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Ashlee to Playboy: No Thanks!

6/27/2006 2:27 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Ashlee Simpson has turned down a $4 million offer to pose for Playboy.

Ashlee Simpson
In Touch Weekly first reported the offer, and said the pop star was considering it. TMZ spoke with Rob Shuter, Ashlee's publicist, who confirmed that Ashlee did indeed receive an offer to pose in the legendary men's mag -- but turned it down.

A source close to Ashlee told TMZ the offer was big -- $4 million to be exact.

A newly glammed Simpson is currently on tour promoting her recent album, "I Am Me."


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Lmao, amazing at the ppl that are sayin that playboy is a bad magizine....since when is posing naked bad

3036 days ago


I think its hilarious all of yall are saying she should have taken it or there crazy 4 offering her 4 million but yall know if she would have done it there would be a dozen more comments saying shes such a skank she never should have done it and other nasty stuff and she actually does the RIGHT thing but yet its wrong???I may be no better but yall are pretty pathetic people and all yall want is something to gossip about

3036 days ago


Who is Ashlee Simpson anyway? lol She falls into the category of "where are they now?"

3036 days ago

I c Y    


That would be Awesome if she did. shit

She aint that pretty when she got Black hair. kinda punkish. dont lok right
But when she got the Blonde hair. damn she looks fine.
Check on google

3036 days ago

tony i.    

Ashley Simpson is talented. Her old look or new look ..she looks great. All people do is talk s--- about celebs. One mistake and people backstab. Its pathetic. Ashley has a great career ahead of her. She's very sexy..very lovely. For every one hater theres one admirer.

3036 days ago


haha 4 million dollars for ashlee simpson. That's 4,000,000 cut off about 5 of those zero's and THEN you will have the real price. Haha

3036 days ago


oOo and to the one guy who is preaching about the lord..SHOVE IT! This shouldn't be about realigion. I'm athiest and i have no wish to hear your morals,ethics,or religious bullshit.

3036 days ago


I think Ashlee did the right thing, turning down Playboy. She shouldn't be posing nude just so that a bunch of old perverted men drull over her pictures.

3036 days ago


You people really should stop hating. Who gives a damn about the amount of money Playboy offered, the really juicy bit is the fact that she turned it down. Why? Can't you people think anymore. Too much #&%@ing Celeb news.

3036 days ago


Oh and about the girl saying that we're pathetic. Hate to break it to ya hun...but your gossiping to!! DUh

3036 days ago


Well, firstly, many of you are saying that playboy is a skank magazine. some may agree, but i disagree, that "skankiness" actually took hardwork and dedication. many of you may think that it is low to pose like they are, but ironically, it is very daring and takes confidence to put yourself for the world to see. it takes guts for ashlee to turn the offer down, but it also takes guts to accept it. stop judging all aspects of this situation, if you agree with it or dont, all aspects of this situation have a stand. my cat is shedding majorly, so i must go brush it with my delux 2000 brush. thank you. MEOW.

3036 days ago


Ashley Simpson....4 million dollars????? not sure I believe that her sister I would....but anyways.......
no matter how much money she was offered, I respect her saying no......not everyone woman has to show everything to the world..:):)

3036 days ago


catie. you need to learn how to spell.

3036 days ago


I really do think that Ashlee Simpson made the right choice.... Posing for playboy could ruin someones reputation and I think she does really well to keep herself safe and totally respects her body and wouldn't show it off just to make even 4 million dollars... I think she a a really positive choice most girls would look at it and think just about the money and what they can do with it but living your life and being happy isn't all about money its about you and what you feel is right for yourself and if that was her decision not to do playboy... I think its totally up to her and no one should bother her.... People are wayyy to nosy in celebrities lives leave them be let them make their own decisions!

3036 days ago


Wow, Ashley Simpson was offered money to show off her body and she turned it down...what does she think will pay the bills? Her music? HAHAHAHAHAHA, oh man, that was silly of me to even think about..

3036 days ago
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