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Taylor, Dude, You're the Dude

6/28/2006 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Taylor Hicks: click to watch!Taylor Hicks (and many others) showed up to Social Hollywood in LA on Tuesday night but it was all about Hicks. It seemed as though he was approached by one aspiring business partner after another - all wanting their own personal "Idol."

The "American Idol" winner was seen by TMZ's Josh Levine leaving the the Hollywood hotspot surrounded by paparazzi and possible future hook-ups ... er, business colleagues.  At one point it got so bad that he needed a police escort back into the club while waiting for his car.

Good for Taylor though ... it seems that the head of the Soul Patrol has a good handle on how to deal with the many clinger-ons that will hound him in Hollywood.


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Hey Taylor fans. Wow!! Isnt he just gorgeous!! And now the gray hair is an IN thing. Taylor we love you. You are our one and only Soul Patrol. Please come to Missouri soon and bless us with your talent.

3000 days ago


Get enough of him while you can, tin ears. The blitz is on just like with any newcomer. His 15 minutes will last as long as Studdard's did. Future room mates? Ford Motors should be embarrassed for airing such an annoying commercial. And you horny wallflowers who think he's hot, time for a visit to the eye doctor and a few sessions at the psychiatrist. Yikes!!!

3000 days ago


I'm an Elvis fan from way back....Taylor you have a style of your own just like Elvis
did...Stay just the way you are & someday you might be a legend too.

3000 days ago


Way to go Taylor now he is famous and the fun begins with all the fans and the paperratzi
That is so awesome
I would love to meet him he is so down to earth... I liked him in the beginning of the top 12 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
He is super and wish him all the best
I would love to meet him and bet he is good to his fans and would love to be his top fan
Again all the best and send some my way
He did a fine job and continues too mmmmmm well I may b older but he is super
He knows how to please his fans
That is why he won American Idol

3000 days ago


I think the video just goes to show how stressful Taylor's new life will be. Wasn't this supposed to be a fun relaxing night out for him? He handled the situation with grace and manners. That's why he won A.I.. You can tell the love of the music and the talent. Anyone who doesn't believe it should pick up hi s CD Under The Radar. It is original music and it is awesome. My personal favorite is Hell of a day. The vocals playing off the slide guitar is brilliant. Can't wait for Mr. Hicks to tour by himself free from th A.I. restraints. Oh well have to settle for seeing the A.I. tour in connecticut for now. my prayers are with Mr. Hicks to keep the faith in the music and to have the strength to fend off his detractors and stay true to himself.

3000 days ago


Wow,I love his song and I bought the CD. I know he will come out with another
one Carrie Underwood did and look at her she is doing great.

3000 days ago


Taylor Hicks, you changed my life! I have never posted on any board before. But as soon as I heard your audition, I ran to the computer, signed up on AI, found the quickly growing Taylor fans...soon to be named the Soul Patrol and I have met and made friends with people from around the world! I have sent UTR to SOULdiers (they call themselves that) in Iraq! Taylor is the man that will make a positive change in today's music! He's real, he knows WHO he is, he has passion for his work and he will remain focused. Stand Tall, Taylor, You Make Us Proud! Soul Patrol! Soul Patrol! Wooooo!

3000 days ago


Please someone get this poor guy more Security! What a cool man, Love you Taylor! You are so patient and calm with everyone but so aware of what is going on! You stay true to yourself and just the way you are. Have a great tour and stay well. You are our Soul Patrol Leader! Go Taylor!

2999 days ago


Hey Dont be Hatin on his hair!! He wouldnt let the hair and makeup people change his hair.....Plus I know A thousand people that LOVE his hair.

2999 days ago


the man is so charismatic and charming.can't wait to see him in concert.

2999 days ago

Remi Sian    

Please, people, American Idol 2006 is over. Taylor Hicks won. Could we all move on and stop blaming him for your favorite not emerging victorious? I did not watch the show but I would have to blind not to see that he is a class act with tremendous talent. I wish him everything that he wishes for himself because he so clearly deserves it.

2999 days ago

Laura D.    

I'm so happy to see Taylor getting all this much-deserved recognition! He makes a great American Idol!

2999 days ago


Taylor, You are the MAN!!! Any mother would br proud to call you her son. You are real, wonderful and talented. Keep the Gray and go all the way,You deserve all the best and may all your dreams come true! America Loves you! They could not have ever picked a better IDOL!!

2998 days ago

Barbara Ann Middlebrooks    

Taylor, from day 1 I picked you. I am a 60 year old grandmother of 7 and I saw the talent and just the way you carried yourself with class. You are genuine, and seeing your family every week, I can see the good stock that you came from. Even now I replay my tivo to watch you sing all of the songs you did on the show. My favorite, "You are so beautiful". Thank you for bringing back Ray Charles, and I will follow your career until God takes me home. Be Blessed, and stay true to yourself. Your #1 fan

2998 days ago

Agnes Mc Kenzie    

Taylor is a fantastic star and he is only getting started. I said from day one he would be a legend and he will. Those sorry people who post negative comments are just sore losers cause the person they backed could never compare to Taylor Hicks. He is a fantastic singer is drop dead gorgeous and a wonderful human being besides. The sky is the limit for him now and no one deserves it more than he does. He will show the world what super star is all about .

2998 days ago
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