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Nicole Kidman Wasn't Married to Tom Cruise...

6/26/2006 7:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Kidmanat least according to the Catholic Church in Australia.

Many around the world were scratching their heads this past weekend, trying to figure out exactly how Kidman was able to get married as a Catholic in a Catholic ceremony, as the Church does not allow for a second marriage (in the Church) after a divorce. Many assumed that Kidman had gotten her marriage to Tom Cruise annulled, which would technically have paved the way for a second marriage in the Church.

Well, not so fast. Kidman's marriage to Cruise lasted 10 years -- a little long to plead temporary insanity -- and considering how notoriously difficult it is to have the Church grant an annulment (they're not handing them out like communion wafers), Kidman may have figured out how to get around the requirement -- she reportedly didn't need an annulment at all.

The BBC is reporting that Kidman's 10-year union to Cruise wasn't recognized by the Catholic Church of Australia. The service was seen only as a legal ceremony and not a spiritual one. In other words, according to the Catholic Church anyway, it never happened. All Kidman had to prove was that it was dissolved legally and she was free to marry any country crooner she wanted. A loophole to be sure, but one that allowed Kidman to reconnect her Catholic faith with Keith Urban, the man she loves.

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With people like Kat as friends, who needs enemies?

I wonder how old Keith Urban is? He looks younger than Nicole. While Tom is accused of robbing the cradle (his wife was only 3 years away from being 30 when they married), it's hypocritical that no one has dared asked the ages of Nicole and Keith.

With so much Tom bashing going on, and Nicole's association to him by default, she will have to get used to taking just as much scrutiny and heat. The glowing reports of her wedding contrasted against the Tom bashing are nauseating. Especially since she even looked like an evil person while they were married. Now she looks humbled - probably by having been divorced so quickly by Cruise. Maybe she finally got her act together.

And BTW, since when does one religion need the permission of another religion to get married? (before you go off on your "scientology isn't a religion" diatribe, realize that calling anyone's religion a cult is hate speech).

3002 days ago


Many people are commenting on the issue of annulment, and/or the invalidity of Tom and Nicole's marriage...but you are not understanding the foundational issue of the entire situation. The Catholic Church believes that when two people marry in the church, with a priest witnessing (or other Christian minister) on behalf of the Church, and the congregation (gathered people) that the married couple recieves the Sacrament of Marraige. A Sacrament is an outward sign of an inward Grace. A Christian wedding (the Chruch recognizes any Christian denominations wedding as valid, just not civil ceremonies) is a Covenant between God and the couple. A wedding ceremony that takes place outside of this scenario...well, that is nothing more than a legal exchange. It's not a Sacrament, and in the eyes of the Church, it's not a Covenant marraige in the definition of Marriage in the Church. Because of this, Nicole and Keith had to have marriage prep classes like any other couple getting married in the Catholic Church, with some added counciling in light of the relationship with Tom, but no previous Sacrament took place that needed to be annuled.

3002 days ago


The Catholic Church does not excommunicate anyone for "living with" someone, as someone stated. Neither you nor I have any right to judge Nicole. She has stated publically that she goes to Mass regularly, and to Confession. We will never know what she's been forgiven of in that Sacrament (I don't expect many of you to even understand what that's all about), so who are we to judge. The Church is against anyone cohabitating before marriage, and when you apply to be married in the Church this is addressed if necessary. It's a privilage to be married in the Catholic Church, not a right, and there are boundaries that must be honored. There are priests who are more strict than others (the Church is made up of very human and sometimes sinful people, they've never claimed otherwise), most will require the couple seperate their living situation, and then do the standare marriage prep programs that eveyone has to do, with additional counciling because of the living scenario they were in together...the Church wants to make sure that people entering into this covenant with God and eachother really, truly know what they are doing...and are in the right frame of mind to be doing it. It's for the sake of the couple and their future life together.

3002 days ago


The Catholic Church doesn't excommunicate people for living together, or for divorcing and remarring. It actually takes quite a bit to get excommnicated (even for Henry the VIII, who was excommunicated for declaring himself the head of teh church in England, not for wanting a divorce). And the church has always allowed members whose first marrige was a civil ceremony and then ended in divorce to marry in the church the next time out.

3002 days ago


I am not a Tom Cruise fan at all, but I don't believe he's gay. And how would any one know for a fact that He and Nicole had some kind of fake marriage, I think they loved each other, and I don't know if he was sterile or not, no one could know that for sure, and I don't have knowledge of why he and Nicole got divorced, I don't believe any of the tabloid stories, they make s*** up out of thin air to sell more copies...I wish Keith and Nicole a happy and long marriage, and as far as his addictions, he went thru rehab, time will tell if he relapses, but give him the benefit of the doubt, such negativity here..I hope Kate wakes up soon from her Scientology induced coma...

3001 days ago

Linda Monks    

I doubt very much that Tom and Kates wedding will never take place. He has her hypnotized or something. I dont know why she had a baby with him!! Also if Nichol and Tome were married for ten years and had no kids of ther own, why all of a sudden does Tom become a stud. I heard that Nichole wants to have kids with Urban. Its a good thing for her it never happened with Tom!!! He is idiotic!!

3001 days ago


SinCerely is correct that a non-Catholic union is supposed to be annulled before a Catholic marriage can take place. Yes, even though it wasn't recognized in the first place. Go figure.

Youwish, etc. has - ahem - interesting comments, but I think it's totally hilarious he criticizes posters about spelling and in the same sentence misuses homophone "sight" when presumably he meant "site."

2995 days ago

B S    

ok,here'st he scoop for those of you who don't know the laws of the Catholic Church:
a "marriage" that is not held in the church or on consecrated ground that is not performed by a Catholic preist is not a marriage. It is a non-event. Therefore, in the eyes of the church, no, they were never married. So she is free to marry Keith Urban in the Catholic Church.

As for being excommunicated, to warrant that, a Catholic needs to marry a non-Christian in a religious ceremony. (which is hard to do because a praticing Catholic preist and a practicing Jewish Rabbi will not marry in religious ceremonies with out the chance of being excommunitcated from their parishes or synagoges. My friend was a Catholic priest who explained this to me before you attack me & tell me I'm wrong.)

Nicole & Tom's marriage is not viewed as a marriage by the Catholic church. Living together "in sin" is not reason that one would be excommunicated.

When I got married in the Catholic church, our deacon asked us if we lived together, which we did not. However, they would have married us even if we had.

2995 days ago


Actually the catholic church DOES allow for someone to get married in the church if they have been divorced. In order to get married in a catholic church after a divorce you must petition the Diocese of whatever catholic church you wish to be married in. You must also got through marriage classes (sortof like counseling).

just thought I would let you know.

Thanks, Tammy

2990 days ago


The Church is rediculous. They make the rules as they go along depending how much you pay them.

2927 days ago


How nice of all of you taking shots at the Catholic Church! Are you members? Converts? Ex-Catholics? Whichever...please get your facts straight. Every religion has aspects that not all members are partial to; stop bashing Catholicism.

Nicole was smart and got away from that freak Tom Cruise. I have respect for organized religions; however, Scientology is a cult! Nicole realized this, got smart and got out. Katie, take the hint!

Nicole, best of luck to you and Keith. I'm very happy that you had a traditional Catholic ceremony. Hopefully, when Tom is old and gray, after the last spaceship has left planet Earth, he'll realize the error of his ways.

2926 days ago


The Catholics writing these comments don't seem able to agree on what the Catholic Church recognizes or doesn't recognize and why. I read this to get a better understanding of this aspect of the religion but am more confused than before. One thing everyone seems to be in agreement is that Scientology is WEIRD!

2976 days ago

Lisa Margolis    

First, Nicole was at the Jamboree in the Hills and DEMANDED EVERYONE LEAVE THE STAGE BEFORE SHE EVEN ARRIVED. I am so saddened to hear that even the sound guys and stage hands aren't good enough to get a look at her.
Shame on her.
Secondly, you cannot wed in a Catholic Church if you have been previously married anywhere. The church considers a legal marriage one that must be annuled by the church prior to marrying again in the church, which is not that hard to do, by the way.

2971 days ago

Karen H    

The Kidman/Urban nuptuials were done with class. This union will be the one to survive wealth and fame. God Bless you both with a lifetime of happiness. As far as Tomcat goes......well if Katie ever had the guts to stand up and say Scientology is a bunch of :hocus pocus" then you can bet she would be history.

2969 days ago
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