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Paris Stinks Up Manhattan

6/15/2006 1:44 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton: Click to WatchHilton was in New York to promote her new fragrance, 'Just Me,' which is an appropriate title considering she loves to talk about her favorite subject...herself.

Paris insists she's a vital part of the production process, "I go to all the factories and smell the scents and pick out what I like best and smell the bottles. I am involved in the whole process."

When she's not in the perfume factory, club hopping or filming her reality series "The Simple Life," Hilton has also recently recorded an album and her first single is already a hit on Top 40 radio stations. "It's been a dream of mine ever since I was a little girl, I do my own music and the response is just so incredible."

Not that anybody doubts her busy schedule, Paris wants to make it clear, "I am a workaholic. I love to work and I travel around the world everyday," says the heiress, "Every day I am working one of my brands all at once."

Spoken like a true business woman Ms. Hilton.


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Workaholic my butt! GO AWAY PARIS! I hope nobody buys her perfume, record or anything. I have a feeling her parents are buying her stuff to make it look like shes worth something.

3029 days ago


She does stink, her intire persona stinks! Who the hell does she think she's fooling? When she sings live, she sounds nothing like that music video. Work my ass, the slut doesn't even know the true meaning of work! Ah yes it so hard getting up and deciding how slutty am I going to look today and parade myself for the public and show my ass off. She is such a loser to think she has talent when it comes to singing, Mariah Carey now that’s talent. She's a joke, I cannot believe she has fans, how gullible some people can be!

3029 days ago



3029 days ago


So is this what an STD is supposed to smell like?

3029 days ago


ewwww, are people really going to buy her nasty perfume anyway?
is there anyone who actually likes this waste of a person because i've never met anyone who does.
i ask myself why this dumb, ungrateful conceited bitch is around still. her 15 minutes have long been up. do us all a favor and go away already.

3029 days ago


How about doing some volunteer work and thinking about someone else besides yourself. You suffer from too much "I" strain. The world doesn't revolve around you no matter how much money you have and it's only paper. It doesn't even have your name on it or your ugly face. Please go away. You're boring. Go work in a soup kitchen and learn the real meaning of work, you greedy little stinkpot.

3029 days ago

I think at least paris hilton is out there working. She could be sunbathing. She models, she tries to do movies, she sings. She's a very young person still & needs to find her nitch in the world. She isn't just trying to live off per family's money like a lot of rich kids do. Both her and her sister are out there trying to earn their own money. Yes, they will make mistakes, but let's let them be human. At least they still hold their heads up when they do something silly. For a lot of other people their age, when they make a mistake it tears them apart. Both the hilton girls have guts & initiative.

3029 days ago

Mad Balls    

Yes , the main ingredient in the perfume is extract of MONEY ! Her next scent will be called "FILTHY RICH" by Oboy ... of course the vial will be empty and of no redeeming value .

3028 days ago


If paris Hilton had any real persona it would probably smell like a a fart. Or adogs urine. For she has no chaste affectionate real aroma. Mayeb it smells liek ehr sweat? Cant imagne spending a dime on it . Who would in their right mind wnat to smell like her down on the farm special aroma? I cant imagien ehr getting ehr ahdns dirty let alone holding a job down. You would have to have no brains to want to immitat her. Braineless. I wonder why they dont label the perfume, brainless. Because she is all that. Her fortune was her Grandpa's, nt ehrs. She did nt get her millions from working her ass off. Her Fathers father did all the ahrd work. If she did not have a celebrity working alcoholic for father who got his millions from his Father, paris woudl not ahve a thing. I get so angry at such spoiled brats getting all their parents millions and they squander it on such frivilous things as makeup and stuff, when their parents were the oens that made the moeny in the first place. She disgust me flaunting it all and then wasting it on ehr own self as selfish as she does. Why dont she spend it on things liek Oprah does, the Poor of the City instead she goes and makes her own perfume. Man is she so idealically stupid. She is such a spoiled selfish brat. . anyone with brains would not spend a dime for it. You have got to be without brains to want to help make her richer than she is already. Such a snob ass. And I am sure her perfume would smell just as pukey as she is.I would not throw my money away to have anything she has, for all I see is a spoiled brat in a teeny bopper bra. She has n real class or taste as I see it. I would rather have some grunge perfume from Walmart of Sears. At least some real people shop there.

3028 days ago

Tracy Caroline    

I was not going to give my comment about Paris but when I saw so many nasty comments about her I was shocked to say the least! I'm not saying I like to see her face every time I blink or turn on the T.V , what I am saying is if you don't like her just don't watch her nor buy her products. you can't get made just because she comes from money and is or is not spoiled. I can see so much hate in many of the comments about Paris and she could care or less what people think she's still living, and jumping from club to club and using the same tired line(THAT IS SO HOT!) So, get over it it's not that deep.

3028 days ago


I am really tired of seeing Paris in the news. There are so many more worthwhile people to hear comments from. She is shallow and inexperienced. She does not wish to learn anything with a deeper meaning than is my make up on straight and where is the next shopping stop..... Please, please just make her go away......

3028 days ago

Joey Riddle    

I am sick and tired of hearing about what Paris Hilton is doing. I am as tired of hearing about her as I am about Britney Spears. Who cares if her parents own the Hilton hotels. I would rather stay in my car than stay in one of their hotels, knowing the fact she would get some of my hard earned money and supporting her and she does nothing except worrying about her hair and makeup. Why doesnt she get oout and get a real job and pay some bills without the help of mommy and daddy and her sister. There is enough problems throughout the world we are trying to deal with without seeing her and her stinky perfume.

3028 days ago


PARIS HILTON ROCKS! She's not a genius but her life is something we all envy, she was born into money and she is actually doing the things she wants, who are we to judge? She has fun and thats all that matters and she HOT !

2959 days ago


PARIS HILTON please give it up! If you don't want people talking about you then learn to keep your mouth shut. I can't stand your music, your face and your shi%%y attitude. U SUCK

2959 days ago


Well Paris, seems alot of women are very jealous of you. All I can say is you GO GIRL!!!! enjoy your life , hard working gals like myself will never have your privilege. Enjoy and what you have and tell all the jealous bitches to kiss your ass. Oh, by the way I do stay in the Hilton or Hilton chain when I travel. as a matter of fact I am staying in one next month in Montgomery, Al. Enjoy your life..

3000 days ago

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