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Bling King Busted On Drug Charges

6/15/2006 6:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jacob Arabo, known worldwide as Jacob the Jeweler, was arrested Thursday morning on charges stemming from a federal indictment of 16 people in Detroit.

The May 10 indictment, from the U.S. Attorney of the Eastern District of Michigan and unsealed today, alleges 16 defendants violated federal drug laws and laundered in excess of $270 million.

The documents allege the defendants maintained a drug operation under the name the "Black Mafia Family" and allegedly transported and distributed thousands of kilos of cocaine across state lines. The 41 year-old Arabo, whose name is spelled several different ways in the papers, was named in the Detroit indictment. The indictment seeks forfeiture of more than 30 pieces of jewelry, in addition to a number of residences and cars.

Arabo, a Russian immigrant, opened his store in Manhattan's midtown diamond district in 1981, and a visit by hip-hop artist Faith Evans in the mid-1990s proved to be the catalyst for his career as jeweler to a galaxy of rappers and actors. Evans introduced Arabo's gold- and diamond-heavy creations to her husband, the late Notorious B.I.G., and thereafter Jacob the Jeweler quickly became not just a baublemaker but an icon and a symbol of attainment in the fiercely brand-obsessed hip-hop universe.  His name appeared in hip-hop lyrics and even in a Def Jam video game.

In 2004, Arabo announced a partnership with Kanye West to produce a line of religious-themed jewelry, and that same year,  Cartier filed suit against Arabo, claiming that he had modified their products illegally.  The May 2006 cover of Vogue magazine featured actress Keira Knightley wearing a pair of Arabo's diamond earrings.

Jacob's attorney Daniel Gotlin had no comment for TMZ.

See the court documents

TMZ cameras caught Jacob out and about just this past Saturday at LA Reid's 50th birthday bash.

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Charisma Visconti    

Hey Jacob how do those Frosted silver link bracelets feel??

Make sure to mold some earrings for your nose and your ears cause where your going your gonna need them!!!

Finally the end of Trunk jewelry!!!

3047 days ago


Why most of y'all are saying, he had so much money, a legit business, but got greedy and had to go and messed it up etc... How you all know the money he made didn't come from selling illegal drugs all along. How anyone know his business was legit to start with. I'm sorry no one doesn't just get into the drug game when they already have millions. Don't be so damn dumb and naive, it's common sense that he was in the drug game before the business started, that's probably how his business got started anyhow. He just finally got caught, after being in the drug game for so long. If he didn't know, he know now that the drug game will catch up with you, nothing last forever. He got greedy even after making millions and didn't know how to stop. Do I feel sorry for him, hell no, I can care less. My biggest problem is that the Feds have been giving our black men 10 years to life in jail, for selling small portion of drugs, like a couple sack of weed, a bag of crack etc... But yet the main people who are transported and distributed thousand of kilos drugs over here to sale are not doing the time, like for example the government, the police force, and any other white and successful businessman. The white man is the ring master in illegal drugs and money laundering, but yet he tries to put it on the next race to cover himself. That's how they got what they have now and are the most successful businessmen, through money laundering.

3047 days ago

Sir Raz Atlas    

from swell ice to cell life

3047 days ago


This is a real show of greediness . For real this cat is getting mad Bucks wiyh Kanye plus god only knows how many stars feed his family. BMF better watch out he has no loyalty to them on the real tip! I smell secret Indictment for BMFand as we all know conspiracy can get you 5-10 minimum. Thats my WORD!!!!!! Hold ya head to all the brothas who had to pitch to feed the fam!!!!! One Love Rosie

3047 days ago

tay from the stuy    

i thought he was very stupid.he had one of the most legit business out there.why did he have to be so greedy and put his hands on drugs.he had enough money to pay people to get their hands dirty for him

3047 days ago


With all due RESPECT, before commenting, some of ya'll need to learn to spell. Sister Kisha, peace is spelled P-E-A-C-E. And please, Brothers & Sisters, Let us not forget that in this COUNTRY we live in you are INNOCENT until you are proved GUILTY. If you don't believe that now, I'm sure you would if you are blamed for something you DID NOT DO. Remember O.J SIMPSON.

3047 days ago

cuttie pie    

hay nothing will happen to him he white collar american that is rich as long as he not a black guy he doing good in the eye of coporate american so he not worried he will bounce back not even bounce back but business will boom so dont hate on the rapper you know like i know that 40percent of white collar american are big time drug dealer so dont fool your self

3046 days ago


what ever happened to innocent until proven guilty

3046 days ago

The Game    

See This is what happends when ppl comeover to america from other countrys they get into a drug pool and ppl wonder why they see ppl pushing these new bentleys,mercedes,etc just like that fool from europe or someware that had wreck that lambo in cali and his wife was pushing a new mercedes and they were stolen from the uk.fuck that his ass should rot in jail and be a byiotch cuz all that money and he wanna be gready.he will do time cuz if he snitches the bmf will get someone to kill him plain and simple.they will take all his stuff from him.

3046 days ago

Eugene Rhodes    

It is interesting and gives credenace to the fact "greed and drugs" go hand in hand! The source of drugs is handled by a "ruler" who controls a group of people who grow or manufacter the drugs. They live and receive very little for there services. The "rulers" sell for high prices in other countries the "fruit of the peoples labor". Then those "rulers" in those other countries having made big illegal money from selling "death" to there brothern are formatted to spend big money on what appears to be "shiney and one of a kind items" that purpose could be filled by spending only a few dollars. Behind drugs and the entertainment business there lays a "very shadey background". While it has made new millionaires, it has also shown that there minds are not ready to deal with the new found wealth. That wealth, taken from the "blood , sweat and tears" of working people now reverts back in to the hands of the political minds and pockets of government!

3046 days ago


for lenny sewell or whoever else that think that he should tell on the bmf you are crazy they will kill his ass. he knew the rules of the game before he got into it so thats on him he shouldnt have been involved anyway he got too much money to be so dumb he shouldve had someone out there doing his dirt for him.

3045 days ago

Pro Black    

F%#* him!! Hopefully he will have to use all the money he fleeced from the IDIOTS who bought his overpriced junk jewelery, to pay greedy attorney.

3045 days ago


I don't give a fuck about no Jacob or a tickin ass rolex. It's all the same to me. Fuck 'em and feed em. Basically Jacob aint gonna do but six months in a nice clean federal "courtyard" like Martha Stewart, Jamal Lewis or other rich folks that get caught up. He'll be back slangin them rocks like d again soon.

3045 days ago


How long has this been going on, it could well of been this money that actually started his major business.

3026 days ago


Diamonds are forever. Kanye West did a video about the diamond mines in Sierra Leone. Plenty of you have likely seen it. I don't really have a bandwagon speech to make about Jacob, and only wish to see people think about where directioning in life comes from. Choices made today, might affect forever. We should recognize and choose to learn from our mistakes instead of beating up on ourselves. Good people do bad things. When we learn to let people be people,
go thru sh!t, and still get acceptance from others, we grow. Lets help one another and make the world a better place. One individual at a time. We gon make it! -KG

3024 days ago
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