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Taylor, Dude, You're the Dude

6/28/2006 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Hicks: click to watch!Taylor Hicks (and many others) showed up to Social Hollywood in LA on Tuesday night but it was all about Hicks. It seemed as though he was approached by one aspiring business partner after another - all wanting their own personal "Idol."

The "American Idol" winner was seen by TMZ's Josh Levine leaving the the Hollywood hotspot surrounded by paparazzi and possible future hook-ups ... er, business colleagues.  At one point it got so bad that he needed a police escort back into the club while waiting for his car.

Good for Taylor though ... it seems that the head of the Soul Patrol has a good handle on how to deal with the many clinger-ons that will hound him in Hollywood.


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New York Girl    

Taylor, we love you up here in New York too!!! I also picked you out from the auditions to win!!! You have captivated me and the rest of America. America has voted, and you are our American Idol!!! It couldn't have happened to a better person and talent. I can't wait for when you do a tour by yourself. I will be the first in line to buy my tickets. In the meantime, I am looking forward to seeing you on the American Idol Concert Tour. Rock the House!!!! Go Taylor!!!

3016 days ago

The Kelly Girls-Patricia & Kathleen Kelly    

Tay-Tay, Darlin' Boy,
You have a million Moms out here loving you & savoring the joyful soul you've brought back into our lives with your sweet spirit.
Remember when you're making the countless large & small decisions you now face every day that there are Mama's all over America praying for God to continue to bless and protect you.
We love you, Taylor, like you were our own precious boy . . .
Patricia Kelly Matthews & Kathleen Kelly
in Morgantown, West Virginia
via New Orleans

3016 days ago

Chris Day    

Taylor is a great talent. Can't believe anyone could have anything negative to say about him. American Idol was voted by the american people. Taylor has his own style and charm, not cut from the same boring mold as most others. Taylor will be around a long time, not like MC Hammer or Ton Loc. #4 and #12, if you don't like his music, don't listen to it and keep you negative opinion to yourself. As for me and the rest of Arley Alabama, and the rest of America, we think he is great! I would love to hear him sing Mustang Sally. That song would have blown them away on american Idol. Hope you have a very sucessful career. Arley Alabama loves you, and wishes you all the best.

3016 days ago

debbie corcillo    

i am so glad you have it all from bebbie (have a great time of your life)

3016 days ago


Hey Tay, Tay. My god you are so hot, i only wish i could ve known you before.. I think I love you no but really if you read this just know there is always someone who loves you in this world and that means no matter where you are in your career or even if you got one. You are so talented and very real and always keep it real and you will be adored by all you meet, I hope you can come to my city and i could get a chance to met you. oh what a thrill that would be mmm mmm good lol. love ya and your music stay sweet

3016 days ago

Old Blues Guy    

Taylor, you could be the next big thing............your and new, refeshing, and different.
The 20's had Rudy Valli, the 40's had Sinatra, the 50's had Elvis, the 60's had the Beatles and the world changed...........

Stay true to the blues Man, Da Blues is America's music, the root of all music in this country and we wil see you at the Crossroad's man............dont make no deals with the devil though !!

Blowin the harp with you in the key of "C".....................An Old Blues Dude here !!

3016 days ago


by the way the city of Roanoke Va. is awaiting you to come and entertain us but im just waiting to meet you for who you are inside.....ok enuff gushyness for now id love to gushy you alone though...................omg

3016 days ago


This is what he Dreamed about, Yes you make me Proud. Go TAYLOR.

3016 days ago


Taylor Hicks is the best thing to happen on American Idol in a long time!!! He is the first original talent they have had!!!

3016 days ago


Rock on Taylor!!!

3016 days ago

Joanne R    

Rock on leader of The Soul Patrol!!
Taylor is a breath of fresh air from AI. This year had so many fabulous talents but he is something new. Hes not the same ole' whiny, carbon copy of pop today.
People dont think he can sing because hes not what they are force fed by the powers that be of the music world.
I loved him from the 1st audition!
Cant wait for the CD and the rest of his career to unfold before our eyes.
Stay Real Taylor!

3016 days ago

Joan H.    

Why do people assume that if there is negative comment , that it is from a Kat fan? I am a Kat fan but like Taylor as well and am extremely happy for him. He was my male choice all along! He will certainly go far! Go Soul Patrol !

3016 days ago


Until a few minutes ago I didn't know who Taylor Hicks is because I am selective in my television viewing. Now that I know who he is I have a better chance on the Millionaire show.

3016 days ago

Micki D    

yummmmmmmy - oh can't get enough of this guy - his music - he is the complete package - and no one got to him to "change him" .. perfect just as is!!

3016 days ago


After watching that video, I can't believe that man would go anywhere by himself anymore! How absolutely terrifying! I am so glad that I am just a regular Joe.

3016 days ago
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