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Will Taylor Hicks Bite the Hand That Fed Him?

6/28/2006 11:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Grumblings are already reportedly coming from Taylor Hicks' camp about his first single "Do I Make You Proud."  It was painfully obvious right away how bad the song is, which is of course not a reflection on Hicks since he didn't write it. Now, it seems Hicks may agree.

Hicks' former producer Will Smith of Baldwin Entertainment in Nashville tells In Touch Weekly magazine that Taylor wanted to release a song he wrote called "the Fall" instead of the tune written for him. Says Smith, "He wants to be known as a songwriter, not a karaoke singer." 

Of course, he just won the biggest karaoke contest on the planet so it might take a little time to shed the image.  But, Kelly Clarkson pulled it off and successfully distanced herself from Idol. Given Hicks' years of pushing his own songs prior to the contest, don't be surprised if Taylor goes the same route.   Since Clarkson is by far the biggest success to come out of the show, it would make sense for him to follow her path. 


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Linda Beach    

No, DIMYP is not written by Taylor, but it is Taylorized. Taylor has repeatedly said in interviews that he does like the song, but he will be doing his own after the AI contract is over. I wish him all the luck in the world as he does both; but I think it is horrible that people just can't leave the MAN and WINNER of American Idol alone and let him bask in his win. I like the song and have purchased the song, and will continue to buy anything that is Taylor's because he is truely a great artist. Taylor, you have TAYLORIZED me. All others who like to spread articles like this without checking it out with the real artist; you should.

2978 days ago


I love that song. If it was so bad why was it Number one. This person that is saying these things have something to gain by this. They are not for Taylor....Taylor should sue their pants off for spreading this rumor. Taylor has said numerous times in interviews that he likes the song. He has never said he disliked it. I think Taylor Hicks is going to be a huge star and there are a lot of people that want to get on the band wagon. Taylor has a wonderful voice and personality and that song is beautiful. I listen to it several times a day. Everyone I know loves that song. I do not believe one minute that Taylor said this.

2978 days ago


It seems to me that you are putting words in Taylor's mouth based on hearsay by someone who is no longer his manager...and this was taken from online rag magazines akin to the Star. While Taylor MAY actually feel that way (who knows), HE has not publicly said that. In fact, he has mentioned that he appreciates the words of the song. It isn't the best song (and yes, The Fall IS a much better song), but it is far better than My Destiny AND most of the crap that is out there on the radio right now.

2978 days ago


I beg to differ….. Taylor has said nothing but WONDERFUL things about his first single, “Do I Make You Proud”. He has even been quoted as saying how this song “felt RIGHT for him”.

How SHAMEFUL this is!!!!! The SOUL PATROL can see right through this and recognize it for what it really is. A truly PATHETIC attempt for Taylor’s so called “FORMER PRODUCERS” to make easy $$$$ off of him and his fans.

I ‘m not that naive and you can’t pull the wool over my eyes that easily Mr. Smith. I for one want “The Fall” out there….. but NOT until Taylor himself benefits from this. I will wait patiently for that to happen and be OVERJOYED when your SCAM is shut down.

Taylor, keep doing what you do…because you do it so well. (WE LOVE and APPRECIATE IT!!!!!)

MKinder (Kentucky)

2978 days ago


This story is fabricated by Tyler Music Group. They are not working with Taylor, and there is no actual comment from Taylor saying he wants to abandon his current single.

This group claims to be helping Taylor, but they are only hurting his reputation with American Idol fans.

2978 days ago


Taylors fans love what Taylor does..we've purchased his cd and will stand by him, however, I must mention 'Do I make you proud'. Please go to, look under 'military videos' and look for Taylors name with the name of his cd. Two military men made a video with Taylors CD playing in the background. People who have viewed this are brought to tears - the words in that song, along with Taylors voice and the pictures of our military are so very touching. Families who have members in the military love it. If you listen carefully to the wording - these men matched the words with the pictures and it is something that should be shown on national tv. It gives a lot of pride and praise to our military - it certainly makes the families and americans who care about our country proud. These people do not get the praise they deserve - they should be in our thoughts and prayers everyday. I have noone in the military, but it touched my heart and soul...the same as Taylor does. I've contacted many celebrities to get them to show this video. I would like your opinions, please email me at with your feelings after you view it. Thank you.

2978 days ago


"Will Smith of Baldwin Entertainment in Nashville, Tennessee, tells "
Says Smith, "He wants to be known as a songwriter, not a karaoke singer."

The quotes above are Not from Taylor! They are from a slimy opportunist that passed up the goose that laid the golden egg. In 2001, this so-called producer didn't give Taylor the time of day and now wants to capitalize on Taylor's success. This same quote-un-quote producer was so professional that he sought out posting messages on the American Idol Message board to sell Taylor's copies of the original CD and to post notice of his plans to auction the original on E-bay.
You ask us now to believe the garbage this man is spewing now? I think NOT!

Before you report stories like this, please check out the source and prove to me the reader that Taylor said these things.

2978 days ago


People forget that Taylor Hicks has reached hundreds of thousands of people who voted for him...he has such a huge fan base and we will defend Taylor when people write trashy lies.

2978 days ago

Mary Ann    

I don't believe a word of this story going around
that Taylor doesn't like DIMYP. Yes, he wants to
record his own music but he personnally pick this
as his single because he didn't like the one that
was picked for him. He said this song can be sung
for many occasions. He is a smart businessman
and worked to hard to say something like that.

2978 days ago

Terri Usher    

Taylor, if it is true that you hate the song "Do I Make You Proud", well I say, hang in there. As others have said, it is part of your contract with A.I.. Then once your off on your own, you'll have tons of opportunities to do all your own work. And besides, the song is good. Love the performance of it on Jay Leno. But I am waiting "breathlessly" for your fall album. And the one after that and so on and so forth. And Taylor, I've seen a man or two in my time and "sweetie" you are one good looking handsome MAN. Go Taylor!!! Love from Canada.

2978 days ago


The merit of this story is questionable as Taylor has said upon numerous occasions in numerous interviews that he is happy with his first single, as he should be.

I waited until I had purchased Taylor's single before I heard the full version of Do I Make You Proud and happen to like this song very much. It showcased Taylor's vocals and range beautifully, and is proof of his artistry in making a song truly his very own!

2978 days ago


Does anyone really believe this story? Will Smith is just trying to pimp the CD he's selling with Taylor's 2001 recordings (the revenues for which Taylor is probably not going to see a penny). This is a pure publicity grab and is 100% utter bulls---. I'm supposed to believe that Taylor Hicks badmouthed his first single to someone who passed on him several years ago and who is willing to blab it to an online gossip rag? Please. Give Taylor credit for more intelligence than that. Will Smith is a loser.

2977 days ago

Mrs Shirley Whiting    

I think Taylor is magnificent I get goose pimples when he sings "Try a little tenderness" I love than mans looks and his lovely smily face,dont change anything ,not your grey hair or your weight ,Ive not been so excited about a singer in years cant wait for his next CD,but I do want to hear him do his own stuff in his own way eventually.Shirley (ENGLAND)

2977 days ago


I feel Taylor is an unique talent, and the single - while not what he may have chosen for himself - is lovely. Taylor is highly intelligent and wants to do this for himself. I, for one, support him always and all ways. He will find his spot. I have no doubt of that. Will that be a small one or no? That is up to all of you. If you believe in this man - believe as he does in the song, the soul of the music - he'll never steer us wrong.

2977 days ago


How could you write such a story without finding out the real truth from Taylor? He has been on numerous interviews saying nothing but great things about his song, "Do I Make You Proud". It is obvious that his old producer wants to make some money off of him now. Such a shame that he would stoop this low.

2977 days ago
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