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Jennifer Garner Is Back!

4/17/2006 5:33 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

GarnerNew mom Jennifer Garner welcomed 'EXTRA's' Jon Kelley to the set of 'Alias' to talk about her most embarrassing 'Alias' scene yet and her plans for once the show ends.

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just for every one who is asking, jennifer garner will be in the next movie catch and release in '07, The kingdom, and another movie i think...

2970 days ago


poor thing she dressed so awful when she was pg and then she tells us she doesn't feel sexy and everything is all giggly and her butt has fallen and you know what she is right the lastest pic's aren't lying she look's nothing nice and i have to agree she is fugly i'm still a fan but go get a makeover girlfriend.......

2963 days ago


I loved Jennifer and I miss watching her in action. I hope she will be happy and have more children. I would love to have a signed autograph of her.
Will we ever see her on screen again?

3031 days ago


her baby look's exactly like her as far as missing her from the screen yawn boring i can do without

3026 days ago


the only thing she has going for her are the deep dimples but my gosh that huge forehead it's like a huge glaring light.
As far as her and Ben he will STRAY watch and see.

3015 days ago


Ooooh freddie don't be a hater! You know that girl is gorgeous and now she has a hot husband and a cutie baby to boot. You go Jen. She makes us proud in WV

3015 days ago


no he didnt dump jlo for her he just got his head on straight and decided that he needed some one that would let him be himself without changing him to her liking. know that he is with her he seems so much happier and stands his grounds he was never able to do that with jlo. it was always about her.

3014 days ago


i have to agree with freddie-o did you see the latest picture of her and her beautiful family yeck she looks like crap plain, plain,plain and as far as for ben he looks like hell the only one that looks cute is the baby.
she sure doesn't look like she is happy and J -lo was sure lucky she isn't with him she alway's look's happy with her new man, mind you now i am a fan of jennifer but she seems to have lost her good look's once she had the baby.

3005 days ago


I think Jennifer Gardner is beautiful.....her and Ben make a spectacular couple. He is better with Gardner than JLo. They look like a real couple not something made up for publicity.

2998 days ago


Jennifer Garner may be plain,, and a few years older than Ben but I feel badly for her too because Ben is the drinking, stripbar type, always will be. He'll stray, is right.

2991 days ago


seems like she's the rebound girl for him, since JLO dumped him.

2991 days ago


i have to agree with Freddie-o and Carole, Jen is plain but she seem's like a real nice girl but i truely belive Ben will stray if he didn't stay with Paltrow or J-Lo why would he stay with her ????
Jen got pregant it's like they kinda had to get married and i just don't see this marriage working out but i will be praying for them.

2991 days ago


its a shame one of the greatest tv shows EVER will be gone except in dvd and rerun form. but it is so wonderful that she and her husband have decided a child does need to be with her parents not the "Manny" all the time. I hope they are able to live a normal happy life where ever they live or decide to do later

2990 days ago


what's up with the way Jennifer is dressing the latest picture's i've seen ugly some-body please tell me it's a night-mare something i will wake up from she is starting to look really plain i'm a fan Jen please wake up before you lose your man.....

2985 days ago


did you see the last picture of her in US how ugly is that one big eye one little eye i have to agree about the forehead and her losing her looks she looks plain plain plain get a remake Jen you've lost it..........
and her body sure ain't the same she should ask Angelina Jolie for some tips but then again Angie look's beautiful with or with-out make-up wake up Jen.

2921 days ago
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