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Paris... She Shoots, She Scores!

6/19/2006 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton was in Canada for the Much Music Awards over the weekend and the heiress was quite friendly with a new man. Miss Hilton was seen partying and holding hands with hockey player Jose Theodore, goalie for the Colorado Avalanche.

Surprisingly, the two left Club Ultra in Toronto together, and headed to Paris' hotel. Paris skipped into the front of the hotel and waited in the lobby for her date. Theodore waited briefly, then exited Hilton's car to join her.

Paris rep tells TMZ " Paris is single now, as she has stated publicly. This is a time in her life where she will be concentrating both on her work and friends. Nobody should read into any photos, gossip or reports about her social life."

Paris has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos, and has recently been linked to newly drafted Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Lienart.


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umm, first of all i can only say this - JOSE THEODORE is awesome but this PH story really pisses me off. 1) he's married / long term relationship 2) just had a kid 3) major coke rumors make me think.. umm... 4) what the f*ck -- let her have the nfl just not my nhl. 5) she kinda sux but i see her allure...
6) ill be SO watching this story.
- curious cannuck from the 514

3048 days ago


Guys, I'm from Montreal. Theodore is a pure cheater, believe me. I saw it with my own eyes. He's not as cool as he tries to show.

3048 days ago


Yes he is married and has a newborn baby. His Dad and brothers are NOT in jail, but were guilty of loansharking and assault. Just holding hands with this girl and having a girlfriend with a newborn at home makes him this years offical a-hole. I am so glad got rid of this joke of a hockey player. He was the worst contract the Habs signed in history. MTL is so better off without him.

3048 days ago


I hate them both

her shes such a bitch, he's a loser just like his dad & brothers.
you make me sick both of you

3048 days ago

Montreal Fan    

Hey Denver fans, Gainey screw you in Theodord/Aebischer trade. Now you will understand why Montreal fans didn't want him anymore :-(

3048 days ago


Well.... Theo being a new dad (since March `06).... I`m not impressed. But again it would not be the 1st time he would show a lack of judgment... Remember him at the Hell's Angel's Party? Was a hell of a turmoil at the time. Was eve nalmost kicked out of Mtl's Habs for it....

3048 days ago

Philip Gagnon    

After the hair (propecia) Saga , It's now the Paris Saga.

But wait José I hope you've have taken some of Guy Lafleur pils because here is the side effect of Propecia

Decreased libido (1.8%)
Decreased volume of ejaculate (0.8%)
Impotence (less than one percent)
Breast tenderness or enlargement (less than one percent)

3048 days ago

Silver Sly    

Sacré Théo, ta blonde Stéphanie doit te trouver ben comique ce matin. Good job le gros ! Un bon conseil, reste à Colorado parce que Guy Coutier sort de prison bientôt et pourrait s'intéresser à Paris...

3048 days ago



3048 days ago

richard gagnon    

the father of Theodore is not the one who abused Nathalie Simard, he is in jail for fraud

3048 days ago


Paris who???...Oh yeah,....'Hilton' in the worldwide chain of hotels.......Who in the hell discovered her, her sister, and made them some type of celebrities anyway?....Think she and her sister have bought all of their friends, their fame, and maybe even the papparazzi too. I have read that their popularity began when the Hilton sisters began strutting their stuff all over Sunset Blvd., the hot clubs there, etc., doing all they can, especially Paris, to make some big name for themselves by partying hardy. 'Princess Paris' should have just saved herself lots of time trying to get so much attention for herself back then by just turning in her porn video over to her ex-beau much sooner, since that is all it took... for that video to hit the net to make her the sleazy-celebrity she is today. Yes, she owes it
all to her ex-beau for her fame, and owes it all to the Hiltons before her for all of her cash, between the two, she has come into the limelight whether we want her to or not, .....(yes, getting shoved down our throats), and with zero talent, and the figure and face of some malnourished bird. One has to wonder what is wrong with our society today when some welcome this trash into their world, and even the media, (who hypes her up with each turn of the tide). Well, whatever the answer, why all the hype on Paris?...None of us had any idea who she and her sister were until they got everyone in Hollywood to suck up to them, their money, and their last name...Yes, Paris and Nicky, two filthy-rich spoiled
brats........I have come to the conclusion that any 'Princess Paris' fans minds must
be warped, or must be just as much a loser as Paris herself.
the conclusion that any 'Princess Paris' admirers minds must be warped, or must just be bigger losers than Paris herself.

3048 days ago


Bon, bon, bon! Pauvre Théo... après les Hells, son père et sa famille en milieu de shylock, son beau-père, l'arrivée de son bébé, ses piètres performances au hockey, etc,... Voici un nouvel épisode de sa vie tumultueuse... Et après cela on nous dira que Théo n'est pas l'artisan de ses propres malheurs??? On attire à soit ce que l'on est... La classe, ça ne s'achète pas! Mes pensées vont à Stéphanie!..

3048 days ago

Sonia B    

What a freakin' moron! Seriously! What! He thinks that because he's far from Quebec, that journalists and paparazzi are going to be oblivious to what's he's doing? He's got a woman and a 3 months old baby at home! And I'm telling you, this woman has been through enough in the past 2 years. Her dad is in jail for sexually abusing a girl she grew up with and since the man was a very known artist manager here in Quebec, that was a huge scandal. Teodore's dad is in jail for fraud. Her and her family, and Teodore and his family have been receiving bad press for over 2 years. He could at least have thought about her! But nope! He was thinking with something else than his brain. So I'll say it again... What a freaking moron!!!

3047 days ago


La petite Cloutier ne doit pas être bien contente!

3047 days ago


Theodore is the next Alexandre Daigle nothing else to say.

Sorry Boby Paris Hilton get a life......

Looser at montreal and looser again.

3047 days ago
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