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Halle Finally Gets A Good One

6/22/2006 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For all of her professional good fortune – an Emmy, a Golden Globe, an Oscar –- Halle Berry has had well-publicized bad luck when it comes to the men in her life. 

But in recent months she's been keeping company with Gabriel Aubrey, a Canadian model ten years her junior, and TMZ – after doing a little research – thinks she's finally found a keeper.

The "X-Men" star's romantic life has been a gauntlet of missteps and misery. Her two marriages, first to baseball player David Justice and then to jazz musician Eric Benet, both ended in divorce, and she's clearly regretful and bitter about the latter's much-talked-about infidelity. She recently told a reporter that having to pay alimony to Benet was "not good, especially when he cheats on you like 27 times."

What's more, Berry, who turns 40 in August, was reportedly left with almost total hearing loss in one ear after an altercation with a boyfriend, though the identity of that boyfriend has never been confirmed.

However, her latest beau, the 30-year-old Aubrey, has an unusually skeleton-free closet: No criminal record, no indications of infidelity, no signs of abusive or otherwise relationship-wrecking behavior.  He's been one of the top male models in the world for several years, earning $30,000 and upwards per shoot, and the two do make a remarkably handsome couple.

So even though Berry has quite publicly disavowed marriage as an institution, perhaps Aubrey will disabuse her of this recent notion – and prove that the third time really is the charm.

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scott utley    

halle i will always love you, maybe love yourself

2980 days ago


It's called "acting"!!! I love movies, and entertainment, and at the end of the day much of what we see on screen be it the big or little screen is smoke and's a show. What is sad for the entertainers is that they complain about living in fishbowls, however they create the lives that they lead, because they have needs for constant attention and validation. Halle with all her beauty, is still a very fragile being in need of serious therapy. Without it she will continue to look for male figures to fill a void that was left many years ago, that at this point in her life she needs to place a period there and move on towards developing a great and fantastic relationship with herself.

2980 days ago


I have heard from some reliable sources that Halle is not such an angel. People I know have seen her drinking in clubs and the car accidents. Maybe Halle is the problem not the men.

2980 days ago


It's a shame that a good looking honey like Halle can't find a decent brotha to be with. I'm not really a big fan of the interracial couples.

All brothas are not in jail, women-abusers, rappers, thugs, drug-dealers, etc... I feel like I'm one of the few decent gentleman left out here. I can't find a decent woman out here because of all the stereotypes about my fellow brothas. It really pisses me off.

Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of Halle, she's an awesome woman. The right brotha just hasn't come into her life yet. The guy she's seeing is 30 and I'm about 30 too. Let this brotha get a chance, Halle, and I'll change your whole perception of how a black man really should be.

2980 days ago

Angela Wills    

I am glad for Halle Berry how ever I am disappointed with her choice. I hope there are Black Brothers of her equal to make her happy.

2980 days ago

linda hudson    

What ever makes Halle happy.We have all said what we would never do.This is just like casting the first stone.I she wants to marry or have a baby by this guy so what. What ever makes her happy. She can afford to whatever she wish.We all should mind our own business.Ain't nobody saying nothing a TIGER WOODS and his wife.

2980 days ago


I think that Halle Berry didn't have her father around when she was growing up which made it harder for her to deal with men. I mean I didn't have my father and it took me a while to find that special someone but I had older male cousins and uncles as role models and leaders to look up to. They were also there if I had questions. So when there problems it could be "both" of you contributing to it in the relationship. Or it could just be "one" person thinking about themselfes and their issues and bringing them into the relationship. However, all of this in mind Halle and any man or woman deserves true love and happiness if he or she works for it.

2980 days ago


To Ms Thang, Ms. Berry is bi-racial, how is this "jungle fever"? Would it be "jungle fever" with a black guy also?

2980 days ago

Wanda Pinkney    

I think it is about time for Ms Berry to have a little happiness in her life, God knows she needs it. Best of luck to her and her new Bo, I hope they have a pretty baby Girl soon!

2980 days ago

sameerah dacres    

i love halley but i thought she was involved with the lightskined guy black man from "babershop","never die alone" and "sleeper cell" what happen with that he's "looks" like a nice young man? eaither way i wish her the best ans lets hope we see children in her future.

2980 days ago


i hope halle, this time had found true for the writer's comment regarding black men who beat women...that statement is not does not matter if you are black,white, blue or purple...if a man have abusive tendencies he will act upon them. We as women, all want to find true happiness with a mate...but you must be happy within YOURSELF in order to bring luv and happiness into a relationship. My opinion...Halle should find some alone time between her and GOD and put dating on the skids and heal. I do not know her personally but two husband , which was a total disaster and dated other men in that period of time...actions that many women and myself can honestly relate to... She should wait on the Lord for HIM send her a mate. Halle... best wishes.

2979 days ago


Miss "Me,"
You have really serious issues. I think you have bottled up anger against black men that you must truly release before you completely ruin your life. Do you have some sort of hatred or bottled up anger against one of your parents? Those are mental self destructive isses your dealing with. Their is nothing wrong with dating outside your race, and there is nothing wrong with our black men. Don't give up on them and bash them all. Just because your anger is directed towards one or two people who hurt you, you don't have to be against the whole race. Finally, take this into consideration. You may be the problem!
Halle has gone through some touch times in her life, but what she should do is take time out to find herself and retrace all the mistakes that went wrong in ever relationship she ever had. Make a list and write down each of her former boyfriends and husbands characteristics. The answer wiill lie in her research and there the she will find the problem. I wish you a lot of luck and much happiness Halle. This guy is a cutie!

2979 days ago

Joseph Metoyer    

Halle didn't test the entire pool that was available for her. I personally wanted her email address for a long time in order to put my name in the hat. ciao

2979 days ago


Love is a funny thing.....I truly wish for her to find the simplistic happiness that all women regardless of man's classification of races. It is our basic nature to desire to love a man and be loved by a MAN....[that's capital letters...M.A.N.] Some men know ow to appreciate women no matter what they may choose to do as a career in this life, but there is nothing like loving and being loved.

We all must feel sorrow in order to know joy...."love" is a bittersweet proposition in this temporary world and it is best to know oneself well enough to understand how to give and take. We must take our time when it comes to someone with whom we decide to make love to, or simply wish to have as a part in our life to share the special facets of our person. Hopefully, Halle has grown to know herself well enough to disseminate without the rose-colored spectacles that some of us females have a tendency to do. Fairytales are not common, they are rarities.

He may be someone who appreciates her for who she is without lookingso much at her beauty, but for the soul she carries from within, it is more enduring. I hope this relationship is as well.

2979 days ago


It won't last a year.

2979 days ago
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