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Superman or Super-Gay?

6/22/2006 12:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Superman Returns Premiere: Click to WatchWhen the Man of Steel flies into theaters next week, he'll have more to worry about than just Kryptonite. After a cover article in gay and lesbian magazine The Advocate questioned the superhero's sexuality, rumors have been swirling that maybe he's not into Lois Lane and could be more of a Jimmy Olsen fan.

At the film's Westwood premiere last night the film's director and cast shot the rumors down faster than a speeding bullet.

Director Bryan Singer, most well-known for directing the first two "X-Men" films which had a strong gay sub-text, says this film goes in a different direction. "He's pretty straight," says Singer, "He's Superman. It's Lois Lane. So I don't know but he looks great on that cover."

Even Superman himself, Brandon Routh, bored a hole through the theory, "I think once people see the movie, if you see the movie you'll see that there's no ulterior motive and there's nothing going on with this film and Superman as always has been. And that's what the film is about. And his relationship with Lois."

So Superman's straight... Somewhere Kate Bosworth is breathing a sigh of relief knowing Lois will be back for a sequel.

"Superman Returns" opens next Wednesday in the US.

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ok people, i'm a gay woman and i even think it's ludicrious to say superman is gay. not that it would be an issue to me if he was . but come on just because he's super gorgeous and well groomed doesn't mean he's gay. publicity stunts like this usually work to make money for all involved (selling movies and magazines is what i smell). i just think that every gay man wishes superman was gay so they can have their secret gay icon fantasies.sorry guys but superman obviously digs the chics it's a classic and thats how it will remain.sorry to slap u with reality but someone had to do it!

2983 days ago


Yep.. S'pecially since Singer meesed up another myth by making Supes the real father of Lois's kid..

Thanks Singer... You messed up the X-men by destroying characters that were doing great for 50 years, now it's Supe's turn to screw up... Yes he's married in the books, but as I remember he ain't a father... Didn't mean you had to screw that up too!

2983 days ago


man this sounds like something Monte would start but ever one knows he is theatrical with a little wand...........omg

2983 days ago

Rinjo Njori    

Superman gets off on saving the world, not men or women. hasn't anyone watched Smallville for the last 5 years... Jeez

2983 days ago


God can't a guy be hot and well gromed and not be gay...this rumor is stupid...not that there would be anything wrong if he was gay, i think it be a little cool, but people get it through your head SUPERMAN IS NOT! GAY, I REPEAT NOT GAY, it's only a comic book character...

2983 days ago


I think Superman must be Bisexual. After all, he said he had to get back to his wife and her kid just before he flew out of my bed room window last night. ; ) Ethan

2983 days ago


this is absolutely ridiculous. why pick on this brilliant new star and ruin everything for him? I'm sorry but people need to find better things to do then assume who is gay and who is not. and if he is? WHO CARES! it is HIS personal choice. Leave the poor kid alone.

2983 days ago


It's a movie for Christs sake. A movie based on a comic book better yet! So what if he is gay? Are we still so closed minded in the year 2006 that it really matters?
And to you Joey, hater of all that is gay....I hope you grow up and lose your s***** attitude. I think gay people are far less threatening than narrow minded, hate spewing homo phobes such as yourself!

2983 days ago


Hey Joey,
you said Remember, if it's not straight, it's not right.
that must make it left
I know that it is getto, but you don't need the Mf's

2983 days ago

Atlanta Mike    

I think I am the one that knows whether or not Superman is gay. I was his boyfriend on Krypton and when he came to Earth, we had to break up because I didn't want a long distance relationship. When he flew into Earth's atmosphere, the heat scrambled his brain and he became straight. There...the truth is out!

2983 days ago


I HATE everything thats GAY.
Godd*mn, even the animals have more sence then you FAGGOT MUTHAF***** that so "proud of being f***** up in the head, AKA, gay".
And if Super-Man has decided to fly his punk ass in that direction, then to hell with his homo-sexual, little d*ck ass.
Remember, if it's not straight, it's not right.
Power to every correct thinking, AKA, straight person in the world.


2983 days ago

Atlanta Mike    

I think Joey is a ghetto thug that hates gay people WAY too much. I think he hates gay people that much because he knows he's gay and is angry. Even though he comes off as a butch thug, he's really a big ole Disco Dancing, Pump Wearing, Streisand Loving FAG!!

Joey...come out come out wherever you are....=)

P.S. You sound hot! Could we hook up homey?

2983 days ago


Back in 78, the same rumors flew around about Christopher Reeve.
Twenty eight years later we still haven't grown up as society.
Sad really.

2983 days ago


Hey Joey, Does DL mean anything to you? Nice try....but we all know!

2983 days ago

Z O L T A R    

If Superman ate more pussy, we'd have Supperman!

2983 days ago
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