Is Fergie Prego?

5/10/2006 12:58 PM PDT

Is Fergie Prego?

THE RUMOR: Are Fergie (Black Eyed Pea) and Josh Duhamel expecting a baby?

WHERE IT STARTED: When Fergie showed up for the Grammy's last February, it seemed she had the telltale bump. There were, however, mixed signals, since The Black Eyed Peas were about to start a U.S. and European tour -- never a good idea when you're expecting a baby.

It's no secret -- Fergie and 'Las Vegas' star Josh Duhamel are an item. So, when Star Magazine reported that the singer was 8 weeks pregnant as of April 17, the rumor spread like wildfire. By the way, Star Mag also reported a while back that Fergie and Josh had just gotten engaged.

THE TMZ LOWDOWN: We went right to the source, or close enough. TMZ got in touch with Fergie's sister last Friday. Lil' sis did not mince words -- 100% NOT pregnant. She also said that Fergie and Josh "are very much in love" but there is definitely no ring in the picture, at least not yet.

So, is Fergie pregnant with Josh's baby? Click below to find out.


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