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Simpson's Sexy Circle of Friends

6/26/2006 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jessica Simpson's Video ShootWhen it came time for Jessica Simpson to shoot the video for her new single "A Public Affair," she made a couple of calls to some all-star friends. Eva Longoria, Christina Applegate and Christina Milian all join the pop-princess for the rollerskating themed shoot, making them some of the hottest women on wheels.

Simpson's certainly having a bit more fun with her record than ex Nick Lachey's somber "What's Left of Me." "My album's definitely a reflection of where I am this very moment. It's happy, it's summer, I just want to get out with my girlfriends and have a good time and enjoy myself," says Jessica about the new record.

So how did Simpson get them all to take a day to skate with her? "She said you better be there biatch!" says Applegate while getting a foot massage from Brett Ratner. "No. She just asked me please, so I said of course."

Longoria was a little worried about the shoot since it had been a while since she last laced up. "8th grade maybe. It's been a while, but Applegate is an expert so if I fall, I'm bringing her down with me."

Simpson's new album, "A Public Affair," is set for release August 29th.


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Ok well lets see if u are who u say u r your summer must be pretty slow to take time out to post something. And yes mine is slow but I dont have a million dollars. When u enter the public eye u know what u are in for yes everyone will have something to say about u take the bad with the good.

She is a no talent whore who really didnt care about her marriage and let her daddy tell her what to do. I think it has been pretty clear that all she wanted was money.

Her singing voice is a joke if she was so wonderful why did her albums bomb? Why was she nothing until her and Nick got married?

She cant act worth shit come on now if she could would her only line have been " I think something bumped into my undercariage" dont think so.

She has no talent and had to even take a sample of a madonna song. And the rollerskating thing has been done and is old.

Maybe u are upset cause u may have made a carreer no no by being in the video. Or what are u one of the has beens?

Are u Jess' new bfff? Or wait is this her gay hair dresser?
(no offence to the rainbow group)

3005 days ago


Has anyone heard the song? I tried to give it a chance. but it's terrible. I'm even going to say that Paris Hilton's song is better even though it doesn't sound like her singing. At least it has a decent beat. Both songs are at the bottom of my list, but Paris's is tolerable. Jessica's song is awful. I thought it could be kind of cool since the beginning sounded like Holiday by Madonna, but after the first 15 went down the toilet. I would have to say that there is very little talent and brains embodied in her. She should be thankful for her set of genetically blessed assets and whoever invented the formula for bottle blondes.

3005 days ago

Jessica Simpson lover    

You people are all dumb shits and need to get a life. You would be in somebody elses divorce and if she sings so awfull i wanna c you sing. Can you do better? you dumbasses are probably gonna say yeah. She doesnt not sing horrible she is a very nice woman unlike all you people that are just jealous because you wish you where as gorgeous as she is. SOO F*CK YOU people. Dont get pissed because you wish you could be that beautifull and talented!!!!!

3005 days ago

Mary Clark    

I don't believe that you should've devorced nick if your still in love with him. You guys are my Idols.

3000 days ago

A mommy too!    

What the heck, is Pervi Daddy Joe the one leaving all the SHE'S WONDERFUL, YOU ALL ARE JEALOUS comments? And isn't she about 10 YEARS to old for all this bubblegum, rollerskating, just wanna have fun with my friends thing? Let me guess, Daddy let you have a sleepover too..(THE PERVERT) Can you say THERAPY? I believe you need it with your wacked out Dad. Mom seems cool, obviously though where you get your being niave from.(Otherwise she would leave Joe for being so sick and demented with his daughters.) Ashlee seems cool too, not good enough for t.v. and music but cashed in on Big Sisters and Nick's fame, otherwise even P-Diddy would have kicked her to the curb in his making of the band. She is only Mediocre, like a billion other faceless people in the world. Someone needs to say a prayer for this family and I believe Daddy Joe was asked to leave the church for his sick and twisted ways.

2999 days ago


I don't care about dimwitted Jessica, but it'll be cool to see Christina Applegate on TV again in something other than a Hanes commercial. She totally rocks..

2995 days ago


There will come a day when she is old; her hair is grey; her boobs are hanging at her waist; and she will realize what a HUGE mistake it was to divorce a man who loved her unconditionally. She is a complete air head & NO SHE CAN'T SING!

2994 days ago


Hey Jessica how do two people fall in and out of love so quickly? What about your Chirstianity? Marriage is hard but you still have to try before you end everything. I think you Daddy plays a huge role in this he wanted to see his daughters become super stars and Nick was just in his way. That is too sad.

2994 days ago


I don't blame Jessica one bit for ending it with Nick and I don't believe she cheated on Nick. I actually started out liking Nick more than Jessica but he has proven to the world that he is a fraud by flaunting his girlfriend Vanessa. I'm so sick of hearing him say he's npt over Jessica and how much he still loves her. If that were true he wouldn't have gotten involved with the 4 other girls he has gotten with. If I lost my true love I wouldn't date anyone else. I would fight for her. I wouldn't give up so easily and screw around with my ex's friends. Inpoint he was pictured in a pool with both Cassie and Vanessa both ex Friends of Jessica.
I honestly now believe he was just using her all along to boost his career and now he's doing it again by trying to gain sympathy from the public and spreading phony cheating stories. She is one of the hottest tabloid celebrityies now. Do you think if she were involved with anyone the paparrazzi wouldn't have the prrof by now? and they don't. all their phony stories they print are only backed up by publicity photos.

2991 days ago


Even in interviews Nick ADMITS he doesn't know if Jess actually cheated on him. How can you NOT KNOW if your spouse cheated on you. Is he that dense or that unattentive as a husband? Of course he doesn't know because she never cheated on him. The only person who seems to be making this claim is her ex best friend Cassie who probably told Nick that to break them up. She had an alterior motive because right afterwards she was caught on camera flirting with him. She's obviously a coniving b**ch. I'm so glad Jess got smart and fired her scheming, freeloading , good for nothing butt. She came to LA with no money and no car and Jess was sweet enought to take her in and look what she does in return. Look how she repays her friend Jess. Jess could've hired anyone but felt sorry for her loser friend. Nick didn't like her at first either and didn't want her around. His instincts were right. She's trouble. and now Cassie is supposedly hanging with Jess's other friend her hairstylist no doubt trying to freeload off him too. How the heck is Cassie managing to stay in LA with no job or income? Maybe she sold the BMW Jess graciously bought for her...she needs to move her butt back to texas. no one wants to hire a backstabber.

2991 days ago


Nick, you're an IDIOT. You just lost the love of your life and it's no one's fault but your own. People forget that before they got engaged they were broken up. They had gotten back together before and he could've if he really wanted to, try winning her back again. Instead he screwed up big time. How would you feel if you caught your husband flirting with Vanessa Manillo and then after you file for a divorced he solidified your suspicions by hooking up with her not to mention casting her as his love interest in a music video he supposedly wrote for you?
Nick didn't love Jess unconditionally. Obviously it was conditional until rumors surfaced that she had cheated because thats precisely when he started answering to booty calls. I can imagine how hurtful it must be for Jess to see Nick with all these women when she hasn't dated anyone. Maybe she was keeping herself single hoping that Nick would rise to the occasion and prove his love for her. He did just the opposite. It's heartbreaking to think that your husband doesn't love you but then to have him shove it in your face by dating your friends? Who the hell dates their ex's friends? that is so low. I hope Jessica find a REAL MAN and find true happiness. All those women are just using Nick for publicity. If they really cared about him they would let him heal before jumping into bed with him. Who wants to be a "Rebound girlfriend?" Vanessa is a loser who is just trying to make Derek jealous. I can't wait until they fire her at ET and MTV. No wonder Maria Meneunos is friends with Jess. She was way better than Vanessa any day.

2991 days ago


Jessica Simpson is so conceited!! "they are perky and cute" to quote her.
She must be really miserable to have to brag on her "boobs", I now believe she is a big boob! As in between her ears!!
She is only seen alone or with her "friends" . While Nick is sweet and sincere, modest,and dating,,,,,,,,,,,,,HELLO JESS, HE IS DATING,AND YOU ARE SO INTO YOUR BIG BOOBS, AND YOUR ALONE IN YOUR "GLORY" GIRL, BUT IT WILL FADE AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE. TRAIDED YOU BOOB CAREER FOR NICK THE KIND HUSBAND YOU ONCE HAD. You will go down in flames girl, and so will your daddy! Boobs that have been lifted, reshaped look it. Like Christina or Xtina -gag- her biscuits are so phoney looking and ruin her looks. You on the other hand, only for the time being, have given up all for your "cute and perky' and actually they already are saggy! Get a grip.

2987 days ago


I see the censoring is going on on the website, on the comments that they don't like, mine was no diff. than some, and better than the cursing I see on others.

2987 days ago



2987 days ago


WHY WOULD ANYONE WANT TO LOOK AT THESE FUGAL TOE NAILS WHILE ENJOYING THEIR COMPUTERS??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????UGLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2987 days ago
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