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Deb to Star -- What Goes Around Comes Around

6/29/2006 2:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones & Debbie MatenopoulosDebbie Matenopoulos had a message for ex-friend Star Jones in an interview today, something along the lines of: Payback's a bitch.

The former "View" co-host appeared on Fox TV's "Good Day LA"  Friday morning, revealing that she and Star were extremely close, that is until Debbie got the boot in 1999.  She says that's when Star completely abandoned her.  "The thing that was most hurtful to me," said Debbie, "was that I thought that [she] was my friend, and then [she] was nowhere to be found."

As Debbie pointed out,  "It's called 'show business,' not show 'friends.'"

Debbie added that she wasn't upset about having to leave the show, saying she was told  that the show had to move "in a different direction," which is the equivalent of getting dumped and being told "It's me, not you." 

Et tu, Star.


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jack e. jett    

debbie m. is very cool.....and very funny. she is like a hippie chick.

i am sick of star playing the race card.........after larry her get so thin she disappears.

jack jett

3001 days ago


NOW Star is going around being humble......too late, Starzilla! And her mega-sized ego/behavior, especially on how she's handling the firing, is what is going to prevent her from getting another "star" job. Back when, she use to be a credible & interesting commentator (when she was covering OJ murder trial), but then turned into this diva-monster. And she really can't see how she got there, for sure rationalizing in her own mind that she's now a victim (yes, other people have done what she's done, but Star, you're not those other special people; only special in your own mind). Go away, Star, you're not that important.

3001 days ago


At least Star didn't go postal and shoot the place up. SET IT OFF!!!!!!!!!

3001 days ago


I had gotten tired of some of Star's antics on the View but I also get tired of Elizabeth, Joy and BARBARA too. That being said I find that for them to go and hire Rosie knowing the bad blood between her and Star was disprespectful, Rosie is no step up. Barbara did that hire to rub salt into that open wound. I think that if they had to hire Rosie that the ratings would have gone up with both her and Star there debating each other. It is very interesting that they are saying that research showed that the audience couldn't connect with her since she lost weight and her marriage to Al if that is the case I think that is sad. I must say that I thought even before Star made her announcement that Barbara and the View were being really low class when they hired Rosie. I will not be watching anymore. I know I am just one viewer but it will make me feel better not to give them my viewership. It not even about Star anymore it is about right and wrong.

3001 days ago

Lance K.    

Star knew her contrac was not renewed before Rosie was even hired. She was going to be out of there anyway so Rosie being hired really wouldn't have mattered

3001 days ago


Star is a c***. I can't stand her, but... I DO have to say, good for her. She went out of that show the winner.

3001 days ago


i dont think it was nice how they got rid of star first of all i am not a fan of rosie
she is way to opionated and annoys me , i think the tactful way they should have done this is first star should have left before they announced Rosies arrival
everyone knew that they had a fued so i think that was messed up, i was hoping they would have hired patrica heaton i think they better get some appealing hosts or the show is over although Joy is great, elizabeth is sweet but cant carry that show

3001 days ago


Its about time Barbra spank that a$$. I knew it was coming. Starzilla deflate, her ego inflated, and she was the beginning of her own end. She put herself where she is. And you people crying Debbie who, you don't no what you talking about don't comment. I'm happy that Monster getting spanked. Star is a very good lawyer. First thing a lawyer learns is the client is your boss. YOU ALWAYS HAVE A BOSS!

RULE#1 Don't piss off the BOSS!

3001 days ago


Barbara Walters said they knew by Nov/05 that they were not going to renew Star's contract but they withhold the information to Star until April/06...per Barbara, to give her time to build up her Q ratio. During that time leaks were all over the place saying how Star was fired, it got so loud that Barbara went on the air and told her audience that Star was a valuable co-host of the show.

Barbara/ABC could have handle this with class but they didn't, Barbara the phony that she is was holding Star hands and wishing her the best. Star went out with class. Later that day and the next, Barbara has been saying some very umpleasant words about Star instead of taking the high road...she took the low road. By protesting too, too much she lost her credibility because if the audience doesn't trust you then you out of there.

What people don't get is that Star point of view represented a large majority of the View audience and they didn't like what they saw and heard.

Rosie has a very small voice...she has already pissed off a large segment of the View audience prior to her dissing Star the same week she was announce as Vierra replacement. The only way the View was going to be interesting to me was to see Rosie and Star go after each other...that would have been great T.V. No matter what you say about Star's Diva attitude she sure knew how to debate the issue. Agree with her or not, she was entertaining and was one of the glue that held that show together.

Without Star, you have Barbara, Joy and Elisabeth....a bunch of divas and unfortunately BORING without Star to bounce off of.Because now someone else have to be the b!@#$%..Elisabeth is just stupid and read a script, that leaves Barbara or Joy and I think from prior reading Barbara just elected herself.

3001 days ago


I think Star is great. I'm glad she is leaving that show. After finding out that they were hiring Rosie to be on The View they lost me as a viewer. I look foreward to watching Star on a show that has more class. You go girl!

3001 days ago


From the moment I saw Star Jones I took her for the diva type. If you listen to her, she is always talking about herself or her stupid husband and she thinks she is so beautiful now after having gastric bypass surgery....whoa! Even when she is interviewing people, she always manages to turn the story around back to her life somehow. How did she get in the business anyway, wasn't she a lawyer? Nobody cares about her opinion about sex or anything else for that matter....I'm glad she got the boot, there wasn't enough space in the room for all the women AND Star's ego!

Debbie is kinda annoying but have you seen the other chick on the view, Elizabeth? She was a castmember from Survivior. Again, no point in listening to her ramble either.

3001 days ago

tony k    

star who? You need a name like that to pretend. She's out along with yesterday's papers!

3001 days ago

Lynn Stonehouse    

I have watched and had sincere love for that show. i remember when Debbie and Lisa left the show and that they left / we style and that also how Barbara/ has always treated everyone that she has ever touched. Also/ im a Rosie fan and an overweight lady.........i tottally agree with Rosie and what she had said about the weight. i love the way that Star looks/ but tell the say that / youve been in districit attorney office and i think / you should have done better than the way you left and all the other comments

3001 days ago


Poor poor Star, what a snob

3001 days ago



3001 days ago
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