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Brad's Weird Malibu Pad

6/9/2006 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

As we told you yesterday, the Brangelina brood is headed back to Malibu.


It just so happens, the guy who sold Brad the house is a friend of mine.  My friend  bought it a few years ago and it was a mess.  It took him more than a year to renovate the place.

I was there many times to watch the progress and the final product and I must say, it seems like a weird choice for two of the most famous people in the world.

First of all, it's around 3,000 square feet.  That's perfectly fine for you and me, but it's not typical celebrity -- especially when two and now three kids are crawling around.

The views are spectacular, but it's really hard getting down to the beach.

Ditto the swimming pool.  It's not easily accessible from the house.

It has four bedrooms.  The master is a decent size, but the others range from small to really small.

But the biggest thing is that the house is truly a duck on a platter.  When you're inside you can see everything in the water.  And the paparazzi in the water can say 'here's looking at you, kids.'

Don't get me wrong, my buddy is really talented at restoring homes and this one's very nice.  But  it just doesn't strike me as a major movie star estate.  Then again, what do I know?  My friend sold it to Brad for $9 mil!


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the reason why there is a question MARK on this 'Hollywood House' for Pitt and the family is because it's NOT big enough?
i canNOT imagine after living in the MOST grief striken - poorest countries in the world - after seeing SO MUCH POVERTY - SO MUCH suffering - that the Pitt - Angolina clan would be in WANT of such HOLLYWOOD EXcess!!
seeing that much suffering realigns one's SOUL~~~~~let's HOPE that it 'takes' for the Hollywood King and Queen.
p.s. after living in Africa - India - Morocco and Nepal - i had to get RID of
a LOT of things in my life...........................getting THAT CLOSE to SUFFERING
changes people. and their souls.
only................time will tell.

3060 days ago


shut up! not in want of hollywood's a nine million dollar estate on the malibu coastline, you moron. after seeing all of that poverty and grief they are probably more than willing to give up mosquito nets and fly ridden children for a little pool time and maid service. and as for you...i am sure that you are sitting in starbucks right now sipping on a cafe mocafrappalatte reading these trash articles on your $3000 laptop wondering how the hell you are going to get all the way across town for your 3 oclock pedicure. I bet one thing you didn't get rid of was your trust fund.

3060 days ago


Give me a BREAK!!!! Everything the two of them do is for publicity!! They weren't exactly living in tents in Africa. They rented out the whole DAMNED resort. Please, enough with the two of them.

3060 days ago


So, theres a problem with the house cause of the paparazzi having a good viewing spot from the water. Tinted windows! Problem solved. Also if the problem is it's not big enough, then the OP is giving a strong reflection on why americans are hated the world over for spending in excess. It's not enough for 3 kids? Pfft you could fit a Italian family with 3 generations in that house. Frankly this entire article reeks of American Conspicuous Consumption. As for Eric, keep opressing those minorities for your oil guzzling SUV you god damn american pig.

Midou, North of the border(Canada you illiterate Hick)

3060 days ago


I just remember what Brad said in his GQ interview, that he wanted to be living without walls and the he felt lonely and cut off from people. So I'm not surprise
that he bought this gives off a feeling of openess and freedom. But now that he's with Angie and the children...the paps are making them crazy because what he wanted a year different now. His life is very full and interesting...he's on this new adventure and he's thinking privacy and protection for his family.

But with his East Hollywood Estate..he has both worlds.

3060 days ago


Publicity? you kidding me? that better be a joke Debbie because you should know that everything these two do will be squashed by haters like yourself. Put yourself in their shoes and tell me what you would do differently.

3060 days ago

ann asbury    

I have been to the Malibu area and real estate is high there. From the pictures, it doesn't look like they have much privacy because the houses are very close to each other. Leave them alone and let them come home...enuf is enuf!

3060 days ago


the tennis court alone could provide enough space for a decent add-on. who needs a bunch of bedrooms that you never use anyhow...

3060 days ago


Hey angry Canadian:
Why are you so angry about someone who is wealthy having what they have? There are plenty of wealthy Canadians who spend "in excess" as you say. Shania Twain comes to mind. Doesn't she live in a castle in Switzerland? Try
not to hate everyone, it's not good for your health.

3060 days ago


Good Grief who cares about this family...... Damn get real don't you all have enough crap to think about with your own families without caring about Brad Pittssss....... so what..... whoopie they had a baby hummmm durrrr let's see duh i think women do it everyday........ why is this any different.......damn if you are hurting to hear good news about a baby being born then durrr let's see maybe your mommie or sissy can ablige you with some good news soon.......hummmmm think so??? wow why didn't i think of that gosh i just had a brain fart and it was about Brad people are pathetic......

3060 days ago


I believe that I read that Brad has spent the last several months remodeling his Malibu home while he, Angelina, and the kids were overseas.

I do remember when Jennifer Anniston saw the place, she turned up her nose at it, and demanded the 25000 sq foot mansion. Brad did state that he had never been so lonely in his life living in that museum. He couldn't put his feet up, or touch anything. I bet he is glad to be rid of that mauseleum.

Maybe now, the entire clan can have a happy home. Hopefully, the guard dogs are well trained.

3060 days ago


I'm glad the baby is healthy, but I'm sick of hearing about Brad and Angelina.......

3060 days ago


"I think it is beautiful."

You can tell this from the included picture?? What, was it the beautiful blue tarp on the tennis court that did it for you?

Elizabeth, that whole capital letter thing that you have working is... is... just bizarre.

3060 days ago


Brad and Angelina are worth together at least 150 million
hey have Maids Nannys, Security staff and all the help you can have as well as personal assistants to aid their daily lives. they jet sey around the world to spout that poverty is a bad thing but they live like Kings and Queens.

Meaning well is oone thing but they DO NOT WALK THEIR TALK!

It's so difficult to pick which house in Los Angeles to go home to?

3060 days ago


Kiki's right - they are jet setters. With unimaginable wealth & all the priviledge that comes with it. Plain & simple. And they are entitled to live the lux life that they enjoy. But they should really stop being so sanctimonious and preachy toward the rest of us. And you know what? They are really not all that cute anyway.

But, congrats on the healthy new baby. Maybe she will keep them so busy that Brangelina will fade from the public conscientiousness.

3060 days ago
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