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The Real O.C.

6/23/2006 5:16 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kristen Cavallari blows a kiss to the O.C.If you watch popular TV shows like "The O.C.," "Laguna Beach" or "The Real Housewives of Orange County" you'd totally think everyone in Cali's Orange County is like a slammin' blonde who lives in like an oceanfront mansion and drives a bitchin' BMW, dude.

On television 'characters' like Kristin Cavallari and LC seem to lead a charmed life, but in actuality the real O.C. proves that all that glitters isn't gold.

According to the OC Weekly, in one week the area had nearly 40 reported instances of criminal activity.

While you won't find tales of cheating boyfriends or prom dress mishaps on this list, here's a sampling of what really goes down in the O.C. versus on TV:

* Several adults threw food at customers inside a Del Taco    

* A group of men tossed a dead body into a trash dumpster    

* An obese, 5-foot-4-inch man robbed a Carl's Jr.        

* A man shot a neighbor's dog with a rifle            

* Four drunk, homeless men in the park verbally abused a passerby

* An intoxicated female drove her convertible Mercedes in endless circles in a parking lot

You probably won't see an obese person, a dead dog or homeless people featured on any of those TV shows, but a drunk girl in a convertible? That's a little more plausible.


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I love it! About time it was brought to the world's attention that the "OC" isn't that great, in fact, the majority of it is quite disgusting. It was called the bastard child of LA for a reason.

2952 days ago


South Orange County is nice but North OC like Anaheim and Garden Grove are nasty.... But still there is some ghetto places in newport beach and laguna...

there is a little bit of ghetto in all places.

2952 days ago

Neferi Z    

I never thought OC had really bad ghetto area's, till I went to see a friend in Cypress

2952 days ago


Wow, slow news day! The media has a way of distorting the truth, as always. The truth is that there are ALL kinds of people living in O.C., not just rich snobs or plastic, superficial people like the overly media hungry Kristin Cavallari and the rest of the tarts from Laguna Beach. There is crime there like every other city. If anyone actually believed that the OC was something special and immune to crime and such, they are living in a dreamland. Even Beverly Hills has its share. NO city is perfect.

2952 days ago

Rasta Avatar    

Ghetto places in Laguna and Newport? I don't think so, I used to live in Laguna, it's all expensive homes and boutiques, art galleries and expensive eateries, and every other car is a mercedes or jaguar or other expensive import. You're either well off or staying with someone well off or homeless. There taint no "ghetto" in Newport or Laguna, just lot's of rich douchebags and a few homeless people. But once you get away from the coast it's O.C. is very different, near disneyland it's the same as most of L.A. i.e lots of poor working people, lot's of latinos and other nationalities, lot's of crime, lot's of organized crime. The O.C. tv show is just about the area from Laguna to Newport. that area is it's own little world tucked away between the hills and the sea. The types of people who live there are the same types who live on the gold coast on Long Island N.Y, that's the area around Kings Point, Manhasset, Roslyn, Great Neck, etc. So the above article is just dumb.

2951 days ago


To #6 above, The article was referring to all of Orange County not just Laguna Beach. I just love it when Morons like you mentioned Latinos in the same sentence with crime. Another misconception!! STOP IT! EVERY neighborhood has its share and yes even you whities commit crimes.

2951 days ago


I worked Laguna Beach as a reporter and let me tell ya, people are people. I saw party girls in $500 dollar dresses snort snoke in the ladies' room, homeless people give money to charitable causes, teens pick up trash on the beach (and not because the court told them to), society ladies give painting lessons to kindergarteners ... you name it. You can't just throw a label on Orange County or Laguna Beach. You just have to realize that people are alot more complex ... just like you.

2951 days ago

Fred Simmons    

The show isn't even shot in Orange County. It's all shot in Los Angeles county, most of it in the South Bay area (and a few houses in Malibu). See for the REAL places you're looking at when you watch the show.

2942 days ago


Enough of Kirstin Cavallari. I do not understand what her is talent.

2936 days ago

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