Former 'Idol' Star's Band Moves On

3/26/2006 5:10 PM PST
'American Idol' Season Four contestant Constantine Maroulis only came in sixth place in the competition, but he's still emerged a winner with one of the hottest up and coming careers to burst out of 'Idol.' With a new solo album in the works --- along with an ABC sitcom pilot and an indie flick on the way -- Constantine has said "goodbye" to his pre-'Idol' bandmates from the group Pray for the Soul of Betty.

TMZ sat down with one of Constantine's ex-bandmates -- bassist Taylor, C.R. -- to get the group's perspective on the split. It's not your typical rock 'n' roll break-up, and Taylor thinks the bands new found popularity could lead to a great replacement for Constantine. You might be surprised by Taylor's reaction to Constantine's booming career, the band's higher profile, and 'American Idol' itself.