important being respectful is for the long haul. if think looking at other people is innocent, then just don't let it become anything more than looking. meaning, don't let it become staring, then talking in a conversation that leaves your partner wondering if they still do it for you. even if they do, your actions can speak louder than words. don't leave an argument without both people feeling fully heard. ask to ensure each of you has said your peace. speak kindly, don't yell. stay in one place, don't pace. and keep your hands free of things, be gentle. to find yourself before seeking out to be in a committed longterm relationship, be healthy inside and out. don't fool yourself into thinking you don't have baggage, but don't think your future partner won't have any of their own. if they say they have none, they haven't lived a full life and they aren't ready for a longterm relationship. it's only after you've pulled through hard times on your own, that you can feel well-equipped to pull through hard times with someone else. find someone with morals like yours, if not more. opposites only attract when they have things in common. not just music and food. recreational times, family lifestyles, holiday event coordination with family and friends, creative versus analytical thoughts; every single part of what makes you you, is what should be mirrored in your partners' care and respect for you, and vice-versa. every relationship before your first and hopefully last marriage, should be completely finished with. friends with exes can cause distress, but communication and faithfulness will overcome even the worst of fears. marry, but marry because you know you have found the only person for you and your partner feels the exact same way about you, instead of marrying because you doubt you'll ever find anyone better. don't intentionally hurt, intentionally trust. and stay together because the grass on the other side of the fence needs just as much respect, attention, and loyalty as the lawn you've invested in already. why start over, if loyalty, faithfulness, and trust is worth more after years of the same. fun can come and go. don't think it wi

2854 days ago


For Gabby: Honey, Sophia isn't going to come here to answer your questions. And every letter she gets, will be read by her "people" first. So, if they don't think it's important, she won't ever see it. If you have friend problems, ask your Mom, or another friend. Celebrity's are just people, no better or worse then you, thay can't and shouldn't make choices for you.

2905 days ago


Andrea, well said.

One of the biggest motives behind the decision to get married is to - well, -- get married. My cardinal rule for future brides and grooms is this: Make sure you're not getting married just to get married. A wedding lasts a day, as the saying goes, but a marriage lasts a lifetime. (Or it should last a lifetime, to update the saying.)

Rule No. 2 to Brides or Grooms in Waiting: So you're closer to 30 now than you are to 20. Big deal. Don't let the "Almost 30" demon push you down the aisle unless you really love the person you are considering marrying.

Rule No. 3: Don't try to convince yourself that you love him/her in order to justify a $60,000 day and a honeymoon in Hawaii. You can have a party anytime at a fraction of the cost of a wedding, and a vacation can be had any time and - get this - with someone you really like! Conversely, a string of days soaking up the sun and sharing a bed with a person you don't really love is going to feel less like a honeymoon and a lot more like a prison sentence. To that I solemnly swear.

2096 days ago


This is a response to Tiffany...
Are you serious? Somebody cheats on you, but if "they are nice to other people" you are willing to give then another chance?! What are you smoking? When somebody cheats on you, you walk away! Period. End of sentence. Sophia (and everyone else out there) doesn't deserve to be cheated on. When you get married you make a promise to be with that person forever. It doesn't mean you get to cheat on them and hope they never find out about it. It's a very screwed up situation.

2329 days ago

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