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Bobby's Mugshot

3/9/2006 11:10 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained Bobby Brown's latest mugshot, taken after he was arrested in Webster, Massachusetts, for outstanding traffic warrants. The 37-year-old husband of Whitney Houston was pulled over last Friday night and officers discovered there were outstanding warrants dating back 14 years.

Brown, who was described as "very cooperative," was allowed to drive -- with his bodyguard -- to the police station. He was detained for an hour and released on $40 bond.

Brown was in Webster to watch his daughter in a high school cheerleading tournament.

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Bobby and Whitney like any married couple have had their ups and downs...however they were married or are married for fourteen years now so they must have been doing something all you journalists, can we say just one positive thing about America's favorite couple who have been through it all together? Lets talk about americas sweetheart couple already divorcing....remember Nick and Jessie, the virgin who waited till she was married idiot and its over already...she should have been giving it out to everyone cuz divorce already. talk about their failures and give Bobby and Whitney time to work it out cuz I betcha they will

2964 days ago


I think we as humans spend to much time worrying about others live and not trying
to fix ourself . these are just pepole that has the same problems that every other person or persons have in life. Things that should be talk about are never talk
about. Like the the sharon said what ever Bobby and Whitney have to go through
is them and there fam .

2963 days ago


Bobby and Whitney are human. Yes, you hate seeing them in the media at their worst. But instead of downing them, let's pray for them and let them work their problems out with their maker. I have heard that friends and family have tried to help. But after experiencing rehab with a family member, I know that one has to be serious and consistent, always in the Word. If you have money, it makes it more difficult to pull up. So, I say leave them both to their own devises until they are really ready to change.

2963 days ago


Mrs. Bobby Brown use to be a decent human being. But over the past several years, she has changed. She has become a bigot and a racist.. I partially blame her husband for this. The rest of the blame I put on her popularity and "so-called" friends.

2963 days ago


whitney Houston -once got with bad boy, bobby,she went down HILL..
Best thing she can do -is leave this guy -clean up her act.
I wouldnt believe anything the browns are say about her?
Remenber they are bobby brown family -cut her down -to bring bobby uP?
Anyway , i hope that whitney listens to her family /clean up act /becomes
the way she was before she ever knew bobby brown and his drugs?

2963 days ago


One thing we must remember first and foremost is that these two people are human beings. Because they reached and attained success is probably a big inication of how we take talent along with abilities for granted. I for one struggle with Bi-polar depression, and PST. How hard I try over and over again. I battled with alchol for some time because I worked and raised my four children alone. I can't help but feel for those two they have been caught up in a web of evil and deceit. My son is a recording artist and works and stays at the studio always working hard trying just to let a door open for him. I was asked to give my comment and I will. My son has to work to get to where he should be because I believe he is that good. He does not do drugs and is strong in and with his values. He helps me and anyone when ever anyone needs help he'll find a way to help. He goes by AB Adam Brown. I would love for him just to talk once either to Bobby or Whitney and I guarantee you that they will began to re think about where their lives are today. Being in the public eye is hard but can you imagine the fans that still love them??? So I say we pray for them and people like them to understand or educate themselves about why they allow such treachery to continue. Their just two people who lost their way but unlike some of us have the way to make it out and get up. Show the world who you want to be. Who your walking with. This world is evil, vile and cares about noone. So if seperation for either one of them will make a differance then great!!!!!!!! But God Bless you both and your young daughter, where do you want her to be in a few years??? Only you two the ones that gave her life can make a differance. I watched Bobby for the first time entertain the other day and I was really impressed. And of course we all know what Whitney can do. Come on don't you know where there is a will you will find your way. Truth

Dodie AB's Mother, I adore my son............

2963 days ago

Tara McKnight    

Whitney and Bobby i pray for you. The both of you are a inspiration to me. Whitney you are my super star. Girl you got the voice can't nobody take from you. I love your singing. I pray that the lord bless this family. I don't care what nobody says about this family because the lord that i praise serves the just as well as the unjust. So Whitney and bobby please come back i miss the both of you. I am one of the greatest fans of yours.

2963 days ago


I truly believe that Whitney is a very talented and intelligent woman. She and her family will be in my prayers.

2963 days ago

chanell agee    

I believe Whitney has been though enough just getting out of rehab probably seeing things clearer helped her decide to throw in the towel get your life together girl you have been the butt of the joke to long it just isn't funny anymore and i'm glad to see it's over she has made a spectacle of herself her career and her family and it's sad because she used to be a classy lady how you could let yourself hit rock bottom like that is beyond me but I guess you would have to walk in her shoes to know I just hope she bounce back show people you can always redeem yourself from all obstacles and i'm not blaming Bobby for whitney's fall she has alot of mouth and can hold her own I refuse to believe that a man can bring you down that far she is responsible for all of her behaviors get right whitney stay strong get with yourself and if leaving bobby will make you a better woman do what you have to do Set an example for your child and pray she don't marry a Bobby brown that brings her down.

2962 days ago



2961 days ago


Bobby and Whitney are both humans and humans are subject to error however it seems Whitney was a much better person before she got with Bobby at least to the eyes of her fans it appeared, if she did bad things before she got with bobby she must have did it behind closed doors. Please Whitney for your daughter sake please straightened up your life and make a better example for her and get back to the Whitney that we all know you can be and that we all love God Bless You and you are in my Prayers Luv YA!!!!!

2951 days ago


Bobby and whitney are just regular human being . Humans are not without fault and failures. God does and can make changes in peoples lives if they allow him. Nobody should be blaming Bobby or Whitney, they are just some people who have gone through some things. Regular humans with special talents. But they are not above the rest of us they are regular people. I pray that God would just gove them both a special touch and open their eyes so that they might see if only they asked and listen he will give them what they need to be better. For those of you who don't know addiction is a sickness and can affect anybody no matter what your status is . I am a recovering addict and yes I somked cracked just like Whitney but it wasn't until I allowed God to take controll of my life (and he will) and allowed him to put the right people in your life. (He did it for me). I asked God to take the taste of Crack out of my mouth and the thought out of my head. I have not smoked crack for over fifthteen years and it is by God's grace. You have to be sincere. Because God can do what no program can do. I just prayer that whatever Whitney and Bobby decide to do stay together, separate or what ever that God would just touched they lives and show them that He is able.

2938 days ago

Debbie J    

I don't blame Whitney or Bobby. These are two people who took fame, riches,
and opportunity and mixed it with love, then shared it all with the public. Big mistake. From the beginning, They were unsure of themselves and the marriage. It was over a long time ago, but they held on due to the Kid and the addiction. Whitney didn't want to raise her child without her father around. She needed this to complete her . Bobby wanted to be Gods gift to all the woman. Wrong . He is an Alcoholic.Alcohol told him that he could get away with it.. He feed his ego. Drugs and money is power. It takes little effort to gain this power. Whitney and Bobby teamed up against the world. They both committed adultry and broke the law. Something like the modern day Bonnie and Clyde. They had each other , but also had the haters who took advantage every time they could. Like snakes watching the pray. This is what took them down. Love is a big word, but carries more weight on the heart. They did all they could for the ones they loved. It never was about the music with them. It was about the love and the lovers in their life. Having a good time and being seen happy. It all got ugly and everybody knows their secrets. So give them credit when they try and don't blame one or the other. These are human beings lost in the land of lust.
The money ended and so did the marriage. People who drink and drug ruin more than their own lives. We loved their music and it was taken. We where happy that they where rich like a dream come true. Most of all it was a prediction come true. Maybe they'll realize that they have a child in common and that's enough.They are addicted to more than drugs and each other. It's their Hard Core Past.

Debbie J.

2936 days ago

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