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Will Taylor Hicks Bite the Hand That Fed Him?

6/28/2006 11:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Grumblings are already reportedly coming from Taylor Hicks' camp about his first single "Do I Make You Proud."  It was painfully obvious right away how bad the song is, which is of course not a reflection on Hicks since he didn't write it. Now, it seems Hicks may agree.

Hicks' former producer Will Smith of Baldwin Entertainment in Nashville tells In Touch Weekly magazine that Taylor wanted to release a song he wrote called "the Fall" instead of the tune written for him. Says Smith, "He wants to be known as a songwriter, not a karaoke singer." 

Of course, he just won the biggest karaoke contest on the planet so it might take a little time to shed the image.  But, Kelly Clarkson pulled it off and successfully distanced herself from Idol. Given Hicks' years of pushing his own songs prior to the contest, don't be surprised if Taylor goes the same route.   Since Clarkson is by far the biggest success to come out of the show, it would make sense for him to follow her path. 


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Taylor made a lot of people proud when he won the Idol.
Do I make you proud is a very good song and I did buy it and will buy all his cd's
You go Taylor.
Soul patrol fans will support him no matter what he does with his songs.
Love Taylor's music.

3036 days ago


Taylor has said that he Taylorized "Proud". Dirt has to be thrown now that he's making a name for himself. He's grateful and he's always done his own thing. Go Soul Patrol!

3036 days ago


I wholeheartedly agree with Elizabeth - Taylor is a breathe of fresh air. I LOVE "DO YOU MAKE ME PROUD" and cannot hear it enough. NO ONE ELSE could sing this song like Taylor. IT HAS BEEN TAYLORIZED AND WILL BE his signature song. I wish him much success and know he will be a "star". He makes me smile and also happy with his music. Cannot imagine Taylor being anthing but kind and appreciative to AI and his fans for helping him launch his long awaited dream. Taylor, you have put music back in our hearts and YOU DO MAKE US PROUD.

3036 days ago


Attention to all Taylor fans: This kind of publicity trying to trash everything Taylor will do is to be expected.The best thing we,as fans, can do is to ignore all these stories. I think we all know Taylor has said many times the song,Do I Make You Proud,has a lot of meaning to him,and he was pleased with it and he had even Taylorized it to suit himself......I love the song and am looking forward to all Taylors music.....let's not give credence to bad press. Taylor is a street smart,wise and astute business man,he will make the right choices where his career is concerned.

3036 days ago


Listen folks - one fundamental thing that a lot of commenters seem to be forgetting is that TAYLOR didn't say anything about the song or hating the song, etc. Som guy who may or may not have been his agent made the comment. My band has an agent - and let me tell you - at no time is he qualified to speak on the band's behalf. Chill out - no hand biting here. Move along.

3035 days ago


Taylor Hicks makes this grandma smile, I like that he is not a too young American Idol, I like he has worked hard to get where his has wanted to be. I have bought 3 of his CD's. My kids think I'm crazy , but one of them is taking me to United Center when the Tour hits town. You make me proud to be your fan Taylor Hicks. LP

3035 days ago

Wanda Scott    

Taylor is the most honest and best song artist I have heard of in years. He is great. I voted for him from the very start of Idol. I do hope and pray the media and any other cut throats don't make him out to be a bad person when American knows he is not.

3034 days ago


Taylor should ABSOLUTELY be allowed to be Taylor. The song 'Do I Make You Proud' is an exceedingly trite refrain of various 80's ballads and ya, from a song writer's point of view, it sucks. The only reason anyone can enjoy it, if anyone does, is because Taylor is singing it and he is believable.

You know, that's the one aspect of American Idol that my friends and I can't stand; The absolutely lame and cheesey compositions they make the contestants perform. Everything else about the show is great, but damn if that cheese factor isn't reaching new heights on the song writing! Great and accomplished writers or not, that is just a fact.

Thank goodess for the mute button during those moments.

3034 days ago


I have to agree with an earlier comment that Taylor makes any song proud. So often, while listening to songs on radios, I imagine how Taylor would taylorize it and how wonderful it would sound. His own music and style, I'm sure, will be even more unique and bluesy.

3033 days ago


Taylor Hicks is the best thing to come to the music Industry in a long time! I love his song Do I Make You Proud. Check out his original material on his Under The Radar cd. Its awesome!

3033 days ago


Thats showbusiness,people!You say something and they turn it around and paint it ugly until it fits in their story!
I m shure Tay is very grateful for all A.I. did for his career and he will NEVER EVER bite this way,thats not his style.Pretty shure its not his favorite song,but he likes the lyrics and he TAYLORIZED it beautifully.
Even if its not the direction he want to go,he s acepting the treat with A.I. how it is and he ll pull the very best out of it.
Dont believe every story you read,trust our southern,gentle soulman!He s doing just right!

3030 days ago

Richard Drechsler    

I agree that "Do I make you proud" is not a great song. However I am willing to bet that if it had been released a month earlier, it would have been played at every graduation in the country. I saw Taylor on the tonight show and it is obvious that he has "Taylorized" it. Still not a silk purse, but much better. I am looking forward to his album

3030 days ago


I absolutely love the song "Do I Make You Proud." I think Taylor sings it so awesome! He is an amazing singer and performer.

3029 days ago


way to go Taylor. you make us all proud, Youll go far and I will buy every CD out there of yours.!!!

3027 days ago

Judy Norris    

I sincerely doubt Taylor hates his single, "Do I Make You Proud". Would Taylor have preferred to have been able to record and release his own work, of course he would!! That's one thing he's been working so hard to do all these years. Soon, he will get to do his own stuff. Taylor does understand what winning American Idol meant. It meant doing a song written for him by their writers. He actually turned down the first song presented to him and went on to choose DIMYP. So, he doesn't "hate" the song. If he disliked the song so much, I don't think he could have put so much feeling into it.

That report was based on the "comments" of a man named, Will Smith, a record producer in Nashville. Mr. Smith DID produce Taylor's first (demo) CD, "In Your Time" well over 5 years ago. The story had Mr. Smith referring to himself as Taylor's "long-time" producer. Taylor, most likely, has not even spoken to Mr. Smith in several months!!! In actuality, he produced ONE CD. Mr. Smith would dearly love to get a ride on Taylor's coattails and make a few bucks for himself. So, why not attempt to make waves and tell people that Taylor "hates" DIMYP...and then talk up a song "The Fall" (a wonderful song by the way!!!!) that he, Will Smith, produced. Diminish interest in DIMYP...get people to buy the song you (Will Smith) produced...make some money!!! Sounds like someone's motives are purely selfish!!!

So, please take this and all negative stories concerning Taylor with a major grain of salt!!! Many members of the media, print, TV and radio will seize any opportunity (for the sake of ratings or sales) to take remarks attributed to Taylor or from a "long-time" producer, twist them around, take them way out of context or just flat-out lie about them for sole purpose of putting an "interesting, provocative..albeit negative and hurtful"
story about Taylor Hicks into the public arena.

3027 days ago
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