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Nicole Kidman Wasn't Married to Tom Cruise...

6/26/2006 7:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Kidmanat least according to the Catholic Church in Australia.

Many around the world were scratching their heads this past weekend, trying to figure out exactly how Kidman was able to get married as a Catholic in a Catholic ceremony, as the Church does not allow for a second marriage (in the Church) after a divorce. Many assumed that Kidman had gotten her marriage to Tom Cruise annulled, which would technically have paved the way for a second marriage in the Church.

Well, not so fast. Kidman's marriage to Cruise lasted 10 years -- a little long to plead temporary insanity -- and considering how notoriously difficult it is to have the Church grant an annulment (they're not handing them out like communion wafers), Kidman may have figured out how to get around the requirement -- she reportedly didn't need an annulment at all.

The BBC is reporting that Kidman's 10-year union to Cruise wasn't recognized by the Catholic Church of Australia. The service was seen only as a legal ceremony and not a spiritual one. In other words, according to the Catholic Church anyway, it never happened. All Kidman had to prove was that it was dissolved legally and she was free to marry any country crooner she wanted. A loophole to be sure, but one that allowed Kidman to reconnect her Catholic faith with Keith Urban, the man she loves.

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I'm catholic and I'm so tired of the media trying to comment on catholic issues, which they so often obviously are not knowledgeable on. News flash---whether it was in Australia or France, the Catholic church does not technically recognize a marriage outside the Catholic church. If it was not recognized in the first place, there is nothing to annul later on---I hope that's common sense!! The Catholic church would only require mere proof of the legal dissolution of that non-Catholic marriage to comply with the "laws of the land" per se. To the author of this article, NO LOOPHOLE, EL STUPIDO---JUST THE FACTS!!!!!!

3040 days ago


Kidman heading to botox city...

Shame i it's true.

I hate that. I hope Tom can take his 200M$ right back! plus the properties he gave that carrerist for the divorce!

3040 days ago


Best wishes to the both of you!!! I'm so happy for you:)

Tom and Nicole were not married in a Catholic church, not married by a priest, it was not a Catholic ceremony. It is absolutely correct that the Catholic Church does not recognize the marriage. They of course know she WAS married but NOT by the laws of the Church. Since that did not take place, the Catholic church indeed does not recognize it a religious Catholic sacrament. The Church does NOT excommunicate ANYONE for marrying outside of the Catholic faith. My husband and I are Catholic as well. We have relatives who have married someone that is not Catholic. They were not allowed to be married in the Church. There is a lot of paper work that is involved. One also has had to receive their First Holy Communion, which is about the age of 7, as well as having a Confirmation, which is a ceremony which takes place in one's early teen years, to even be allowed to be married in the Catholic Church.
Hope this sheds a little light on the subject.

3040 days ago


Actually Nunya, the Catholic church does recognize marriages in a Christian church - doesn't have to be Catholic.

3040 days ago


Kidman heading to botox city...

Shame i it's true.

I hate that. I hope Tom can take his 200M$ right back! plus the properties he gave that carrerist for the divorce!

3040 days ago


I was raised Anglican and Catholic having a semi Catholic father and a VERY Anglican Mother.....Mum says the Catholic Church does NOT recognize SCIENTOLOGY as a a true faith or it does various sects of Prostetantisim and Judaism and the Orthodox faiths. I have a bit of trouble with it myself. Take this as you will.......But Scientology seems a bit "off the wall" as did L RON HUBBARD........... wasn't he already supposed to return to the land of the living?????????? Well, where is he?????????????? We have even experienced the Second Coming of Christ yet.......I certainly don't expect Hubbard to appear before that. NO wonder Nicole could remarry---that "church" is just plain "wacko" like someone else we know.

3040 days ago

diana gomez    

You go Nicole! You are such a classy lady. She was once quoted as saying, "All I want in life is to be good to others, love my family and children ,and everything else will follow". This alone probably won over the priest. Her marriage to Keith is just the beginning of many rewards. Tom, should start praying to the right God.

3040 days ago


This is to the happy couple, God Bless and Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was angry as hell when reporters first interviewed Tom Cruise after Katie had his child. The question most asked and the one that chapped my hide was the one that referred to the fact that "now" that he has a child would he still be making dangerous movies like "Mission Impossible?" What did they mean, now? He has had two children (regardless if they are adopted) for years. Those kids are old enough to understand what a shitty thing that was to say. You're not really daddy's little girl but Katie's little girl is. I am just glad that she has a wonderful man in her life who loves her and I hope that she continues to be happy. From what I have seen, she really does deserve it.

3040 days ago


To add to the confusion regarding the Catholic Church. I am catholic but my partner is not. He was married in the past by a civil celebrant, whereas I had never been married. The Catholic church refused to marry us because they recognised that my partner had been married previously. They claimed that his past marriage was recognised by the Catholic church because he was not Catholic. If my husband had been a Catholic at the the time of his first marriage conducted by a civil celebrant they would NOT have recognised it and would have married us. We therefore got married at a Uniting Church. I was also told by the Catholic Church that if my marriage ends and I find someone else and decide to marry in the Catholic Church. The Catholic church will marry me as they would not recognise my current Christian marriage because I am Catholic!

3040 days ago


Regardless if you were previously married within the Catholic Church, another religion, or a civil union and then divorced, you must get an annulment if you plan to marry in a Catholic Church. An annulment proves that your previous marriage was invalid and you're free to marry.

The only requirement of being married in the Catholic Church is precanna classes, baptism and one person has to be catholic.

3040 days ago


Oops......if one party is not baptized the marriage in the Catholic Church can take place, however it is not considered a sacramental marriage until baptism takes place.

Someone mentioned earlier that First Communion and Confirmation were required for a marriage. That is not true.

As much as I don't like non-Catholics giving instructions on my religion, what I REALLY HATE is a Catholic giving out misinformation!

3040 days ago


The Catholic church will marry me as they would not recognise my current Christian marriage because I am Catholic!

Posted at 9:56PM on Jun 26th 2006 by jasmin 0 stars

Jasmin that is total BS! If I were you I would contact my Archdioceses. There is a simple annulment procedure for a marriage that took place outside the Church. You and your husband should have been given that option.

3040 days ago


Pay that church enough money, and they will forget anything you want them to.

3040 days ago

michelle harding    

Go Nic & Keith. You guys are awesome. I am a huge country music fan attending & volunteering at the "URBAN" COUNTRY MUSIC FESTIVAL in Caboolture, Qld every year for the past 3yrs it has been running. ( This is where Keith is from) & I also share my birth date with Nicole (20/06/1967 mine is 20/06/1971). Congratulations & best wishes for the future.

3040 days ago


Probably because she needed pyschiatric help after 10 years with Cruise and he found out she was taking anti-depressants.

3040 days ago
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