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Halle Finally Gets A Good One

6/22/2006 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For all of her professional good fortune – an Emmy, a Golden Globe, an Oscar –- Halle Berry has had well-publicized bad luck when it comes to the men in her life. 

But in recent months she's been keeping company with Gabriel Aubrey, a Canadian model ten years her junior, and TMZ – after doing a little research – thinks she's finally found a keeper.

The "X-Men" star's romantic life has been a gauntlet of missteps and misery. Her two marriages, first to baseball player David Justice and then to jazz musician Eric Benet, both ended in divorce, and she's clearly regretful and bitter about the latter's much-talked-about infidelity. She recently told a reporter that having to pay alimony to Benet was "not good, especially when he cheats on you like 27 times."

What's more, Berry, who turns 40 in August, was reportedly left with almost total hearing loss in one ear after an altercation with a boyfriend, though the identity of that boyfriend has never been confirmed.

However, her latest beau, the 30-year-old Aubrey, has an unusually skeleton-free closet: No criminal record, no indications of infidelity, no signs of abusive or otherwise relationship-wrecking behavior.  He's been one of the top male models in the world for several years, earning $30,000 and upwards per shoot, and the two do make a remarkably handsome couple.

So even though Berry has quite publicly disavowed marriage as an institution, perhaps Aubrey will disabuse her of this recent notion – and prove that the third time really is the charm.

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It just goes to show you that if a man wants to cheat on his woman, it really doesn't matter how beautiful you are, or how famous you are. He is going to cheat because he wants TOO!!!!!!!!!!

2475 days ago


They are an extremely gorgeous couple, and I really hope it works out for Halle this time. She is a great actress (minus that tragedy 'Catwoman') and has handled the public humiliation of her failed relationships very well. She deserves for this relationship to be rewarding.

2989 days ago


I think it's great, Halle deserves to be happy like anyone else does. I wish her the best

2988 days ago


I think they're far better looking than Brangelina. Halle deserves this. She's stunning and a great actress. Maybe this guy has a brother for Jen??

2988 days ago

Black woman married to a GREAT black man    

That is by far the dumbest comment I've read in a long time. NO, all black men don't hit women. Are you retarded? Seriously?

2987 days ago


Appearances are never a guarantee of true happiness in a relationship. Also, we may know famous stars by face, but not by personality. All I would hope for is that they like any other couple in the world can find true happiness.

2987 days ago

Miss Thang    

Oh please! Even though, we want our girl happy and to finally get it.

Still think it's all show. Any truth to the rumors of the boyfriend switch hitting or playing both sides of the fence? Who knows? I'll bet you anything that it will probably be over in the next 3-6 months and he ain't going to be hubby #3 or the baby's daddy. It's cool if she wants to do the Jungle Fever/Something New thing, I just don't see it with the model boyfriend.

For someone who also has said in other articles that she no longer needs a man to validate her, it's amazing how she always has not been without a man on her arm for long.

Baby girl, needs to grow up and really take a good hard look at herself before taking a prospective hubby # 3 hostage or have a child.

Do I think she will marry again--yes. Do I think she'd be a good parent-yes, after she does some more self-analysis.

2987 days ago


Hate to admit it agree with Miss Thang except I think they'll break up sooner than that. I hope the rumors of that she's palying safe dating a gay/bi model aren't true.
Can't believe she'd be that desparate. Guess we'll have to wait and see. Do think they're is something mysterious about them, so I really wonder if it's all a publicity stunt.

2987 days ago

Donald Green    

I like Halle, she's only did one thing that i really didnt like but that only means she a human so i've looked over it and i wish her the best in her new relationship.

2987 days ago

jerrie ward    

Hey I feel everyone is too judgemental. Hallie is 40 and single, not to mention beautiful, and talented. Come on... we need to uplift her and pray she continues to live for herself now, for she is the only one to answer for herself. Take it from a single 50 year old .

2987 days ago


I've read the comments, I'm white, lovin' black people.
I love they culture and stile + that black women are greath.
I've read the comments of "me" that black men beat black woman. OMG girl you are 17 !
A chinese kick his girl ass too, a spanish guy do the same it the girl is wrong.
anyway I kick my girl too, and I regret. She cheat on me more than once. I left her. I ignore her. I don't hate her.
anyway this comment must be 'bout Halle.
She's hot.
The guy she chose seems hot to me to. Hugo Commercials and a great model. bla bla bla
anyway hope they'll live happy after ever.
yours.. Paul

2987 days ago

Get Smart    

You have to realize at some point or time something might be wrong with the girl. Its a pattern fr some beautiful women some of the things Benet said have truth. She was often depressed over nothing, whining and hard to please other beautiful women have had the same problem Jen Lopez, Angelina hell even Cher & Liz T. you have to be beautiful , strong & smart like Sheryl Ralph, Kyra Sedgwick or Oprah.

2987 days ago


Halle is happy i hope,she should go on ahead and date this guy, get married and make some pretty tan babies and tell the world to kiss her a--.

2987 days ago

Betty Thomas    

In this world that we live in everyone wants to be happy, regardless of who or what they are. So let's all be adults white , black, green or purple, think about that GOD has a plan for all his people. I've had quite a few bad relationships but it all in GOD hands. Be happy world....

2987 days ago


HALLE is happy that is all that matters.She should date for a year,get married and make some gorgeoulicious tan babies she is gorgeous he is gorgeous so their babies will be gorgeolicious. She just might need some cream in her coffe.

2987 days ago
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