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Police Raids Over Jolie-Pitt Baby Shower

6/29/2006 4:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the FBI and Massachusetts authorities raided a Westfield, Mass. home Tuesday night and seized photos of a baby shower held by Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

It's a bizarre story that starts in Namibia, where the shower was thrown. James Haven, Jolie's brother, took a number of pictures in Namibia. When he returned to L.A., his camera broke so he took it to Best Buy where the camera was purchased, and asked them to fix it under the warranty. Best Buy sent the camera to Precision Camera and Video Repair in Enfield, Connecticut.

Sources tell TMZ that two employees at Precision, Bill Keyes and Adam Beckwith, discovered the pictures in the digital camera. We're told that Keyes told authorities that Beckwith downloaded the photos.

Keyes mother, Madelon, told TMZ that her 36-year-old son was excited, showed her the pictures and sent an email to someone in California. Sources say the email may have been an attempt to sell the photos. Madelon Keyes told TMZ, "I don't think he would do something like that."

A sergeant from the Westfield Police Department confirmed with TMZ that authorities searched Keyes' home and seized his computer. The sergeant also said a search warrant was executed at Precision Camera and Video Repair and the actual camera that took the pictures was also seized.

The sergeant said neither Keyes nor Beckwith were arrested and that the case is in the hands of the LA County District Attorney. The sergeant says neither man violated Massachusetts law, but California laws are different.

Danielle Friedland of Celebrity Baby Blog tells TMZ that she received an email last week with sample photos attached, "to see what these photos may be worth." One of the of the images was on her blog. After some consideration, however, Danielle removed the images, believing the photos may have been illegally obtained.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney had no comment because the investigation is ongoing and no charges have been filed.

We could not reach Bill Keyes or Adam Beckwith for comment.

John Malinosky, President of Precision Camera and Video Repair said he was unaware of the search and "We have absolutely no knowledge of this."

TMZ placed a call to Lavely & Singer, Pitt and Jolie's lawyers, but it was not returned.

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Oh my God!...this is like Britney and her kid!...Why would you place your newborn child in a shower to begin with??????

3037 days ago


I can't believe that some american people really care about these homewreckers! They are narcissistic people who don't care about anyone else in America! People should be outrage that the FBI would even actually consider this worthy of their effort and our tax dollars! WTF?

3037 days ago


trash and forget about these sick celebs, boycott : celeb mags, supermarket rags, celeb films and media limp whimps like Anderson Cooper and other wannabees, what is the addiction with these creeps. Hero: how about B & M Gates Foundation and Warren Buffet funding US kids' education and child health worldwide with a greater percentage of their wealth, modesty and focus on the issue not themselves. Some smart media empire should start a magazine focusing on real do-gooders not celebs. Remember Nambibia couldn't wait for them to leave.

3037 days ago


Geez, it took them a shorter amount of time to find those damn photos then it did to find the missing laptop from the V.A. They probably put the stolen laptop case on the back burner to look for those pictures.

3037 days ago

Lance K.    

Ky, hey thanks for explaining about the We are paying rant. I still don't understand it. Look when you go through McDonalds and pay me for your burger don't turn around and moan about how I spend it.

Get out of their POCKETBOOKS!

3037 days ago

Lance K.    

Thanks for whoever posted the link to the FBI. Interesting stuff.

I actually hope to apply to the FBI or CIA in 2 years (not sure they would want me once they read some of these comments)

3037 days ago

Lance K.    

Okay from what I know it is not like Brad or Angelina personally requested for the FBI to get involved. The thing is since it included various states and the internet they were included. Also many times when it becomes a federal case the local authorities have some of the FBI in the area assist. After all they will be called if/when the case goes to trial

3037 days ago

Lance K.    

Ummm, the FBI have been solving cases like for years and will continue to do so. Just because you don't understand their purpose doesn't mean you should bash them. Instead educate yourself on what it is the FBI do.

Don't get mad at them for doing their job. They work day in and day out doing the fun stuff and the not so fun stuff but they get overlooked. Yep, there are some bad apples in the bunch just like other professions - accountants, lawyers but don't be so quick to put down what they do for a living.

I appreciate their dedication to the job. As far as the bureau being starstruck. Yep I am sure there are some officers who are but you know what there are also some waitresses, manicurists, fast food workers, retail stores, etc that do the same. That's life.

3037 days ago


Shame Shame Shame .. Shame on all of us for caring what these people do with their lives and just becuase they are in movies their held at a higher regard your all correct the FBI does have better things to do but shame on us for judging these people and shame on all of us to be so entranced with stories that claim to be news

3037 days ago

Lance K.    

So what have we learned today...even people with money. Even people who are related to other more famous people make dumb mistakes

This from a girl who got her Honeymoon pictures stuck in a card and had to get some help for it. Thank goodness I didn't have any lowlifes uploading it (not that it would have been worth anything but still)

Hey come to think of it....maybe I should look online..

Have a great holiday weekend boys and girls. I'm just getting a kick out of this story because I have a few "blonde" moments....Yep with a name like Doneitha I'm still a homegrown, natural blonde

3037 days ago

Lance K.    

Question of the day: Why do people who don't like certain people take time to comment on their stories. Heck, why take time to read it. I can't stand Woody Allen and I know enough to just past by any story that involves him. Some of you guys seem to actually search out stories about these two and then waste time commenting. Your time on this earth is limited, don't spend it on things that don't bring pleasure to you. Unless you're one of those sickos who only derive pleasure from the pain of people you hate

3037 days ago

Lance K.    

Dang people take a deep breath it isn't like the entire FBI shut down to focus on this. You're making a bit too much of it.

At least another crime is solved and they can go out and work on another.

3037 days ago

Lance K.    

Okay for those who are so concerned about how the Namibian government spend its money did you care at all about the Namibians before. Have you ever done any independent research on their country? Their economy? Or do you base all your knowledge on snippets.

I use to hate the media until I realized it is the lazy readers who won't put effort into finding out what is going on in places. Worst why are we so accepting of quotes from "sources". We don't have any idea who these sources are or if they have any integrity. It wasn't that long ago when journalists were busted for creating sources and stories and it still goes on today.

3037 days ago


In addition, when I spent my money to watch Brangelina in the PAST (when I did like them) on cable or dvd, I did not know what they would do with that money. So, if I discover LATER ON what they did with it, I can criticize. Same goes for Jessica Simpson. i use to watch her show, but I don't approve of the way she overspends her money. I can NOT control it, but I can be like, "Why does that idiot spend money on such and such all the time!" Tom Cruise as well as other movie stars spend tons of money to travel to promote their movies. That's fine because it has to do with their fans' money. And they're doing it for their fans... who they're working for. But if I came to find out that Tom spent that money on some cult (ahem, you know which one) I CAN CRITICIZE! Even if it were my best friend, and it wasn't my money, and I witness her wasting her money, I can be like, "Lady, why are you spending all your money on such and such??"

3037 days ago

Lance K.    

Some of us are on these boards daily worried about situations we have no control over.

Judging from some of the posts, maybe we should worry about something we do have control over. Education. There are too many words misspelled and used out of context.

3037 days ago
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