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Britney - To Dye For!

6/22/2006 4:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

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...Why do we care again?

3042 days ago


What the @#%$ who cares let the woman be for pete sakes... It's hard enough to have a baby but to be pregnant and with baby and a dead beat husband is even tougher.. I just wish people would let her be. Oh and by the way for the people that don't have a clue, there is hair dye products that are fine for you and your child so get over it!!!!

3042 days ago


Who cares if she dyes her hair? It that really news worthy? Come on now!

My comment is really for Anna. Nice thing to say when you call someone a "dumb whore" just for saying something like Brit is trying to be like Angelina
( you wrote that about Ivey ). You are a class act huh?!

Looks like you are the one who needs a life !!

3042 days ago


I am a hairdresser and NO... you don't have to stay away from haircolor while pregnant... Some people are advised so by their doctor, but every person is different... I have 2 beautiful baby girls and used dye both pregnancies... Leave Brit alone - she is beautiful and the most normal down to earth celeb recently... I love her and support her as a young mother!!!! Britney rocks!!!!

3042 days ago


i think her hair looks just fine.doesn't everybody dye their hair?stars are just normal people too just trying to ixpress theirselfeverybody should just get over it!!!!!!whats going to be next?britney spears bit her fingernailOMG shes trying to copy SO an SO!!!!! whatever!!!!!!its not a big freakin DEAL!!!!!!!!!!!and plus that i think it looks real good on her!!!!!!!

3042 days ago


You must admit the way she's carrying Sean Preston, her nude color lips, sunglasses, and her style and color of her hair does look a bit like Angelina. Britney is carrying Sean like she actually likes the baby this time..rather than in the crook of her arm or on her lap as she drives...or walking beside his stroller while someone else pushes him Did you see her interview last week? Sitting there smacking her gum while she spoke...just like a 14 year old girl. The girl needs some education, parenting classes and finishing school.

3042 days ago


I believe there are some hair dyes that are natural, i.e., Aveda products, and
these are not dangerous like the chemical based ones.

3042 days ago

Trudy Jackson    

If Britney wants people to take her seriously, black hair is not the ticket. In that interview with Matt Lawler, her boobs were popping out, she kept rubbing her legs, she was chewing gum, and her hair looked dirty, I don't care whether it was blond with dark roots, WASH It before going on TV. Oh, and her fake eyelashes lookes like she put a lot of mascare on top of them. She has to do something other than black hair to not look white trash......

3042 days ago

L@ L0c@    

she looked better blonde but u know evryone dyes their hair to change their apppearance why dont u just leav ya hair natural the reason itz dat color cuz it lookz bettr on u than some othr color sheesh and leav angelina and Brad alone i think they suffered enough popularity let some1 else hav the spotlight

3042 days ago


O.k. get the facts before you start rambling off at the mouth. I work in a salon, and yes there are risks in everything you do when you are prego. All you have to do is talk to you doctor and if he/she says its o.k. to dye your hair then its your own judgement after that. Get off her back, she is trying to live her life and be a good mother. Maybe you should evaluate your own life and fix the problems that you have and worry less about what Brit is doing. Because of course you all are going to be just the "perfect" parents in the world. I wish the world could see how many mistakes you make when you are first time parents!! Good luck because you all are so perfect. Love ya Brit wish you and Kev and all the babies all the happiness!!

3042 days ago


She looks good here. Nice change. I'm so tired of the current bleach blonde trend.

3042 days ago


For one thing, you can dye your hair while you are pregnant only if it is not over the counter, and you are past the 1st trimester. I just had a baby and I checked with my doctor before I did it. It is perfectly safe when done by a professional because they no longer put lead into the products, however, some over the counter products still contain traces of lead. For another thing I agree with the papoose thing, especially since she is pregnant again. You are off balance and it puts you more at harm when carrying a baby. She should really invest in one.

3042 days ago


I think she looks great! For all of you who know it all, you can dye your hair while pregnant just not the early stages. Stop being so catty.

3042 days ago


Ashley, how does one break up a 'happy marriage?' Happy marriages say 'NO!' to an intrusion, so someone must have been UN-happy, at least for awhile. Just as Britney appears to be trying to hang onto her relationship for the sake of her family, there's an uncomfortable feeling that K-fed may possibly be involved in a 'happier relationship' somewhere else without his wife. You have to give Brit credit for trying.

3042 days ago


I don't know why anyone wants to put down Angelina or Brittany. Leave them alone! It's very hard for these lady's to try to have a normal life. As for dying her hair, they do say that, no dying hair during pregnancy. Why? I have no idea, I am 52 and people that had babies when I did always dyed there hair. It wasn't a NoNo then. Funny how things change. I wish Brittany and Angelina Good Luck with there Families. Come on Guys, lay off them!

3042 days ago
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