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Halle Finally Gets A Good One

6/22/2006 2:35 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

For all of her professional good fortune – an Emmy, a Golden Globe, an Oscar –- Halle Berry has had well-publicized bad luck when it comes to the men in her life. 

But in recent months she's been keeping company with Gabriel Aubrey, a Canadian model ten years her junior, and TMZ – after doing a little research – thinks she's finally found a keeper.

The "X-Men" star's romantic life has been a gauntlet of missteps and misery. Her two marriages, first to baseball player David Justice and then to jazz musician Eric Benet, both ended in divorce, and she's clearly regretful and bitter about the latter's much-talked-about infidelity. She recently told a reporter that having to pay alimony to Benet was "not good, especially when he cheats on you like 27 times."

What's more, Berry, who turns 40 in August, was reportedly left with almost total hearing loss in one ear after an altercation with a boyfriend, though the identity of that boyfriend has never been confirmed.

However, her latest beau, the 30-year-old Aubrey, has an unusually skeleton-free closet: No criminal record, no indications of infidelity, no signs of abusive or otherwise relationship-wrecking behavior.  He's been one of the top male models in the world for several years, earning $30,000 and upwards per shoot, and the two do make a remarkably handsome couple.

So even though Berry has quite publicly disavowed marriage as an institution, perhaps Aubrey will disabuse her of this recent notion – and prove that the third time really is the charm.

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yeah!!! to post number 10. Are you retarded? I am a black woman also and no black man has ever whooped my *ss. Sista...something is wrong with you if you allowed your black man to beat you.....sorry I have to stand up for my black brothas but a man will only do to you what you allow them to do. That meant you had no control over your stop blamin the brothas for your lack. As for Halle, the issue was not with black was her and I'm glad the sista got it together now and if she like white men then so be it.

3006 days ago


Me, What a racist comment!!! However, since you would like to go there, a black man may beat yo ass, but a white one will kill you, chop you up into tiny pieces, leaving your family to search for you!!!

Happiness is happiness, no matter who it is found with. Read a book...

3006 days ago


I think Halle need to examine herself. There maybe a flaw in her and the reason why she can't keep a man. I hope this is the man she is ready to settle down. I don't care how good a person look, if there heart is not right. Its not going to work.

3006 days ago

Monique Bussie    

Everyone deserves to be truly happy at least once in their life. Halle, you go girl!

3006 days ago


Halle Berry has made a name for herself through hard work and perseverance. Everybody who does so should deserve happiness. I am discusted in the people who are ignorant enough to entertain the stigma of black men being negative in relationships, ESPECIALLY the comment that said shes not so hot. What, do blue eyed blondes deserve better? What she looks like doesnt mean she deserves any less.

3006 days ago


any man of any race will be you but you are mostly likely to end up dead from a white man.So Halle be very careful all you've had the past were whippings not that that's good but you may end up dead this time.

3006 days ago

Anonymously Yours    

I am amazed at the number of posts. Let the girl have some fun and live her life without being judged who she is or isn't dating, is/isn't going to marry, or is/isn't going to have as the baby's daddy,etc. Who knows if it will or will not last, it really isn't any of our business. Why can't we just wish her well.

3006 days ago


The comment by the me person is shows that she
is stereotype all black men as batterers.
Until she comes to terms with her own issues (she hates half of her race) she won't find a healthy relationship, black or white.
Regarding Halle Berry and the jungle fever comment by
another person, you must remember that Halle is bi-racial-
both white and black, therefore if she is in a white relationship,
that's one part of her, and a black relationship would speak to
the other side of her. Halle's mother is white.

3006 days ago

Betty Jean McNeil    

I was unaware that Halle Berry had to pay alimony to Eric Benet. I cannot believe that any self-respecting man who cheated on his wife would have the balls to ask for alimony. He used the excuse that he is a "sex addict" but his true nature proves that he is a "man whore." He used his good looks to entice women even though he had already made a commitment of marriage. I know that Halle developed a relationship with Mr. Benet's daughter and he used that relationship to harrrass and coerce Halle, but that act will come back and bite him in the butt. I think that Halle needs time to herself so that she can find out who she is, learn what makes her happy that does not include another person and pray to find the inner peace that will center her spirit. God Bless you Halle.

3006 days ago



ditto # 6's comment

3006 days ago



3006 days ago

regina brunson    

I say "GO DO YOUR THING GIRL!!!!!! Ms. Berry has had nothing but bad luck with men. If she found one who really cares for her then good for her.

Just take it slow Halle, I wouldn't as one of your greatest fans want to see you hurt again.

3006 days ago

Sweet P    

I'm not into white guys, but if it works for Halle, then you go girl! I wish you well.

3006 days ago


Of course Halle deserves happiness- sometimes we need to slow our pace a little that's all, I do wish you the best.

3006 days ago

Anonymously Yours    

Also, you really can't believe the rumors that Aubry is gay or bi, please. Just because he is a model that doesn't mean anything nor does it make sense. It kind of makes Halle sound desperate, which I am sure she isn't.

3006 days ago
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