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Deb to Star -- What Goes Around Comes Around

6/29/2006 2:56 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones & Debbie MatenopoulosDebbie Matenopoulos had a message for ex-friend Star Jones in an interview today, something along the lines of: Payback's a bitch.

The former "View" co-host appeared on Fox TV's "Good Day LA"  Friday morning, revealing that she and Star were extremely close, that is until Debbie got the boot in 1999.  She says that's when Star completely abandoned her.  "The thing that was most hurtful to me," said Debbie, "was that I thought that [she] was my friend, and then [she] was nowhere to be found."

As Debbie pointed out,  "It's called 'show business,' not show 'friends.'"

Debbie added that she wasn't upset about having to leave the show, saying she was told  that the show had to move "in a different direction," which is the equivalent of getting dumped and being told "It's me, not you." 

Et tu, Star.


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Star Jones was the biggest pain on tha show. Believe me, she won't have any trouble working her way onto the tv screen. Remember Oprah??? They are good friends. Enough said.

3002 days ago


Star...where did she come from, what does she have to offer (for anything). She lost alot of weight...she needed to. She acts like she's a diva...she's not. She is simply a black woman trying to make a life out of being black, on TV, & not fat anymore. Star, get over yourself. You have no aptitude for a tv host. You epitomize the loudmouth black you hear at Walmart & Dollar Store talking louder than everyone, saying nothing, & are just plain annoying.

3002 days ago


Yeah! I'm so glad to see Star Jones GONE!!

3002 days ago

Ms. Erika    

I'm not a Star Jones fan; however, Barbara Walters has no credibility at this point! She's a LIAR and if this situation with Star Jones is any indication of how she has reported the news for the last 100 years, I think that everything that comes out of her mouth has been a LIE. She and the other two corn balls (Joy and Elisabeth) need to jump off of a cliff and disappear from view.

Barbara Walters should have been a politician or a farmer because she knows how to shovel that BULL SH@#!

3002 days ago


another black talentless biatch.

3002 days ago

Dw. Dunphy    

The View, as a viable program, ended the day Meredith Viera left. The Rosie vs. Star insanity shows just how devoid of value the show is, and will become, in her absence.

3002 days ago


Communicating Judeo/Christian principles is not popular, but Star has them and tends to air them every now and then. So what. When all the smoke is cleared, I can assure you that the real enemy behind all of this are the ABC executives behind the View. Choosing to hire one of the hosts critics was not a professional nor considerate move. I assure you they would not hire someone that Barbara Walters would be uncomfortable with. In the final analysis, the entertainment industry puts a premium on whatever and whoever opposes traditional values - and there you have it.

3002 days ago


I think Star went out with class and Barbara just backstabbed her, and for Rosie i really loved her show but she irratated me when she bashed Star about keeping her wight loss method to herself, but did she forget the whole 6 or 7 years she was on her show she withheld that she was a lebsian... How Star loss her weight is her own business and no one elses, so in the end barbara walters is the one who should be ashamed for hiring Rosie even after all the bad mouthing she did over Star...shame on her

3002 days ago

Jean Cotter    

Star was a very important part of "The View" and it is too bad that Barbara Walters did not think so. I liked Barbara up to this point - and have defended her in many arguments, but no more ! ! Star's place with the girls was like she was for all the rest of us - those of us who make mistakes, do dumb things occasionally but we expect to remain accepted. Debbie has gone on with her career and I am sure Star will also, but hopefully "The View" and "Rosie" will not do so well. Rosie took the opportunity to quit while ahead and thank God for small favors. She was so tiring - all she could talk about was her "kids" and her other little nothings. I hope she and Barbara get along real well - but dont think they will retain the viewers.

3002 days ago

peggy brown    

lets face it barbar acted as through she was hurt ,i just dont by it you meaning barbar wanted rosey and you all where going to get rid of star who really know what else went on behind the scence we can only guess i think star who is smart knew what she was doing and did it because she felt wronged .she knew that people might think badly of her for how she did it but i think there must have been a reason iam no fan of star or rosie or that matter barbar walters she what 100 years old .she couldnt wait to get rid fo star she wasnt fooling me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3002 days ago


my comment is this grow up debbie u are a big girl star didnt have to sit there and hold your hand becuase u got fired apparently they didn't like how u were interacting on there and another thing i think they shouldn't of fired star i say fire them all they all boring u always have joy talking about steve and elizabeth about her kid like we care about there personal lifes i for one will stop looking at it didn't like the show to beginning hopefully star will get a bettter job or her own talk show and beat the crap out of the view in the ratings

3002 days ago


That's all we need is another BIG MOUTH on the show. I liked Star and I used to like Rosie way back when...but I think ALL THE GIRLS should of been able to vote on who the replacement would be and it should of been a unaimous vote. I think Star has been treated unfairly and I for one do NOT want to tune in and listen to Roise's big mouth. Between Joy and Roise I think I would go crazy. I think Joy was all the big mouth the show needed and now THE WHOLE SHOW IS UNBALANCED WITH TWO BIG MOUTHS! I THINK THE SHOW IS NOW DOOMED! SHAME on YOU BARBARA! I used to like YOU TOO, but my opinion and respect has dropped for You too! From what I have seen and heard, I think it is time YOU RETIRED!

3002 days ago


I'm personally glad Star Jones is GONE! She got to be one self righteous snob. She became uppity and often acted as if her opinion was the only one that counted. There were a few times they had some singer on the show that majorly sucked big time and Star raved and raved about how beautiful their voice was.... when they clearly sucked... She only did it because they were black.
Star Jones became one of the biggest racist I've ever seen on TV...I will never forget her biggotted words... (about Ruben the fat black guy on American Idol) When STar Jones said.... "HOME BOY GONNA BRING IT HOME FOR US"
US???? US???? racist pig... glad the little piggie got roasted!

3002 days ago

Michele Cappiello    

Rosie will do for the view what she did for Broadway - Bomb - I wouldn't have wanted Debbie to perform surgery on me, but I felt the ladies from the view didn't act like ladies with her.
Went to see Rosie in person and during the comercial breaks all she did was scowl at us. Perhaps a bad day for her, but it sure let us know she was not the person we thought she was. My girlfriend had breast cancer and we thought it would be a treat to take her after her surgery and we left there so disappointed with her. We were right in the very first row smiling away at her. Looks as though the new direction for the view is not so rosie!

3002 days ago


I totally agree with "oh hell no", Lisa , Merrin and Krissy. I wondered if when Debbie Mountonopolous was on the View, if anyone ELSE noticed the lack of brain cells in Debbie, not to mention she had no sense of propieties. She was like Jillian Barberi only dumber, a Bull in a China for Star Jones and Rosie O'Donnell, although I've alway been an admirer of Rosie's, that many, many people in the industry keep her gayness as a discretion for 15 years or so, till her career launched like Apollo, then she informed the public officially, at HER choice of the timing. So, is a dieting method more serious than sexual privacy? as far as keeping it personal??? Wow Rosie, get a grip,, you need not be SOOO competitive. Kathy

3002 days ago
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