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Simpson's Sexy Circle of Friends

6/26/2006 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson's Video ShootWhen it came time for Jessica Simpson to shoot the video for her new single "A Public Affair," she made a couple of calls to some all-star friends. Eva Longoria, Christina Applegate and Christina Milian all join the pop-princess for the rollerskating themed shoot, making them some of the hottest women on wheels.

Simpson's certainly having a bit more fun with her record than ex Nick Lachey's somber "What's Left of Me." "My album's definitely a reflection of where I am this very moment. It's happy, it's summer, I just want to get out with my girlfriends and have a good time and enjoy myself," says Jessica about the new record.

So how did Simpson get them all to take a day to skate with her? "She said you better be there biatch!" says Applegate while getting a foot massage from Brett Ratner. "No. She just asked me please, so I said of course."

Longoria was a little worried about the shoot since it had been a while since she last laced up. "8th grade maybe. It's been a while, but Applegate is an expert so if I fall, I'm bringing her down with me."

Simpson's new album, "A Public Affair," is set for release August 29th.


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Jessica Simpson has quickly climbed to the MOST ANNOYING list...right next to her sis and father. Her song is much more do we have to endure

2948 days ago


Jessica Simpson has quickly climbed to the MOST ANNOYING list...right next to her sis and father. Her song is much more do we have to endure

2948 days ago


I think Jessica Simpson is the Biggest BimBO Of all times. She had Nick who loved her with All her flaws. Her music is going down hill, Because what goes around comes around. She will Never recover her career because without Nick she's nothing. She's just a Virgin turned Freak that now has to slut around to be famous.

2948 days ago


She asked those people to be in her video?
we ain't watching.

2948 days ago


How can you call someone "FAB" that only has sexuality and an empty head to rise to fame? Madonna used sexuality BUT was thought provoking and intelligent. Jessica's sole talent has been to shake her flat butt in front of teenage boys and insecure girls to get them to slop up the crap she dishes out. Her song is the same way the Macarena was ok. It gets stuck in your head until you are looking at the barrel of a .35 calibur. Jessica, spare us your weird singing faces and horrible voice...GO AWAY!

2948 days ago


Jessica Simpson rocks

2948 days ago

Lorey Welch    

As my dear departed mother would have said: "she's a flash in the pan"......and her sister isn't even a flash.....go away Jessica, get a life and get rid of your father. He probably did more to break up the marriage than anyone...

2948 days ago

Lisa Seitz    

Jessica is a very sexy and beautiful person...anyone who makes fun off her is just jelous.

2948 days ago

Lisa Seitz    

Evertone of you are just jealous of her because she has what everybody else wants...ya'll need to go up asap.

2948 days ago



2948 days ago


Jessica Simpson is one more totally turned,churned out marketing disaster by the music industry.
Her talent is dubious to non-extistant. It is why no talent people must depend on body,sexiness and friends in high places to get them out in the world.
Her precious start as squeaky clean and virginal was a farce when it proved it couldn't sell multimillion albums...then she resorts to a faux Britney (another example of not talent) and Madonna redux for a limited success...just look at her sister.I find that in today's American music scene...people's taste in their mouth!

2947 days ago


Her singing is like yelling. Also I don't understand any of the words she is singing. That is not good!

Jessica, we are not jealous of you! Only thing we want is please just go away.

2947 days ago


I can not stand Jessica Simpson!!!!!!!!! I think she is so f####king stupid for leaving Nick. He is a hot guy who just wanted a family and could care less if he was an average joe. I think it has been made pretty clear that she turned into a money hungry b##ch.I think we all saw that when she tried to cheat nick out of money they made together as a couple by offering pitty money. If it was not for them getting married and doing the show no one would care a shit about her. Her music sucks and always has. I think her daddy is way to involved and I think he is all about money as well. She waited for marriage to have sex and then cheated on her man. Is this how a christin girl is suppose to act? I just think she is gross and has shown how money can really make people turn ugly. I hope she falls on her ass with her acting carreer cause she cant act. And that she finds a gold digger like Britney who takes her for all she has. I mean she acts like her marriage ment nothing and that she is not affected by it at all. How heartless can u be?

2947 days ago

Jessica not Simpson but a better one    

first of all finally a page I can post my comments to about Ms. soon to being back to being Simpson. All I have to say is you did Nick a huge favor by leaving. You are a money hungry whore. Is that what you call a good christian girl sleeping with everyone from gross Bam Majara to ugly Jared Leto? I thought he was gay! Loose the two color extensions and the copy cat Madonna song. You don't even realize it be in a couple of years you will be no one wondering where your world went and that you had everything any all american girl would want a wonderful man! Your a loose and always really have been. PS Brandon you are right Lindsey is a fire crotch and she is just as ugly and a flaming red bush!

2947 days ago

Jessica not Simpson but a better one    

first of all, sure your in the video inless you are a star that has nothing going on in her day planner, second of all you must be a real slut too if you have had people talking trash about you. Jessica walked around like her marriage was no big deal after she announced she was seperating. Jessica has not once acted like this divorce has been painful all she has acted like is a big whore that wants nothing but money for herself. Another thing is if she was as talented as you claim she is then why did Dukes of Hazard like give her one line in a bar...oh wait that was because she really is that dum and the other thing is she would not have to bite off Madonnas one time famous song...Now Madonna has talent. Bottom line is Nick said it all money changes everything. I believe him, hes not a lier...and I was in the video too...HA HA

2946 days ago
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