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Not So Fast, Janice!!!

6/19/2006 5:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janice Dickinson may think she knows modeling, but she doesn't know Maxim.

On Tuesday night's episode of "The Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency," Dickinson argues with her business partner over the merits of a particular model, Fargo. Janice doesn't think Fargo is the type of model she wants to represent, while Peter thinks she is ready for Maxim. Turns out Peter was right.


Maxim Online features a hot photo shoot with the aforementioned Fargo, who, as you can clearly tell by the photo above, is Maxim worthy.


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Janice, or rather, has-been dried up old scag, it's called REHAB, look into it, you are a washout as a mother as a model and as a human being. I pity your children and I personally feel you should have been sterilized at birth.

3016 days ago

steve horton    

I know her, she is a beautiful person inside and out, you have to get to know her, then you will definately see what I mean

3016 days ago


i dont know janice personally. but i can just tell she is a good hearted person. she acts funny(weird whatever you wanna called it) on tv and people believe thats how she is but i dont think she is like that.

3016 days ago


Janice Dickinson is a disgrace to all models.She is always insulting loud and down right abusive. The idea that she wants these kids perfect after all her plastic surgeries is two faced.She is far from pretty , her body is doing the sag and she would be good to just be gone.

3016 days ago


Ugh.. she looks like she's a pretty girl but why on earth did she have to ruin herself by getting the ugly boob job. I mean COME ON! I'm not against boob jobs, but get a decent one for crying out loud. That ugly space in the middle just makes me want to gag.

Anyways.. who cares about Janice anyway. She's a dryed up old hag who thinks people give a crap.

3016 days ago

emily flanders    

I dont know Janice...but in the industry that she has been in I am sure she knows what the hell she is talking about...She just happens to tell it like it is... a tough cookie and the rough comments about her parenting skills are really rude...I am sure all the comments come from childless people.

3016 days ago


I only saw a portion of the episode but it looked like between the 2 girls they disagreed, the one Janice favored was by far the better looking. If they were simply looking for a one time shot in Maxim, then this girl is fine; the other looked too good for Maxim. I don't think Janice is as "bad" as "acts" on television. At times she seems like she truly cares. True, she does look like she's had a lot of work done but she is still pretty and if she looks tired, maybe she is! What I didn't understand was when Janice jumped all over the guy for calling his underwear "drawers" and then in another episode, I believe I heard her tell the male model who was undressed, to go put his "drawers" back on! Was I hearing things?

3016 days ago


Janice Dickinson started a business,has children,single mom, I'm proud of her. Why pick on her personality style? Encourage people to try,don't tear them down. Thanks

3016 days ago


(from Washington, DC) Janice and I were friends and roomates in Manhattan while her first husband, musician Ron Levy, was on the road with B.B. King. Janice is a sweet girl with a huge heart and a fun, outrageous personality! She would break into dance at Latin celebrations on the streets of NY in a heartbeat! She didn't expect "stardom" - yet she always attracted superstars and 'la creme de la creme'. She was deeply affected by the unfair abuse and incest in her childhood home, but her beauty and charm took her far. (I do feel sad that she appears to have dabbled with drugs...) Any woman trying to raise and educate children on her own has huge struggles (I am one), and it becomes necessary to be both mom and friend to one's children - as Janice appears to be. I commend Janice for her courage - she's handled her fame and success on her own with little support from her family (except her little sister, Debbie, also a former supermodel). She's handling her rise to the top the best way she knows how. Yes, that's the REAL Janice that you see!

3016 days ago


Who is this Janice Dickinson anyway??

3016 days ago

glenn pargament    

the way i look at it janice is the bait, and peter is the fisherman. with her style and peters brains and eyes they make for a good team

3015 days ago


Fargo is awesome!!!!

1550 days ago

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