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Mariska Hargitay Gives Birth to Baby Boy

6/29/2006 4:24 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Mariska Hargitay, star of NBC's "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," and her husband, Peter Hermann, have welcomed their first child, a son named August, People magazine reports.

The baby, who was a week overdue, was born by Caesarean section Wednesday in Los Angeles, weighing 10 pounds, 9 ounces, the magazine said.

"Mother and baby are doing wonderfully," Hargitay's publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnik, was quoted as saying. "She is ecstatic -- over the moon."

Messages left for Zelnik were not immediately returned Thursday. Hargitay, 42, and Hermann, an actor, married in August 2004.


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Linda Moomey    


3003 days ago


Don't any of these celebs have their children naturally? They all opt to have "scheduled c-sections ". I can understand complications arise and the need for one but it seems to me these people are afraid of a little pain. C-sections were never an option. They were meant for women who couldnt physically deliver a baby naturally.

3003 days ago


Marcia is a moron - with a baby that size and a week overdue, they (OB-GYNs) will ALWAYS recommend performing a cesarean - I doubt if Ms. Hartigay had much of a choice!

3003 days ago


If she was a week overdue, it is unlikely it was a scheduled C-section. Scheduled C-sections are almost always schedule 7-10 days before the due date so that the mother does not go into labor naturally. In contrast, after a due date, it becomes more likely the mother will be induced. A high percentage of inductions end up in C-section.

3003 days ago

Jesi Wytonick    

Most celebs go for "scheduled" C-Sections so they can have a tummy tuck done at the same time. How do you think they look good so fast- other than personal trainers?

3003 days ago

Myss P    

As the mother of 3, can I say that C-section or natural, it HURTS!! And it takes a lot longer to recover from a c-section. And tiny Mariska had an almost ELEVEN pound baby! I had a 9 lb 10 oz baby that they seriously considered c-sectioning after 22 hours of labour. I totally understand what youre saying though. I've heard of that trend about having a csection early to avoid getting too big etc. But i don't think this was the case here! :-)

3003 days ago


These celebs are full of crap!!! Like Alicia said in this "blog", how can it be a scheduled C-section if she was overdue?! What a load of bull doo-doo.


they're too friggin' afraid of pain and ASHAMED of doing things naturally. 10-lb baby or not, it IS possible to push naturally and deliver almost any size baby (medical needs aside). Freakin' hate celebs!!!

3003 days ago


I say congratulations! And will everybody please stop speculating unless you know something the rest of us don't. You aren't her doctor or husband, you have no idea the circumstances surrounding the birth. Why can't you just be happy that mother and baby are doing well. I'm so tired of people trashing celebrities over the hype they read on the internet. It's all suggestive and no one knows for sure what is the absolute truth.

3003 days ago

Mary Tate    

Congratulations Mariska. I think some people just have to nose in other peoples business. They don't have a clue of your and your husbands or your familys feelings or thoughts on this. The people who always have to comment on other peoples business, have no live of their own. Thumb your nose at them and tell them where they can go and take their nasty tongues with them Mary

3003 days ago

One Big Mother    

My baby weighed the exact same as Mariska's baby 10lbs 9oz. I had him as a vbac, ( vaginal birth after c section ) I had no idea my baby was going to be this big ( I guess my ob didn't know it either !) Mariska was smart to get a c section. Pushing out a baby that size is no picnic, considering my normal weight 118lbs and I'm 5'2". I'm just lucky he came out. Just going through a pregnancy with a big baby is a workout ,and at her age I give her alot of credit. She always looked fabulous !!!

3003 days ago

One Who Did It    

I had a 10 pound 10oz. all's not fun. They rip their way out of your body that is why she had to have a c-section.

3003 days ago


if you think about the percentage of woman who have c-sections, the only one's you hear about are the celebrities. the only way you'd hear about them in everyday life is if it were a friend, etc. In the rather small circle of celebrity it would seem like it's more prevalent. also alot of these celebrities are having children later in age-being over 35 is already considered high risk, never mind any complications that could arise. and as far as the words "scheduled c-section", I was 11 days over due and was induced, my midwives then "scheduled" a c-section for 1 hour later due to my son being posterior and oh 9.5 lbs. so just because they say scheduled, doesn't necessarily mean they planned it. even if it's spurr of the moment it's still considered scheduled-kudos to you Mariska, having a baby is such a beautiful, life altering event to be treasured, no matter how they come out!

3001 days ago


To say that it's a scheduled c-section only means that it's not an emergency c-section. Which would be something like the baby's in distress during labour(dropping heartrate, blood pressure, etc), or that the mother has been pushing for many hours with little progress.

And for the record, there are times when c-section are necessary. For one, some women with small build have small pelvic bones. While the virginal passage will stretch to allow a baby to pass through, the bone doesn't stretch. Even if you have an uncomplicated pregnancy, forcing a big baby through natural childbrith may cause the baby's shoulder to get stuck, among many other things.

And then there are other complications - Mariska being pregnant at age 41 is already at a higher risk. And you and I are not familiar with her family's medical history. Seriously we are in no position to judge her for how she had HER child.

All I would say is, she is one of the most respectable women in the entertainment industry these day. Open your eyes and look at the work that she has done - raising awareness in and fighting sexual assults on prime time TV at work, while volunteering as a rape counsellor off the show, AND finding a charitable organization to help the victims heal. I don't think she deserves anything other than supportive and congratulatory words.

3001 days ago


Congratulations Mariska and Peter!! You guys deserve the little guy!!! I am glad that you both are doing excellent and I wish you the best.

Now people, what is the bickering about? It is her child. Everyone needs to get off her back.

3000 days ago


Some say that the trend in Hollywwod is for woemn celebs to opt for the c-section before their due dates to avoid going into labor and to avoid any disruption or tearing of their vagina's...might just put a damper on things after the baby is out. Small scars can be hidden even under the smallest of thongs.

I speculate that Mariska's c-section was not for this reason - the baby was huge and overdue. She may have attempted labor and after a certain point, she & her healthcare provider choose an alternative method of delivery.

I speculate the Brittany and Madonna before her had planned & scheduled c-sections - no labor & no vagination disruption. Tummy tucks are actually more of a "major" abdominal surgery than a non-emergent c-section.

2998 days ago
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