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Britney - To Dye For!

6/22/2006 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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lauryn (what the heck is up w/the 0 stars thing?)    

oh yeah and laura, you don't need to curse and it is "quit" and not "quite". buy a dictionary and don't be so rude.

3018 days ago


Do some research, doctors say you shouldn't dye your hair in your first trimester (weeks 1-12) because they don't know if it could harm the baby. Britney is obviously more than 12 weeks along.

Give the girl a damn break!

3015 days ago


Black hair, blond hair, It's doesn't matter. She can't sing people!!! She was made millionaire under false pretenses. She got by us because her voice was made in the studio. Her backups sing for her PEOPLE!

3015 days ago


She used vegetable based dye idiots!

3014 days ago


i use to be a hairdresser and i worked through my pregnancy and i read up on the whole hairdye rumors and it is not harmful to simply dye your hair maybe if it was a perm or bleach but if you use good dye they arent that strong it would be no different than going home and cleaning your windows with a bottle of windex or spraying lysol disinfectant spray!! so give her a break i am sure every single woman cleans their house when prego and dont tell me different, and it is just as bad. what isnt harmful these days!!

3014 days ago


This is in response to the Brad/Jen/Angelina issue. If Brad and Jen were so happily married then Brad wouldn't have given Angelina a second look. Good marriages don't break up, people!!!

3014 days ago


For all of you Britney Spears experts out there...get your information right. There are vegetable based dye's that are safe for pregnant women and it's only a danger for women to color their hair in the first trimester of pregnancy.
I feel sorry for Britney Spears...she is still young and naive and had to grow up way too fast for her career and now she is paying for it. Back off of her and get a life.

3013 days ago


She stated the hair dye was a vegetable dye. She's probably a good mother. Every mother has bad days, every baby slips and falls, we just don't have cameras in our face constantly.

3012 days ago


people people......oh my god i must be bored to be telling you all this....britneys hair is a wig...duhhhhhh!!! come on!!! do you really think she would get rid of the white trash suits her so well....

3012 days ago


so apparently I can donate a third of my check and act like the biggest slut in hollywood, breakup any marriage I want, and I am forgiven and am a wonderful person....please get a life, wrong is wrong.

3011 days ago


I read somewhere that she used vegetable dye for to make her hair darker, and that doctors say that type of dye is ok for pregnant women.

3010 days ago


I think her new dye job looks good, and there is more than just 1 type of hair dye, some of them aren't as harmful as others, so ok maybe dying her hair wasn't such a good idea, but has anyone tried reading up on what kind of hair dyes there are? and hey it's not her fault her loser of a husband is never anywhere to be found when she needs him, she's going through a tough time sahe doesn't need all the bad comments.

3009 days ago


"4. Aren't pregnant women advised against dying their hair? I don't know why, but isn't that the case?" I heard that after the first trimester it isn't as bad

3009 days ago


It's been YEARS since the medical community advised Mothers to stop coloring their hair during does NOT harm the fetus.

I think it's silly to say that every woman that dyes her hair dark is trying to emmulate Angelina Jolie..ludicrous. I also think both women could use a break from haters.

3005 days ago
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