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The Curse of

Paris Hilton

6/26/2006 3:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Being friends with Paris Hilton has its advantages. You can always get into the hottest clubs. You always know if something is "hot." And, um, well ... there's probably a few other good things too.

But being pals with Paris can also be filled with pitfalls. Here's a look at a few celebs that Paris has been known to cavort with - and how things aren't going all that well for them lately.

Paris CurseNicole Richie

The original Paris Hilton sidekick. Nicole and Paris were once like the Hollywood club version of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. Their friendship was so amusing, FOX turned it into a TV show -- "The Simple Life."

But Paris and Nicole had a falling out - "Nicole knows what she did," Paris once said - and the pair went on to film the current season of "Simple Life" separately.

Lately, Nicole's love life - including her on-again, off-again relationship with DJ AM - seems to the only thing keeping her in the tabs (well, that and her weight). Nicole was even photographed earlier this month with an ex of Paris Hilton - skateboarder Chad Muska.

Brandon DavisBrandon Davis
The male version of Paris Hilton. He was born into money, dated Mischa Barton, and he's often seen out at the clubs. That's all he seems to do. At least Paris Hilton sings and acts ... kind of.

But that all changed on the night of May 16 of this year. Brandon Davis -- ironically, with Paris by his side - went off on Lindsay Lohan in an obscenity-laced tirade that introduced the world to the phrase "fire crotch."

Brandon's rant gained him notoriety, which led to a fan of Lindsay's returning the favor when he went in and out of a Hollywood nightclub a few days later. "Go home and take a shower," the Lohan lover yelled. It was no fire crotch, but not bad for an amateur.

The Brandon Davis train officially went off the tracks for good earlier this month when Brandon checked himself into a rehab center in Malibu. Brandon apparently decided to get a jump on the "make amends" step when he was photographed in a "Team Fire Crotch" t-shirt a few days earlier.

Lindsay Lohan Lindsay Lohan
You have to stay pretty up to date with Hollywood gossip to know if Paris and Lindsay are feuding or friends in any given week. At last check, the claws are out again.

Paris and Lindsay had been feuding - over what, who can keep track? - but supposedly had made up. Paris had invited Lindsay back to her house after the MTV Movie Awards in early June and the two apparently had a long talk.

Well earlier this month, the NY Post's Page Six reported that Paris sought out Lindsay at a club to yell at her for seeing her ex, Stavros Niarchos. Paris' rep told the NY Daily News' Rush & Malloy that it was Lindsay that sought out Paris in the club's bathroom to yell at her (get it? sigh...). That whole incident led to Lindsay getting into it with Diddy and his entourage - an event one gambling Web site actually had odds on.

Kim Kardashian Kim Kardashian
The daughter of the late, famed O.J. attorney Robert Kardashian seems to be the Paris friend of the moment. She has also been linked in recent weeks to Nick Lachey. But as the aforementioned list of Paris pals proves, watch your step, Kim!

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TMZ did you guys get bored or what....

2977 days ago


TMZ you guys are so immature. You are so hate filled and jealous towards Paris that frankly it's unbelievable and embarrassing. If you dislike her as much as it seems then why bother following her? There's tons of celebs in the L.A. area. It's not like she's the only one. It's partially because of people like you guys who keep on following her and reporting on her every move that she continually stays famous. I guess I should thank you guys for helping her stay in the public eye.

2977 days ago

Zoillo Jackson    

This is the first time I've ever read TMZ, and you score points with 'The Curse of Paris Hilton'. Paris Hilton is surrounded with an aura of unpoliteness which leads to her "people" thinking they can do whatever they want, which isn't good. She is cursed.

2977 days ago

Margaret Borg    

Yes to all of the above. Paris is a rich, spoiled, piece of trash. God forbid she ever has a child!

2977 days ago

gossip in MD    

I agree Paris is TRASH! she cant sing cant act cant do s*** because she has no talent I mean this girl was a nobody until her sex tape "was stolen" yea right perfect timing you are a rich girl who wants to get her name out there and in the tabloids why not leak a sex tape I mean hell it worked for Pam & Tommy. Anyways I cant believe I am even commenting on her shows how busy I am at work oh and does any one else think that Kim K's boobs look huge in that pic?? Those cant be real just like Paris!

2977 days ago

Margaret Borg    

K's boobs are as real as me having ten toes on one foot. Give me

2977 days ago


I wish we could all just let her go the way of the dodo!

2977 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

Who cares what you have to say about me. I'm loaded.I can get any guy I want and anything I want. Why? cuz I'm hot. Sizzle,Sizzle!!!! Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful...

Paris Hilton

2975 days ago

Jessica not Simpson but a better one    

I love Paris, she is so full of herself its funny just watching her sh*t and she has never hid the fact that she is a slut! PS so is Jessica Simpson

2974 days ago


Brandon Davis has always grossed me out, even before the whole "fire crotch" kinder-cuts incident. Every damn picture he is in- he looks like he smells! His hair is always greasy looking and he is ALWAYS freakin sweating and shiny. Goes to show you money doesn't guarantee good hygiene habits. Lindsay has more talent and original looks than both the "grease trap" Brandon or the "overrated and "flat acting" Hilton will ever have. However, Nicky Hilton on the other hand is gorgeous and I wish to see more of that Hilton sister any day!!!

2971 days ago


has anyone bought her album? LOL

2967 days ago


Poor Paris... she can dish it, but gets so "sad" when it's about her. What a B*1ch. Not to mention the fact that SHE DID NOT coin the phrase "that's Hot"... Nicole Ritchie did.. in the first season of the Simple Life... she just claimed it as her own... can anyone say "Single White Femal"?!

2948 days ago


I may be wrong but from what i heard about the rift between Paris and Nicole was that Nicole had friends over and she played a video of Paris' trist with her ex. OK if it did occur that was wrong., but lets get real here matter how much money Paris has..she IS still a kid...under 25 she is still having fun and discovering who she is. It just happens that she has more money than almost all of us. She is working on TV, making a vdeo for her song, and happens to be the granddaughter of the HILTON empire. I saw her interview and watched her face after hearing what was said about her and she looked really hurt. i have a daughter about her age and i will tell you this...if anyone talked about my child like most people do about Paris I would hunt you down because I am sure your life is so perfect and you have so much time to enter your rude and crushing comments here about a celebrity that you do not even know. Guess what? I have a good job and own a business and its late and I was curious to visit here but those of you that wish to throw stones..PLEASE LOOK AT YOUR OWN GLASS HOUSE!

2948 days ago

Erika Callahan    

her cd is cute.....i like it

2947 days ago

Erika Callahan    

her cd is cute.....i like it

2947 days ago
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