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Britney - To Dye For!

6/22/2006 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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roxanne, fight me. me and brit vers. u and skanks jolie if u want it that way. now get a life. that is all.

3010 days ago


If Britney was a poor woman living in a mobile home TDSS would have removed that child from her care months ago. Come on now driving with a baby on your lap. The kid fell on his head and she almost dropped him on the ground. Yes she is a bad mother! I have children and I have NEVER endangered their lives. It's a damn shame that people are defending her actions. She's unfit emotionally also, did you see her erratic behavior in the interview with Matt Lauer? I fear for this baby's life. My guess is if she harms the baby, her crazy fans will be on this board defending her yet again.

3010 days ago


Hair dying is only advised against during the 1st trimester, aka first 3 months. Get a clue before you trash people and make yourself look like a moron, please.

3010 days ago


You people should really do your research before spouting at the mouth.There is no evidence of hair coloring harming a fetus, other than a study using rats which proved false, at least for the rats.

3010 days ago


Okay Kelly, so you are Ms. perfect.....yeah right! Nobody is perfect and I bet you did a lot of stupid stuff with your first child, but you didn't have a million people there to point it out to you and call you stupid. If you don't her, so what. I bet she doesn't give a sh** what you think.

3010 days ago



3010 days ago


I think everyone should leave her alone. Let it be. We will all see what happens soon. She isnt copying anyone and so what either way. She will be back, mark my words, its just gonna take some time.

3010 days ago


if you say you have never done anything to endanger your child, you are full of it. has ur child never rolled off the couch, choked on something, eaten the pets food, gotten into the cats litter box, rode in the car (riding in a car, even in a car seat is dangerous), hit their head on something, fallen and scrapped their knee or elbow, or anything else like this, if not they mist live in a bubble, and no if she was poor and lived in a trailer, DFACS would not have already taken the baby away, it takes alot more than 3 incidents, where the baby was never intentinally harmed, to even start an investigation

3010 days ago


And for all of you that say coloring is OK? Please pay for your own developmentally challenged kids to go to school and stop asking tax payers for help. A hair dresser is out for the dollar and will tell clients whatever they are paid to tell them. It is recommended by doctors NOT to color during first trimester. And as for plant dyes, we know K-fed is WELL versed in plants.

3010 days ago


Yes, enough about Britney AND Angelina!! Where is this girls mother?? Wouldn't you think that her mother would offer some advice after the first time she dyed her hair while pregnant? And on other issues as well? And, I don't know for sure, but if it was harmful to the fetus, wouldn't the colorist mention something?? It could be a natural "henna" coloring, no chemicals used. One can only hope.

3010 days ago


as a hairstylist i would NEVER tell anyone to do anything that might harm them, maybe your sorry excuse for a hairstylist might, but dont go grouping us all together, as for my children, neither is developmentally challenged, and i colored my hair and keep working right up until 3 days before i delivered with both

3010 days ago


im not really a person to criticize celebrities,,,,she can do her hair like angelina duznt matter cuz wutever she does to herself she'll always look like trash..

3010 days ago


Louie you are an idiot. I get so sick of you people who call her a bad mom and so does my aunt who f*cking works for DCF, she knows more about who is a bad mom then you do you ignorant piece of sh*t.

My aunt has worked for DCF for many years and believe me she will be more then happy to take you to work with her and show you some of her cases that will have you in tears.

Their are people out their who beat their children everyday and not with a hand either, they use belts and other objects and then their are kids being burned with cigarettes and kids being locked in cages. Not to long ago a toddler lost his damn leg because of his mother chaining his leg to a door during the night.

You do not know what a bad mother is you piece of sh*t, when you work at DCF for as long as my aunt has you will be looking at people like Britney as great and decent moms.

I am going to do exactly what my aunt does when someone talks about someone being a bad mother. Do you have the proper education to declare that someone is a bad mother? Have you been properly educated on what a bad mother actually is? When you have done those things and worked where my aunt has then come back and run your face although I seriously doubt after that you will because by the time your done you will be thinking Britney is a saint mother.

As for her being trash, oh please do shut the hell up and stop making a fool of yourself. You want to talk about trash go hang around and talk sh*t about rappers who are telling kids to drop out of school and go do drugs and other bad sh*t. Britney is a damn saint compared to a lot of other celebrities.

She is nothing compared to Angelina is about the only damn thing your idiot self got right. Angelina was into drugs when she was young and even slept with a damn family member.

Who are you to say she will never have a comeback? Are you psychic? Did you know that when she made her appearance on Will and Grace they received the highest rating and more viewers then they ever had? WTF is that telling you?

Get out of her career? She makes a sh*t load of money and she loves doing what she does and you make it sound like she can just wake up one day and say okay I am done with this, it does not work like that deary. She has a contract and not to mention even if she did quit her career the photographers are still going to be after her. Their are tons of actors/singers who are no longer in the business and your still seeing pictures of them and photographers are still harassing them.

Your post was just stupid and made you look like a fool. Think and educate yourself next time before you post.

3010 days ago


I think she looks very pretty, softer actually. Britney is a beautiful young woman, with a beautiful spirit. And just the sight of her baby shows me that she's a wonderful mother. Britney - you look pretty no matter what color your hair is. And don't listen to the morons who accuse you of trying to be someone else. Just rise above it, don't let it get you down. You have a gorgeous family, this next little one is going to add so much more love!

3010 days ago


You're not supposed to dye your hair during the FIRST trimester of pregnancy because there are little to no studies that can prove/disprove that it harms the baby. It's just a precautionary measure. If Brit's due in september then she's no longer in danger of harming her fetus by using chemicals in her hair. The fetus can almost withstand anything once you're out of the critical first trimester. Leave the girl alone and let her dye her hair if she feels moved to do so...Geesh.

3010 days ago
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