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Pam Strips, Bashes Beyoncé

6/29/2006 11:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Pamela Anderson: Click to WatchPamela Anderson stripped down to her panties in the window of Stella McCartney's London boutique Wednesday, in a protest over fur.

When asked if there's a need to name and shame celebs who wear fur, the "Baywatch" babe took no prisoners.  "I don't think that's glamorous at all ... especially the ones that are starting to put them [fur] in their clothing lines like J. Lo and Beyoncé ... it's really important for them to be conscious of what they wear, especially as they're fashion icons."

Beyoncé Knowles was recently confronted by  People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) at a swanky restaurant in New York.  TMZ was first to run the undercover video. 


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i know i spelled protect wrong, so haters dont worry about correcting me!

3039 days ago


I love you Pam. Do your thing baby.

3039 days ago


Exposing HUGE fake breasts is as tasteless as it gets. I don't think she helped the cause at all..

3039 days ago

e len    

Pam is so dam ugly.........doesnt even look like a breast on her ......looks like somebody threw bunch clay on her chest........yep her boys can be real proud of that ugly mamma

3039 days ago


Hmm there is leather and fur alternative, there is no excuse for using real animals.
Does it bring attention...sure...lets face it...Pam takes her top off, people watch.
It is a great message her kids should be PROUD!

3039 days ago


No matter what you say, she's a hell of a lot prettier than the Mona Lisa. Smart, great rack, good skinart, and probably excellant in bed. And, she cares about decent treatment for animals. About as good as it gets.

3039 days ago


pam anderson is a ho,will alway be a ho,and that's what ho's do,now what she don't know yet is she's and old ho now,and that's what they do to make themselfs feel young and sexy!!! she's not even on the same page as BEYONCE' so she need to shut-up,go home and be a mother to her children...sad...penny

3039 days ago


I am so sick and tired of these animal extremists! i totally agree with # 14, instead of being so concerned with animals, who by the way were put here for us to eat and wear why dont we give some of that sympathy to the millions of people in the world, who are hungry and homeless? why aren't you people busy boycotting the restaurants who throw out tons of food daily instead of donating it to shelters, why aren't you protesting developers like donald trump who instead of providing places where people can have a place to sleep at night, would rather give the world another hotel or casino. as far as i'm concerned, pam and PETA have their heads stuck up their a$$e$. i'm not saying it's wrong to care, but people need love too! try focusing on that!

3039 days ago


People need to realize that a person can be an activist for the rights of animals and people. Many of these comments make it seem that if a person is one, he or she cannot be the other. We are the dominant species on this planet. This means that it is our responsibility to care for animals as well as other people that are suffering. I am not saying that we all become the humanitarian police, but doing things like not wearing fur is one thing that prevents the suffering of animals. If Pamela Anderson needs to get naked to bring attention to the cruelties of the fur industry, maybe we shouldn't be the dominant species on this planet anymore.

3039 days ago

Steve Gardner    

I think fur is a little flashy and pretty impractical for here in Texas for most of the year but it doesn't upset me anymore than eating a hamburger does. And although I dont' wear it I sure hope that other people don't stop wearing it before I get a chance to walk by a shop window with Pamela Anderson naked in it. ;-)

3039 days ago

Roger Schamp    

There is a major difference between eating hamburgers sourced from an ever growing population of cattle and wearing fur for status sourced from animals being hunted to extinction.

3039 days ago

Rafael Azanza    

Human beings have been wearing animal furs and skins for tens of thousands of years. Wearing animal furs and skins is just a subset of using animals for our survival in many ways : eating them, making dwellings from parts of their bodies, making fishing hooks and spearpoints etc.- a whole host of ways of using animals. It is natural, and if our civilization breaks down, which it might, sensitivities about wearing fur will be the least of our concerns.

3038 days ago


is there truly this much pathology, apathy and stupidity walking around out here on the same streets as us? or maybe the "humans" posting here with their rude comments are just really mentally deranged and don't know it, or are youngsters trying to "be tough" by posting about things they dont even know about. they'd have to be living under a rock to not understand where the "i'd rather be naked than wear fur" premise came from, nor the fact that pam anderson does not wear leather or eat meat. i think that you kids or pathological, evil and/or stupid humans who post here should take the time to get your facts right before you pretend to know anything, and then post it.

3038 days ago


"1. Will somebody please explain to me how somebody getting nekked brings attention to the poor animals? What a lie. Shes a pig and wanted to flash it once again!"

How dare you refere to a woman as a pig and say she's only doing this to flash it once again. Like she needs the exposure. The fact is, a$$hole, animals have deep feelings, feel pain, and it's been proven how attached they can be once a human has won their trues. I have left cheating boyfriends to keep my animals safe = my cats loved me. He didn't. You sound like a redkneck, farn mentality jerk who would slober all over 'the pig' is she stripped for you. Animals are as innocent and precious as children not just in my mind, and I am a mother. This, SUPRISE!!!! is no longer the cave man era. We have McDonalds on every corner so what's the survival crap about hunting? They breed and raise these animals for fur in horrific conditions. Ones I'd like for you to just see. You're an ingornant and uninromed moron and all the other people dissing Pam and the rights for animals sould be butchered to death just to see how it feels. You're a very undeveloped soul. And you have a big mouth which transfers your very, frankly retarded, thoughts. Ever had a dog you loved? Probably not. People as a species have got to learn to respect the animals. This is a whole new age that is coming upon us. Cows for milk, chickens for eggs. On your killing the cow theory, as much milk as the world needs, and if they'd quit using steers for beef, humans and animals would win. Chickens are for eggs. Everything else we need comes form the earth in plant form. It will take decades to get the animals the rights they need, but people are starting What do you do when you're hungry - gone out and shot an animal so you could stuff yourself. In THIS day and age? We have evolved as a species, and part of that involvement is working with the animal kingdom with respect and regard. Of which you have niether; nor do any of these pro-fur commenters. Buy a fake fur. What the f!!! Everyone knows these celebrities sh*t money = buy let's take it a step further, shall we? Let's wear fur when we could buy just as expensive, fancy, luxurious and WARM coat made from man-made materials. And I don't even want to hear "Well, uh, duh, uh, it says in the Bible that God gave humans dominion over the Animal Kingdom." It did not mean slaughtering them for fur, delectable veal, and tons of despicalbe other things. Dominion here means strictly " Responsibility over the Animals." How about this. How close to being an Angel are you? A real one. Not at all. Yet we have guardian angles all around us. Do they misuse their powers with us, spiritual idiots in comparison to them. No. They do not. I see animals to humans as humans are to angels. You give no mercy and you get no mercy. You should all come out of your sheltered worlds and visit a slaughter house. You think these animals are treated with respect and killed in a pain free manner? Guess again. It's people like you that make me see red. I bet you're shy of 6 feet, at least 240, don't think very highly of women although you probably have a wife and kids you abuse. And you probably go to church on Sunday and during smoke break go out there and talk smack with the other men just like you - and it has nothing to do with spirituality, virtue of God. Who's family is best dressed, who's got the best card. yada yada yada. We have such a long way to go, but it's started. And b*tch all you want, it's going to happen. And it's God's will. The lion will lay down with the lamb. Not with the likes of you around, but soon. Ironically, with mad cow disease and the avian flue, people who couldn't respect not torchuring these animals when there is no need for it today, it won't be safe to use them as a food source. Thank God. But by that time, people will be suffering just as the animals they cared so little for have for thousands of years.

3038 days ago


I think #4 should learn to spell correctly before trying to give advise on other people's stupidity. thank you annie-pooh

3038 days ago
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