Kellie Pickler's Autographs Pull in Big Bucks

4/21/2006 12:06 PM PDT

Kellie Pickler has come a long way from Albemarle, NC, but it's become an expensive proposition for her Grandpa Clyde to support her by travelling to Hollywood. So, the Albemarle community has come up with clever ways to help with Grandpa Clyde's travel expenses, and it looks like they hit the Jackpot. All proceeds go to Grandpa Clyde.

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Peter Asciutto sells Pickler t-shirts out of his specialty store "Vac and Dash" in Albemarle. Recently he sent Grandpa Clyde out to Hollywood with five t-shirts for Pickler to autograph so he could sell them on Ebay. Four of the shirts have already sold, one to a doctor for $300.00. Two others sold for $90.00, and a child-sized shirt sold for $60. The fifth shirt is on Ebay now and the bidding ends next Tuesday.