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Nicole Kidman Wasn't Married to Tom Cruise...

6/26/2006 7:59 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nicole Kidmanat least according to the Catholic Church in Australia.

Many around the world were scratching their heads this past weekend, trying to figure out exactly how Kidman was able to get married as a Catholic in a Catholic ceremony, as the Church does not allow for a second marriage (in the Church) after a divorce. Many assumed that Kidman had gotten her marriage to Tom Cruise annulled, which would technically have paved the way for a second marriage in the Church.

Well, not so fast. Kidman's marriage to Cruise lasted 10 years -- a little long to plead temporary insanity -- and considering how notoriously difficult it is to have the Church grant an annulment (they're not handing them out like communion wafers), Kidman may have figured out how to get around the requirement -- she reportedly didn't need an annulment at all.

The BBC is reporting that Kidman's 10-year union to Cruise wasn't recognized by the Catholic Church of Australia. The service was seen only as a legal ceremony and not a spiritual one. In other words, according to the Catholic Church anyway, it never happened. All Kidman had to prove was that it was dissolved legally and she was free to marry any country crooner she wanted. A loophole to be sure, but one that allowed Kidman to reconnect her Catholic faith with Keith Urban, the man she loves.

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No Avatar

Donna Gish    

WHO THE HELL CARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2983 days ago


Nicole had her own money and won an Oscar. She didn't need anything from Tom Cruise. She is one of the most successful actress in every way. Awards, financially and she has always been the picture of grace, poise and good taste. I'm glad she has found happiness and she deserves it.

2983 days ago


Congratulation Nicole!
Wish I found that loop whole when I left the man who beat me for five years and married my husband now of twenty.
We wanted to marry in the Catholic church but they would not for I was married before. Our marriage is not Blessed . But our love is He is a wonderful man who gave me two great kids. I wanted our marriage Blessed when I found out he was dying but still the church has no heart :0(
God knows we love each other maybe in Heaven we can have that catholic wedding. Many years of love to you both!

2983 days ago


Does anyone else think its odd how little interaction her children had in this wedding or with them as a couple. Nicole's neice was photographed and spoken of more than her own children, her daughter didn't attend hen's night and you never see the children with them at all.
I think Nicole is cool and Tom is a nut job, is there something in the custody that Tom has controll over the kids?????

2983 days ago

DM Browne    

This was not a matter of whether Nicole's marriage was a "spiritual" one or a "religious" one. She could have gotten married to Tom by a New Age Spiritualist or in any Protestant denomination and the Catholic Church still would not have recognized that union as sacramental, only as civil. There was no loophole; there was no payoff. In the eyes of the Catholic Church there was no valid marriage for this Catholic.

No valid marriage = freedom to marry in the Catholic Church without the need for a Declaration of Nullity from hers to Tom only proof of the divorce from the civil union. All kosher!

2983 days ago

Robert O Graham    

Tom ain't playen with a full deck, I feel sorry for poor Kat....And I wish Nick and her guy all the luck in the world.....

2983 days ago


There is one little quirk in this mess. When Tom left Nicole she was pregnant then had a miscarriage. I for one never believed that Tom would have left her while she was pregnant. I think it was not his child, this leading to the divorce. Who's child? Who knows.

2983 days ago

rhonda nappier    

how could such an ugly woman land 2 is mind boggling to me that any man would want her...........she is butt ugly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2983 days ago


I am happy for Nicole. She has hasn't had much luck in love since that ass Tom Cruise dumped her so ignorantly.I hope she is uber happy and they are bessed with a family.

2983 days ago


actually...if you contribute enough money to the church coffers, you CAN buy an annullment...its all about the $$

2983 days ago


Botox sounds like a " Phyco" and needs help. And Jean sounds like a bigot.This is what Jesus said about homosexuality,

2983 days ago


Proof Nic abused Tom!

that bitch married him for fame

i am glad he get rid of that carrerist he spent his time finding roles, spoiled, moving earth and sky!

everyone in Hollywood testified how much he was dedicated to that "woman"

Now she is heading to botox city with keithy who look like nothing more than a fan of Jessica Simpson!

if Tom choose to turn himself for his devoting catholic faith he had his reasons, nicole doesn't know about, if she cares

Now bring the kids back to Tom, his 200M$ and the properties you stole him.

Then, have fun with urban:

I remember I use to skydive with you Tom, and now...

lol that pic crack me up!

Worst here:

2983 days ago

Leslie E    

She couldnt have gotten married in the catholic church to Tom. She broke up his marriage to his first wife, remember? So he had been divorced already, thanks to her. I am wondering when Keith Urban's head is turned by a young thing and Nicole is left alone. Will serve her right.

2983 days ago


Congrats to Mr.and Mrs. Urban ,may you have a long and happy life together!!

2983 days ago


I'm with you CA Jensen and Nunya - I'm also sick and tired of these people who are distorting the Catholic faith and sounding knowledgeable but aren't. The Catholic Church recognizes marriages if you are not Catholic or denounced your being Catholic. But if you are Catholic, you'll have to receive the sacrament of marriage from the Catholic Church to be considered truly married. Otherwise you're just living in sin and cannot receive communion. For those of you who aren't Catholic, I doubt if this is something you'll understand, so don't even try and just accept it because that's how it is and you can't change it.

2983 days ago
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