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Paris... She Shoots, She Scores!

6/19/2006 6:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paris Hilton was in Canada for the Much Music Awards over the weekend and the heiress was quite friendly with a new man. Miss Hilton was seen partying and holding hands with hockey player Jose Theodore, goalie for the Colorado Avalanche.

Surprisingly, the two left Club Ultra in Toronto together, and headed to Paris' hotel. Paris skipped into the front of the hotel and waited in the lobby for her date. Theodore waited briefly, then exited Hilton's car to join her.

Paris rep tells TMZ " Paris is single now, as she has stated publicly. This is a time in her life where she will be concentrating both on her work and friends. Nobody should read into any photos, gossip or reports about her social life."

Paris has been in an on-again, off-again relationship with greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos, and has recently been linked to newly drafted Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Lienart.


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Sylvain Lafrenière    

Well She certainly like the greek guys, Jose is another guy descent from this country... LOL

3055 days ago

Le gros    

Ahahahaha sacré José!!!! t'étais un trou de cul a montréal pis t'en demeure un au colorado!!!!! Si au moins t'était un bon goaleur..... Ben non tu te sert de ta gueule pour avoir ce que tu veux pis t'a en plus un ti peu d'argent gagné grace a UNE seule bonne saison!!!!!!! God Bless Bob Gainey!!!!!!!!

3055 days ago


I'm shocked !! I'm disgusted !! Je n'en reviens pas !! I'm from Montréal. Here, José was a star, a status he's always been pursuing, even by acting as a rock star, playing guitar with famous singers. His girlfirend Stéphanie, the mother of his newborn girl, is the sister of a very popular radio and TV host in Québec, Véronique Cloutier. Although she's a brand new mom, Stéphanie left her family behind and followed her man (since many many years) to a faraway city in another country. While she's all alone at home taking care of their baby, that bastard openly and publicly have fun with another woman, moreover an empty and trashy superficial slut, famous for... just being famous !? Even if he were not cheating on his wife, it's an insult towards her to act like that !! Is he really that desesperate to be seen and talked about ? Shame on him !! His little girl deserves a better father.

3055 days ago


I am just shocked!! I am originally from Montreal and I WAS a total fan of his when he played for Montreal's hockey team. WTF!! He just had a baby!!!!!!! Hasn't he been with Stephanie Cloutier for like 7-8years?!? What an ass!!

3055 days ago

Svatos Fan!    

Okay...where was theo's girlfriend at the time?

3055 days ago


Paris and Theodore.....I think it's a perfect match! 2 of the dumbest showbiz personalities.

Everybody knows that Paris is not a walking brain. Theodore was playing for the Montreal Canadians and has put himself into a lot of trouble that he could've avoid so easily....he really knows how to get in such a mess....

1) He was seeing at a Hell's Angels party 2) His family was in trouble because of illegal loans, his brothers and faher are in jail 3) His stepfather (who's a very famous celebrity manager) is in jail too because of sexual assault on 3 young person under 18 4) He was tested positive on illicit substances 5) He gave a finger to the press in an interview after a match 6) Whan his carrer in Montreal was going down, he "supposably" injured his ankel by slipping on his icy home driveway.......etc....

And now his WIFE ..that right, not girlfriend...wife's just had his baby and instead of taking care of his family, he goes to a Much Music party and hit it off with Paris and end up at her hotel......what an a$$hole! really know how to be recognize for your stupidity....those are all great proofs that when you're a "public face" it's not always because of your intelligence...

3055 days ago


Good for Jose!! Go for it! Who wants a Quebec girl anyways...I am from montreal, Quebec girls aint that great...especially pure quebec girls...enjoy the ride what you want...have fun!

3055 days ago


Theodore has had such a horrible year in Montreal, so much drama surrounding his life it made one feel sorry for him. His wife just had a baby.. why Theo?? of all people...Paris Hilton??? I'm not a guy, but what guys see in her I just don't understand.

If all of this is true (the pics of him holding her hands was enough to prove SOMETHING was going on... at least use your brain Theo!!), I have totally lost all sympathy and respect for a goaltender I was sad to see leave our team.

Hope she was worth it!

3055 days ago


Jose could be the biggest moron in the NHL right now. He was cast out from Montreal for his poor play and his personal drama and it looks like the personal drama has started in Denver. I doubt that case of the herp he'll catch will improve his play.

3055 days ago


Like they say, One night in Paris is something you'll never forget !!!

3054 days ago

The Canadian Watcher    

According to reports here in Montreal (hometown for Jose) he is NOT married to his ex-girlfriend, Stephanie Cloutier, who reportedly got pregnant without discussing it with Theodore. Surprised by the unexpected baby announcement, there are many who say that she plotted the pregnancy in order to entrap the handsome hockey player into marrying her just before he was going to end the relationship. Any psychologist will tell you that this is NOT the best way to enter into a marriage, and we can already see the results of this terrible miscalculation on the part of Cloutier and at the expense of the baby. Theodore has tried to cope with it as best he could and is supporting the mother and daughter.

As far as Theodore's father and uncle are concerned, local reporters (who know the family) say that they are very different people from Jose Theodore, a genuinely nice guy who takes more after his mother and whom he loves very much. It was she who encouraged him to play his best in hockey.

More recent reports about Theodore come from his new Colorado teammates who describe him as "a good person" and "a good teammate".

As far as Paris Hilton is concerned, it must be intrigue and probably will not last as reports say that he likes better an "old fashioned girl".

3054 days ago


Jose theodore is an ass if he really hooked up with Paris because he just had a child which is at the hospital right now. His girlfriend is there with the baby and he's off partying??? not cool from him and paris

3054 days ago


Disease infested = AIDS - all of Paris's money can't stop that...
also is it me or is she ORANGE???? GET A REAL TAN.

3054 days ago


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3054 days ago


Im a former hockey player who knows little bit about Jose's life and I can tell you that its not surprising even if he just got a kid. I would be able to give name at least 2 girls who had adventure with him since he's with stephanie Cloutier...
We shouldn't say anything about what he is doing but at least he could stop to pretend to be a nice guy who's happy to get a kid and with his girlfriend when he gives interviews

3054 days ago
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