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The Music Goes On Without Britney

6/20/2006 3:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Six years ago teen pop ruled the music universe and Britney Spears had the world eating out of the palm of her hand.  Now, following her tragic interview with Matt Lauer on "Dateline," she has the world wondering what went wrong.  With the hair, the makeup, the outfit and her "country" demeanor - Britney 2.0 is not your kid sister's pop princess!

Britney, Christina and Jessica
While Brit has been holed up in her Malibu mansion making babies with 'the Fed,' the rest of her teen pop peeps have been hard at work and will see new albums released in the upcoming months. Check out what your favorite pop idols have been up to as Britney's music career takes a pregnant pause.

Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera
From the beginning, she was labeled Britney's biggest competitor. While the former Mousketeer has always lagged in sales and popularity to Spears, she does have the pipes and the Grammys to back up her talent. 

Though Britney has endured a very public and high profile marriage, Christina took a more low key approach and stayed out of the spotlight while dating and marrying her husband Jordan Bratman.  As Britney awaits the arrival of her latest tater-tot, Christina has a hot new single, "Ain't No Other Man" burning up the charts and a double album, "Back to Basics," coming out on August 15.

Justin TimberlakeJustin Timberlake
Britney's former boyfriend, Justin Timberlake, enjoyed success as NSYNC's frontman and went on to more fame and fortune as a solo artist. His 2002 solo debut cd "Justified" sold over 3.5 million copies and won 2 Grammys. After his relationship with Spears ended, Justin fell into the beautiful arms of Cameron Diaz and has been with her for three years. 

Now, Justin's future looks even brighter. On top of having several films premiering this year, his second solo cd "Future Sex/LoveSounds" comes out September 12 and the first single "SexyBack" goes out to radio stations on July 7.

Jessica SimpsonJessica Simpson
Once considered just another Britney-clone, Simpson has emerged as a pop icon to be reckoned with.  While music is what put Jessica on the map, it was her marriage to Nick Lachey and their subsequent MTV reality show that really launched her to super stardom. 

Now that her film career and her high-profile divorce have made Simpson a staple in the weekly magazines, the blonde bombshell is ready to unleash her singing chops to her legions of fans once again.  Jessica's new album is due out in August and the video for the first single, "A Public Affair," will be helmed by "X-Men: The Last Stand" director Brett Ratner.

JC ChasezJC Chasez
Even Britney, Justin and Christina's former fellow Mousketeer JC Chasez is getting back into the game.  JC is set to release his second solo cd this fall, with the first single "Until Yesterday" expected to hit the airwaves in August. JC worked on the single with Timberlake - his former NSYNC bandmate.

As these pop stars ready for the next chapter of their musical careers, here's hoping Britney Spears-Federline can pull off a Mariah-style comeback in 2007.

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Comeback for Britney? It's possible. She has NO talent as a singer (never has) but is a great tabloid target and does sell magazines. Everyone loves a train wreck....

3014 days ago


BRITNEY will COMEBACK. She has to because she has it in her. Icons don't die. Artists always have backlash and this is Britney's. Just wait till she is at it again. You all will look like idiots for doubting her

3014 days ago

Lo Maret    

She'll be hawking weight loss products on QVC.

3014 days ago


its not like she was forced out of the game, it was her choice to leave. if a family is what she wants then she can have that. she laready has all the money in the world.

3014 days ago


Don't worry she'll be back........

3014 days ago


I just think she's at a different point in her life than the others. She was far bigger than any of them were, so now I'm guessing it's their turn. Each of them, I'm guessing, will eventually marry, have babies and take a break, and they'll all have just as much media on them when they do!

3014 days ago


a la Anna Nicole

3014 days ago


She'll be back. When she runs out of money that is.

3014 days ago


"Just wait till she is at it again."

Who are you kidding? She hasn't been "at it" since 2000. Britney's done.

3014 days ago


Poor Britney. I think the "white trash" side of her that was always there is finally being revealed. I still like her though and I hate seeing anyone go through a hard time. I wouldn't be able to handle the pressure of the entire world watching and scrutinizing everything I do.. could you? I hope she makes a big comeback.

3014 days ago


I think it is very possible that Britney will come back, however, she really needs to take a hard look at the public persception of her and make some changes. I can't really say that I was ever a huge fan of Britney's music but she came on the scene like a ball of fire after MMC. She was a huge star beginning in the late 1990's but look at her now. We all make mistake and we are all human but the decision that she has made has really hurt her and I find it impossible to believe that she doesn't care what people think.- these are the people that buy your records.
First- her quicky marriage to her highschool friend. Second- her "homemade" video with K-fed. Third- her marriage to the guy and Fourth- her, just woke up out of bed, appreances in public, barefoot bathroom breaks and problems with Sean (i.e. driving on her lap). When she slipped, like so many of us often do, I really felt bad for her. What Mother hasn't done that and then people were slamming on her. But now the interview with Lauer, with no PR person there- cut off shorts and gum chewing. I would really like to think that she wants to clean up her act but then she does this.
If she does come back- I really hope it is without K-Fed. I also hope that somebody explains to her that she is role model and should look and act like one.

3014 days ago


The people who are claiming she doesn't have talent must have JEALOUS inked on their forehead. For someone who doesnt have talent she sure did fool a lot of people and multiple nations for that matter. She can dance, she obviously can sing or she wouldnt get a record deal and she has soul. So what if she is not looking her "best" lately, that just shows she is a real person. Did you expect her to look perfect every single day. So what if she is a little chunky at the moment. People complain when stars get too thin and then complain when they are too fat... No wonder this world is messed up. LEAVE HER ALONE....

People who bag on her are only making bad karma for them selves.

peace out

3014 days ago


oh and she defiently will have a come back....

trust me on this one

she will rock the air waves once again

then you guys can all hate her some more....

3014 days ago


Wow Jessica Simpson looks really pretty

3014 days ago


hey everyone used to say madonna had no talent and couldnt sing.. but what her and britney have in commen, is that they are great entertainers.. anyone who has been to either one of their shows, can attest to. Christina may have the pipes, but performance wise she lacks. Britney will be back selling out venues and selling millions of cd's in a couple of years. the girl just wants to take a break and raise a family, thats what most girls want. let her have her break and then she will get an anxious and come back stronger then ever. for now well take our christina and jessica and be somewhat amused. but when britney comes back... its all over for those girls... again... just like they were nothing when she was around

3014 days ago
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