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Paparazzi Gone Wild

6/24/2006 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Paparazzi are part of the Hollywood game. If you have a new project to plug they can be your best friend, but try and hide a new relationship or a baby bump and they can become your worst enemy.

With millions of bucks on the line, photographers will stop at next to nothing to get the money shot. From climbing trees to swarming celebs, TMZ has video evidence of what happens when the paparazzi goes wild.

Click here to see the paparazzi videos.

Nicole Kidman: Click to watchNicole Kidman

A flashbulb frenzy erupted when the typically private Nicole Kidman greeted paparazzi outside her home in Australia. Down under for her birthday and nuptials to Keith Urban, Kidman sent water and beer over to the photographers. The paparazzi returned the gesture by singing Happy Birthday to the Oscar winner.

Paris Hilton: Click to watchParis Hilton

As the patron saint of paparazzi, Paris Hilton knows how to work it for the camera. Paris, never one to turn down free publicity, was in full promo mode when TMZ shot Paris pulling away from an LA club dancing and singing to her new song "Stars are Blind." Hopefully the cops were too since the heiress wasn't wearing her seat belt - again.

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I'd hate to be famous and no amount of money would change that.

2988 days ago


Brittney is a red neck, I bet she doesn't spend any time with his Black childrenthe baby siblings. and come on Angeline you know you have some Black in you girl.

2988 days ago


Mr. Brad Pitt that just what you are to me now the Pitts

2988 days ago


i mean Mr. Brad Pitt, I could feel your ex wife pain. No getting marry if you don't want to live by the wedding vols you speak . Marriage is a job a commentment to be takin seriously. Not drop them at the first ------ that come your way.

2988 days ago

jack..yeah right    

This what they signed up for.
Everyone knows that this is the downside of being famous and still some people choose to pursue fame.
They only have themselves to blame.

2988 days ago


Any time any of these wanker stars wanna trade places with their money and fame I'm in the front of the line!!!... I mean boo f**king WOO, wah WHAH WHAH!!! I've got the Malibu police department as my personal escorts to the f**kin DAYCARE!!! You stars have so much f**kin money hire a freakin nanny from every f**kin country you can think of and have a group of new kids flown in every day from Pakistan or Lubbock TX over every day for your kids to play with!!! WHATEVER... I know they should be able to live as well but if they gave up the shots it would be over ...done! OR go back to f**kin Namboza...Negronmebia or whatever the hell it was. Speaking of Namnebia, I'm sure they can all breathe easier now that their heads aren't shoved up Brad and Angies ass anymore!!

2988 days ago

Marv Smith    

The paparazzi are just doing their job. Everyone can admit they like seeing their favorite celbrity in People Magazine or other type media. The price of fame comes with the photographers and all the attention. If celebrities truly want their privacy, then they should consider living outside the LA/Hollywood area.

2988 days ago


I can't believe how incredibly lame the people are who post their drivel in this forum.

2988 days ago


I feel after some time it must get annoying cameras in your face trying to make everyone happy all the fans , I would think time to time , i would be pissed off , but then again i am a producer/host of a MTV Show in NYC I have no ego I am humble also I am so friendly to people I would love to sign a autograph for a fan I am really so down to earth with people I love the attention though , i wish I had more fans then i do now ,,,,, it's funny how before you are famous your nothing nobody seems to care you have no money you can't find work and even that your even alive and as soon as you become famous everyone wants you and you become so marketable your making millions and companys throw money towards you way to use your image

2988 days ago


I think they should leave them alone, the pics are ugly, but, honestly, nothing is worse than reading the potty language coming from the previous post on the board. You know which one it is. LOL I'm glad they're npt taking pics of that person's funky self.

I think that Paris Hilton has an ego that could kill an elephant.

2988 days ago


Some celebs want the publicity, some don't. But that is the price for being famous. I have to admit though that the paparazzi has gotten worse with the invasion of privacy. If a celeb is in their home or on their own property, leave them be.

2988 days ago


Well...It seems to me that no one respects anyone anymore. That's what this all boils down to. Regardless of whether they are stars and knew that this was the path that they chose, there is a point where stalking should be labeled as such. If I were a star, and someone was lurking outside my home...they would be shot on sight. That's how it is in the real world out here. Come to Indiana and try that same wasn't that long ago that people were lynched for that type of behavoir. Especially in this state.
Personal space isn't a privelege...It's a right. If there wasn't such a demand, and if people weren't so obsessed with what they saw on television...None of this would be an issue. The stars are JUST PEOPLE. THEY BEND OVER AND USE THE TOILET THE SAME WAY THE REST OF US DO. WE NEED TO QUIT PUTTING THEM ON PEDESTALS OR LOOKING FOR SOMEONE TO ROLE MODEL FOR THE REST OF SOCIETY. BRING YOUR KIDS UP WITH SOME VALUES AND MAYBE THIS WOULDN'T BE OCCURRING.

2988 days ago


Do as I do.
Don't buy the magazines or watch shows like Entertainment Tonight.
IT WILL ALL GO ALWAY.........!!!!!!

2988 days ago


If the American public didn't have such a lust for the lives of actors the Paparazzi would go away.
Why do people even care about actors ??? Most of them are asses, extremly liberal and, lets face it, they are overpaid, and over privilaged.

None of them are better than you or I, they just make more money and have screwed up lives like the rest of us.

2988 days ago


These people know what they're getting into when they become "stars". Of course they are going to be photographed, touched, screamed for, whatever. Its pathetic, and you're all stupid for feeling sorry for these people.

I support the paparazzi who are just trying to make money, and crash some star's vehicle (who cares, they can buy a new one to add to their other 5 or 7 cars, or drive to their next "chairity event" which they only support by supporting themselves to get you mindless retards to think that they actually care).

I hate this generation.

2988 days ago
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