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Superman Looks Good, But Not Yet Super

6/29/2006 8:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brandon RouthWhen it comes to "Superman Returns," Warner Bros. is sighing with relief, but not yet swooning with ecstasy. The Bryan Singer re-imagining managed $21 million in its first day in release, or about what Tom Cruise's pre-sofa "War of the Worlds" did on a comparable Independence Day weekend.

Having spoken with a box office expert or two just now, the real worry for Warner Bros. isn't this weekend, which has a luxurious seven days thanks to a Tuesday July 4th holiday. Rather, it's the next, when "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest" opens. The Johnny Depp epic is tracking is "off the charts," as Nikki Finke reported weeks ago, and remains so.

Well, the good news here is that while "Superman Returns" won't be the biggest opening in history, at least it will probably be the most heterosexual opening weekend ever: Reports Variety, "As expected, initial group of moviegoers were heavily male, at 58%...Studio is hoping gender distribution will be more even by the weekend."

As Jerry Seinfeld might say, 'Not that there's anything wrong with that.'


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Um what's with that last part at the end? How does the audience being 58% male equal heterosexuality? For all you know all the guys who went were gay...I most certainly am homosexual and I've seen it twice. And your last little "not that there's anything wrong with that" bit doesn't even make sense in conjunction with the rest of what you wrote. If you were trying, at the last minute, to apologize for praising heterosexuality over homosexuality, you can shove it up you a** because you failed miserably. Congratulations on being a dumbass and a homophobe.

3003 days ago

Helen Halton    

"Having spoke" with a box office expert ot two now, the real worry..."

I have read some really bad writing online, but this sentence wins the prize.
I fail to see how a worry could have SPOKEN at al....

Pathetic, really pathetic. Doesn't anyone proof these articles?

3003 days ago


By heterosexual, I believe the author meant mostly males and less women. By saying not that there is anything wrong to that later on, he meant that theres nothing wrong with more women coming.. Dont get so butt hurt about it

3003 days ago


i'm a girl, who alway's digged superman and what he stood for....a true AMERICAN HERO he was....stood along side our flag and our american justice system. and to strip that away from him and to make this movie with out the back bone of his country, to draw more illegals, and immagrents and flag burners to go see this movie and make them HAPPY???is a disgrace to our nation and our rights and freedom as AMERICANS.....I WILL NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE no matter how sexy this superman may be, they took his integrety away.....this movie will be a big box office LOSS......

3003 days ago

Miss Sheba    

Ok , I'm not truly sure I understand what the hell vicki on #3 was sayin' about all the all-American s###, but I do agree that this movie will, in my opinion, blow like holy hell!

WTF... What I wanna know is what studio "genius" came up with this "genius" idea of tryin' to mooch off the ever-so-dignifiied (and talented) Christopher Reeves' memory by using some wack-ass Joe Smoe Reeves' wanna-be...dare I say once again, WTF???

Not that I'ma spectacular Disney fan (at least not since I was 6) either, but damn I'll take seein' by boo Johnny Depp any day over this sorry excuse for a "Superman" movie. I gotta admit even though Superman ain't my top comic heroe (or heroine), let the legend rest in peace!! I mean really, how much more of a expansion on the storyline of Superman can you do?--guy orphan from planet of superhumans, guy gets adopted by "regular" parents, guy grows up "regular" life w/ the exception of his "superhuman" powers, etc. etc.....come on!!! Christopher Reeves is the killa (in a good way, or course) actor for Superman, that's it--end of story!! How can you even dare think on trying to follow a act like that???

Damn I hope "Pirates" (I know it's more in the title) blows that Super-Stupor clean outta the water when it hits box offices next weekend!

3003 days ago


I watched Superman and LOVED it! I was really mad when I first heard they were going to do another Superman movie. I thought "How dare they try and replace Christopher Reeve?" But when I saw Brandon Routh in the trailer I felt better about it. He looks like a young Christopher and it makes me feel good. Brandon was great in the movie and the movie itself was AWESOME! I can't wait to see the next one!

PS. I'm a female

3003 days ago


Are you kidding me? The theatre was FLOODED with gay men fainting everywhere, anytime there was a close up of Brandon's gorgeous it hot in here?

Heterosexual? Get real. Yeah, I'm sure that the beer drinking, car repairing, macho, competetive, insecure straight men just RAN as fast as they could to go watch the sensual epitome of everything they're not. I'm sure they just loved seeing their women drooling over someone they could never even dream of being.

WRONG. We're talking Major gay dollars here.

Wake up Heteroville Hollywood.

2991 days ago

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