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Funnier Fat? Celeb Dieters Lose More Than Weight

6/30/2006 12:38 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones and RoseanneEver notice how some of your favorite celebs lose more than just weight when they go on a health kick? Being healthy should definitely be a priority, but there's no doubt that sometimes jokes get bigger laughs when they come from bigger bodies.

In their quest to avoid becoming another plus-sized comedy casualty like Belushi, Candy or Farley, some stars have had to sacrifice their funny bone in order to shed their big bones.

Check out which celebs traded being fun for being fit.

Star Jones
Star Jones

Star Jones Reynolds has dropped 150 pounds and gone from pleasantly plump to frighteningly freaky. Unfortunately, it seems that along with the fat, she also had all the fun sucked out of her, too.

Ever since Star announced her engagement to former bachelor Al Reynolds and started her dietapalooza - things have gone downhill.

First came the criticism for commercializing her wedding plans on "The View," followed by rampant rumors questioning Al's sexuality - which Star vehemently denies. The final straw may have been the fact that she has never revealed how she drastically lost all her weight -- a point that soon to be "View" co-host Rosie O'Donnell has been very vocal in critiquing. And after ABC let Jones go, even Barbara Walters admitted "the audience was losing trust in her. They didn't believe some of the things she said."

One thing is for sure: whether fat or thin, Star will continue to be the butt of jokes.

Al RokerAl Roker

As a 320-pound weatherman, Al Roker made finding out what was "going on in your neck of the woods" a jolly good time.

In his big days, Roker routinely appeared on comedy staples like "Seinfeld," "Will & Grace" and "Saturday Night Live." But ever since he lost 100 pounds via gastric bypass surgery in 2002, Al has become somewhat of a comedy black cloud.

Furthermore, his new camera-ready look has led to more serious interviews and segments on the show -- like interviewing former fatty Star Jones Reynolds on Friday. While we're all for a healthier Al, we just wish he'd take a cue from his weight loss and lighten up.


Whether trading barbs with the rest of the Conner clan on her TV show or famously butchering the Star Spangled Banner, no woman was funnier than Roseanne in the 90s.

Famous for her plus-size domestic goddess chic, Roseanne and her self-titled series spent six years in the top five in the ratings. After the show went off the air in 1997, Roseanne lost weight, went blonde, had plastic surgery and saw three projects get cancelled or die a premature death.

While she make look slightly more glam, sadly, the funniest thing about her career these days is that she barely has one.

Ricki LakeRicki Lake

Ricki Lake first garnered nationwide recognition playing overweight characters in campy, over-the-top films like John Waters' "Hairspray" and "Cry-Baby."

Those stints and a little thing like a 125-pound weight loss led to her role as a trashy talk show host. Throughout the 11 seasons of her self-titled talk show -- that's right, 11 -- Lake's low-rent topics proved to be more tragic than anything else.

Since the show's demise in 2004, Lake hasn't regained any of the weight -- or her career.

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Is it me or does Star Jones look extremely creepy?
What's up with the same pose in every single picture?
She has been stating that her viewers deserve the truth about her being fired. What about coming clean on the plastic surgery and gastric bypass?

3001 days ago


who cares how star lost all her weight...i mean i have never weighed that much but if i had and lost it so fast do u think people would be going around caring how i actually lost it? no! but since she is in the public eye we expect her to tell us every but of her private life no matter what. she is a person like u and me and she deserves to keep private what she wants to keep private and share what she wants to share and if u dont want to hear it then dont listen.

3001 days ago


Yeah, Star looks like her head is attached to Skeletor's neck and that is attached to a bag of skin.

3001 days ago


maybe they are losing themselves instead of weight.

3001 days ago

Jean Daniels    

Star was given the opportunity to leave The View with dignity but chose to demean herself and whine and cry on Larry King show and in my view make a spectacle of herself. I guess she just likes drawing attention to herself no matter how. She does look freaky!!!

3001 days ago


I think that Stars head looks WAY too big for her body and i do agree, it's creepy.

3001 days ago


Star looks sort of like an overgrown E.T., the way her head is jutting forward from her neck! I bet if she shaved her head, she and E.T. could pass for twins.

3001 days ago


All Star did was tell her viewers two days ahead of time, the truth, and talk to People magazine! So the woman lost weight.....She does not owe anyone anything. If she wants to talk about it okay.......if she doesn't okay......It really isn't any of our business. I will not watch the view without her. I hope she finds a new job and moves on.

3001 days ago

Kim Lain    

First and for most we shouldn't be making fun of Star Jones for loosing weight. It takes an extreem amount of work to llse weight, no matter how she lost it. Have you ever talked to someone who had gastric bypass done? They say it was the most difficult thing they have ever done, and loosing weight the old fashion way is hard too. So please put your self in her shoes. At least she was brave enough to shed that weight and not just become another statistic for the morbidly obeist America that we live in. As far as the View goes, they did wrong. In many word they fired her, and then want her to cover it up for them! NO! I would have done the same thing!

3001 days ago


I think the statement about fat people not being happy because they can't do what they love IS CRAP. I'm Fat.. heck I'm what the medical community would call obese. Food does not make me happy I do not eat when I'm depressed. I eat less than most thin people I know. I think you just come across differently. Its societies rules of things that should come out of our mouths. You can't be fat and be a genious, you can be fat and be happy. Star is probably the same girl maybe she just has different issues going on in her life. Maybe it was marriage that changed her.

BTW I'm really not a Star fan. I was just a little peeved by that comment

3001 days ago


It is my opinion that Star was persecuted for trying to improve her health. It is not the publics business to know everything about her personal life especially when it comes to ones health, it should be her decision to tell or not to tell. It’s funny how society loves you when you’re fat and happy but when you become skinny and savvy, the table turns. “The View” was wrong in not renewing her contract, and their excuses for doing so were a bunch of lies. Finally to the show has just gone down hill, and if they thought there ratings were bad with Star, just wait until Rosie get on the show, the rating will really plummet…Needless to say I won’t be watching the show anymore.

3001 days ago

Gwen L. Mills    

Star Jones was wrongly treated. I adore her. I believe that her comments regarding her faith in God is probably what got her axed. I am no fan of Rosie--God help us!!

I love Barbara Walters--but she made a bad move here. I would think and hope that the African-American population would band together, and ban this show.

3001 days ago


I have never been a huge Star fan, but I did occassionally watch The View. And I have to say that I was disappointed with Barbara Walters the other morning. She has known for MONTHS that Star was being let go! Why was she so upset the woman left the show on her own terms?

I was laid off from a job three years ago. My manager called me into his office one morning, gave me the news and asked me to PLEASE finish the rest of the week. I thought he had a lot of nerve! He had just told me the company didn't want me and a couple of my collegues there anymore and to make bad matter last day was supposed to be DECEMBER 21st !!!

I didn't even finish the remainder of the day! I walked out of his office, grabbed a box, and IMMEDIATELY started cleaning off my desk. I said goodbye to him and my friends and walked out!

Barbara and the powers that be at The View should be glad she stayed around for a long as she did having THE KNOWLEDGE she was going to be fired!!! Are they that stupid?!

3001 days ago


Creepy McSpookster - The mayor of Yuckville, home of the heebiejeebies!

Nuff Said

3001 days ago


Look for me the issue isn't Star's weight or the fact that her contract wasn't being renewed. As she herself said, that's business! What I do believe started the big brouhaha is that there was an apparent agreement as to when the announcement would be made and Star violated that agreement. If you've been watching Star lately you HAD to know that she wasn't could tell she wasn't happy. Anyone can understand that in these circumstances Star might not be able to "go the distance" - sometimes you just can't wait it out - even if it is only two more days. However, I think it was incumbent upon Star to go to Barbara and Bill that morning and tell them that she couldn't go it any longer and that she needed to get it out of the way on that day. Star could have then spoken with Joy and Elizabeth before the show so they wouldn't have been blindsided too. I have a lot of admiration for Star on many levels; but I do think the Diva bit got old and she could have handled this better. Hopefully we all learn from our mistakes.

3000 days ago
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