'Idol' Reject Clark Peddles CD

5/24/2006 2:44 PM PDT

'American Idol's' Taylor Hicks and Katharine McPhee are on top of the world right now. But they shouldn't get too big for their britches just yet -- they could find themselves peddling CDs on the streets of LA just like one of their predecessors.

As Hicks and McPhee were filming Tuesday night's 'Idol' finale, just a few blocks away, 'Idol''s second-season finalist, Corey Clark, was outside a Coffee Bean on Sunset Boulevard selling his rock CD, titled 'Corey Clark.'

Even before Tuesday night, the Hollywood hopeful has been seen numerous times in the area peddling his CD -- even in crosswalks. Corey and his friends carry a box of CDs, along with a boombox and posters with the CD cover on them in hopes the public will take interest.

The aftermath of Clark's success on 'Idol' -- and even an alleged affair with 'Idol' judge Paula Abdul -- has left the 'Idol' contestant down on his luck, still in hopes of finding fame and fortune.