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Stolen Photos of Pitt/Jolie Baby Shower

6/25/2006 6:04 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt, Angelina JolieLawyers for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have sent an email to various media outlets, including TMZ, informing them that "a digital memory card containing a number of personal copyright protected photographs" of Brad, Angelina and their children have been stolen and offered for sale.
The photos, taken in Namibia, "include images from a private baby shower."
The email, written by a lawyer for the powerhouse law firm of Lavely & Singer, threatens that anyone who publishes the photos "will be liable for substantial compensatory damages, punitive damages, and injunctive relief."

Click here to read the lawyer's demand letter.


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Lance K.    

You know there must be some insecurity in people when you can't just give a complement. What is the purpose in comparing the way your child or dog look to their children.

3042 days ago

Lance K.    

I really wish this family the best beause it seems too many are against matter what they do

Heck it seems that some of you would even critique the way they used the bathroom if it was brought up

3042 days ago


Of Course they want PRIVACY they went all the way to Africa to have their child so the government their would protect them and sheild they from waco photographers, the only pimps I see in this is the rag magazines. Anyone who reads the rags has way too much time on their hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3042 days ago


I think people need to leave them alone and let the enjoy their new baby.

3042 days ago


Come on people! For crying out loud. Everyone deserves a certain amount a privacy. Regardless of who you are you should be able to have a personal, private life that is just that - private! Sure they are celebrities, but they are people first. And for pete sake, leave the kids alone. Finally, for those of you who think they did this on purpose, get a life!

3042 days ago


Recently, a digital memory card containing a number of personal copyright protected photographs of our clients was stolen.

Keywords here: copyright and protected.

ROFLMAO please give me a break. If it was in their hands to begin with, then obviously the mistake begins with them.

3042 days ago


I heard one of thier so called friends stole it....I understand you don't want personal stuff out there, but come on, it was a picture of them seemingly having fun and being makes them look more human than any of the other pics i've seen of them where they don't even smile...

3042 days ago

who cares    

You cant control every picture ever takin. They are proven liars but that dosnt give anybody the right to take what isnt theirs. I was a fan of Angelina until she lied to her fans by saying she would never do anything with a married man.Yes it takes two but im sure she had more to do with it that just 50%. I myself wish to not hear about this couple and the orpahanage they are raising.I read they are adopting ANOTHER kid....they should just enjoy the ones they have now. Poor Shilo, this kid is never gonna know her parents love because there will be too many kids to share it with.Well, Angie trapped Brad....I give it 2 yrs then she'll fall for another costar.

3042 days ago

Lance K.    

If you really don't want to read about this family then why click anything that have their names in the headline...

Private pictures or still private.

3042 days ago

Lance K.    

Kell there have been and will be many families that have more than one, two, three or even four children and the amazing thing about love is the more yu give the more you seem to get. They love their children and things will be fine.

3042 days ago

Lance K.    

You know I wouldn't be surprised if someone they knew stole it. Unfortunately that is the way it is. There are always people willing to put money over friendship or morality

3042 days ago


I totally agree with you Kell, except that I have never liked Angelina,even before brad, but they are both liars, and I don't believe most of what they say...

3042 days ago

jack..yeah right    

So hang on,
some of you seem to forget that while brangelina went to Namibia,
and claimed to do it for privacy, they:

violated Freedom of Speech

blocked school kids' way way to school by a fence

blocked the neighbours' driveways

claimed to have wanted privacy, yet asked for an american film crew to film a part of their journey (while shutting down the borders from other press)
and did TWO photoshoots

My point is, they live for attention so I think they leaked those photos out themselves.

And remember, Jolie does NOT donate even close to 1/3 of her income!!

3042 days ago

Lance K.    

Uranus so I take it now you're their personal accountant and know exactly what she donates or not

and I couldn't even follow what you were talking about with the driveway

Nevertheless, stealing is against the law and no one deserves to have anything stolen

3042 days ago


I guess even tho I don't like Angelina , I have the right to make a comment of my opinion on this subject, as much as all the AJ fans go and comment on anything related to Jennifer Aniston...Except I don't post that I think AJ is an Ugly the AJ fans post about JA...don't like it much do you AJ fanatics...I lost respect for AJ, when she was slobbering all over her brother and Billy Bob on the red carpet, it doesn't have a thing to do with Brad Pitt. I don't care how many kids she adopts, or how much money she donates, she has a morality issue going on, and she may not be showing it now, but I believe it will shine thru again..JMO

3042 days ago
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