VH1 Searches For Next "Great White Rapper"

6/14/2006 1:20 PM PDT

VH1 Searches For Next "Great White Rapper"

From Jeff Davidson's Sound Bytes blog

With Eminem seemingly turning his focus to movies and Vanilla Ice being, well Vanilla Ice, there's a hole in the hip-hop community. But, never fear, VH1 is going to introduce America to the next great "white rapper" via a new reality series that is in the works. But, this won't be "Malibu's Most Wanted." These competitors are heading to hip-hop's birthplace in the South Bronx to battle it out to see who is a wannabe and who is the real thing.

Jim Ackerman, VH1's Senior V.P. of Development and Production and Programming, tells TMZ that finalists have been whittled down from a nationwide search and production will begin shortly. The contestants will live together in the South Bronx and in addition to enduring various "musical challenges" like freestyle rap-offs, the rappers' "authenticity" will also be tested with various "cultural trials" where they will interact with the Bronx community. MC Serch (a/ka Michael Berrin) from Third Base will host and various old school and current rap stars will visit as judges.

So, all you other Shadys who are just imitating now's your chance to stand up. But, remember you only get one shot, so do not miss your chance to blow...