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Brit's PR Offensive -- K-Fed with Kid

6/12/2006 12:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF


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Every mom has mistakes that are regretfully made during their first child. not a big deal-geez!

3018 days ago


I see alot of people scutinizing her lap-whilst-driving incident.

Now, I know how you could think this is a bad thing, but in actuality Britney knows how aggresive the papperazzi are and what a threat they are, she been the most photographed celebrity for years. In a lose-lose situation, she took the most commercial option, and yes people saw this and thought "oh my god" but she was merely protecting her baby. If anything, it was done out of love and instinct, and Sean was not harmed in any way, shape or form! And Britney is not stupid, she is the eighth best selling female artist ever and has a gross net worth of over $200 million! Not stupid AT ALL, infact extremely clever. And this is ONE mistake. It is absurd to judge someones parenting so harshly from one mistake. Parents make mistakes every day... every hour of every day. Judging Britney's parenting from this is like judging a persons intellegance from one word. It's completely not fair.
Every single other parenting "incident" we've seen, Britney had no fault. The car seat WAS the right way. Sean weights over 20 pounds and therefore front-facing car seats are advise. Absolutley and completely NO fault at all. And the high-chair.. you can't blame someone for a fault highchair. No fault. Tripping... well, if she didn't trip she wouldn't be human. No fault.

No-one but no-one here can judge a persons parenting from one picture, it's absurd. You don't know this woman, or anything about her. She is not just a pop star, she is a person. And in any case, her parenting skills are absolutley not the concern of anyone else - privacy is a right that has unfortunatley been swept from Britney undeservingly. Wanna see bad parenting, go to a Ghetto, but stop hassling this poor, innocent, NORMAL, person!

3018 days ago


I am so glad that I did not have a camera followng me around when I gave birth to my first child. No I didn't put her on my lap and ride around< i was nurotic for safety but I am sure if scrutinized by everyone, every day, they would have found things I was doing wring that I wasn't aware of.

Give the girl a break, she's doing great. Unfortunalety you learn a lot about being a parent through making mistakes with your first one, and anyone who disagress is full of it. and you know it. Good luck Britney,

3018 days ago


I don't care who you are or how much money you have, it is never an excuse to put your child in harms way. Their safety should always be first and foremost. I honestly think that with all her money, she could hire someone to be a better mom, or give her hints on how to be. ALMOST dropping your child to save a drink is never more important that your child. NO EXCUSES. The sad part is that she would be this way even without the money, and nobody would see any of this. How much danger would that child be in without the media involved. K-fed and her are only together because financially he would never be able to pay for 4 children. He is trying to keep in her good graces for his own security.

3018 days ago


Ok, so I understand the whole from the south thing... but a NINE MONTH OLD? Yah, they can really 'pretend' to drive huh? And maybe on a back road, or a low traffic road, but not a crowded road! COME ON NOW! SORRY EXCUSE!

But as far as the almost dropping the baby- every single mother out there has done the same thing. If you deny it, your a liar. It is hard to juggle a baby, a bottle, and a can of formula at the same time. Especially a wiggly baby. Or lets say, a baby, a diaper bag, a purse, your keys, whatever it is.

3018 days ago


wtf???leave britney and kevin alone!!!!
they're together,happy and in love!!!!
if you don't like get out and shut up!!!idiots!!!!

3018 days ago


I think that people just need to lay off Brit. there are so many bad parents out there that really harm their children, they beat them, molest them, the type of things unimaginable to us normal people, but no one is out there photographing them 24/7. She has the pressure of a LOSER husband that is obivasily living off her money and the pressure of another child on the way. She's a first time mom and I'm sure Sean P. is doing fine and living better than most of us. Brit leave Kevin NOW, he's a MOOCHER!!!

3018 days ago


before children she couldn't wait to have the papparazzi follow her every move. she enjoyed every minute of it. Now it's too much for her??. It's a life she chose and her children willhave to suffer for it. Plenty clelbrities have children, they are not all in the limelight like her everyday. She loves every minute of it.

3018 days ago


First of all, no one is perfect, we all have our flaws and we all make mistakes. I truly feel sorry for Britney because although I do not know her personally, I can tell that she is trying to be the best mom that she can be. Britney is under the publics eye and as soon as she steps out that door and if she screws up then she is posted on the front pages of every magazine as being a horrible Mom. How would you feel if people kept on commenting or criticizing how you take care of your baby. My suggestion is for Britney to do what Brad and Angelina did and just get away from these horrible papparazzi. She is carrying a child, so why can't they give her some room. What if she gets so stressed out that her child becomes born with some type of problem (God forbid). She is a mom so have respect, and Britney keep your head up because I know that there are many people routine for you.

3018 days ago

June Buggie    

Everyone needs to give Britney a break. Who cares if she's still with Kevin Federline or not. I personally think that she should get rid of him, but then again that is the father of her children. I do think she is completely irresponsible for driving with her son on her lap. This excuse of her doing it with her dad is not going to fly with me. She should know better. I'm not even a mother and I know that you are not to do things like that. Especially since it's so dangerous. A good friend of mine was killed in a car accident for not having her seat belt on. She wasn't holding her son in her lap (thank goodness he was in his car seat) but enough though she lost her life and her unborn childs life too. She was 8 months pregnant when this happened. BRITNEY just get a clue honey, you are a 24 year old grown woman with another baby on the way!

3018 days ago


I agree with you Kirk. Yeah she's done some stupid things, who hasn't? As we all sit around with our judgements when nobody really knows what's going on in her life. All you have is speculations from judgmental outsiders trying to give you the dirt on celebs and the crap they do, that's just what it is too, DIRT. We should all remember this, do you really think they would put Britney on here if they had pictures of her kissing, hugging perhaps singing to her baby? No of course not nobody wants to hear that she's a good mom, why that would'nt make a juicy gossip story, would it?

3018 days ago


Britney is not a bad mother. Everyone makes mistakes. Her every move is documented in the press and it's sad, because if mine or yours was, you know full and well all of our parenting mistakes would be flaunted all over Page 6, too. And that doesn't make any of us bad parents, either. Stay strong, Britney, you are a wonderful person and a terrific mother.

3018 days ago


Fame and fortune do not change who people are deep down inside. Britney unfortunately is a hick from down south and all the money in the world can not change that. As for her relationship she made the mistake many women make. They get in the way of someone elses relationship thinking that they are somehow more exciting or better than thier partner's former lady only to find out that there is just an asshole. He will do to Britney wht he did to Shar and I think Britney is starting to realize that if it wasn't her it would have been soemone else with money. He is male version of the quintessential goldigger. What to do? she is a bad place right now and I'm sure the scrutiny doesn't help. Do I feel bad for her No. She's got money buck up and handle your business!!

3018 days ago


Honestly WHO friggin cares..its not your life..I personally think the woman needs a reality check...
Awfully hard when you have everyone in your business..and everyone putting so much into it, shows theres an interest. The media feeds off of you.
keep baaaaing sheep

3018 days ago


I think being a Star has its ups and downs. As a parent you should put your childs safety in front of your own. So you get your pic taken. Whats worse having pics taken or a dead child?? It's all about common sense. You should try and use it for a change. Being a parent is a HUGE responsibility. One I personally think you shouldn't have. Not all people should have kids. Heres why...

3018 days ago
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