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Let's Get This Party Started: Top Stories for Friday 06/30/06

6/30/2006 9:01 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Star Jones continued her public self-defense tour Thursday night, revealing to Larry King that she was supposed to "make up a story" to tell the audience about her firing – and that her co-hosts on "The View" would just go along it.

In her first television interview since getting booted off "The View," Star said she decided to go ahead with her bombshell announcement a day early because "my viewers, our viewers, deserve the truth and I gave it to them."

And when King showed her clips from the show the day after she quit, full of Barbara Walters' barely concealed venom, Jones claimed that she hadn't seen them before and that she was "sad that the platform that I helped to build was used in a way to attack me professionally." She attempted to take the high road in her spat with Barbara Walters, saying that she would "not denigrate" her former boss, and added that she'd like to see another African-American professional, rather than an actress or comedian, take over her seat at the table. (Walters said on the air that she told Jones that she could say what she wanted to about her contract ending and that her co-hosts would "support her.")

Meanwhile, Star also apologized to her one-time friend Joy Behar through the New York Daily News, saying that she ruined their friendship by not confiding in her about her weight problems. "I can understand why she felt left out. I have to assume she was feeling, 'Why isn't Star, my friend, sharing this stuff with me?'"

Jacko Wacko Like Einstein, Says Lawyer

In the opening statements of the Michael Jackson civil trial yesterday, the lawyer for Jackson's former business partner, porn producer Marc Schaffel, who is suing the singer for nearly $4 million, said that the King of Pop was in dire financial straits in 2003 when the reputation-destroying documentary by Martin Bashir aired.

According to Howard King, the King of Pop had just a few hundred thousand dollars in the bank at the time the show aired, and he owed creditors "hundreds of millions of dollars." Jackson's lawyer, Thomas Mundell, introduced the "crazy old Mr. Jackson" defense, claiming that he was "just as forgetful as the famously forgetful Albert Einstein. Genius comes with eccentricity and quirkiness in other areas."

Hasselhoff Head-Butts Chandelier, Lands in Hospital

Actor-singer David Hasselhoff cut himself while shaving yesterday, but required more than a dab of toilet paper to staunch the bleeding.

According to Lloyd Grove
, the former Baywatch star was having a shave after his morning workout at the Sanderson Hotel in London, and was having trouble navigating his six-foot-four frame around all the fancy Philippe Starck fixtures in the darkly lit men's room, when he biffed his head against a chandelier above the sink. Shards of glass and chrome came cascading down and cut his right arm, severing a tendon, which required emergency surgery. Hasselhoff spent the night in the hospital but should be fine.

Rob Schneider Collapses On Set at Women's Prison

"Deuce Bigalow" star Rob Schneider was taken to the hospital Wednesday after he collapsed during the filming of a movie in Northern California.

The 42-year-old Schneider was filming the comedy "Big Stan" at a women's prison near Stockton, Calif., when he had to be taken to a nearby hospital. "The combination of bad food and the heat just him," said his rep. She added that she didn't know what the bad food was but that he was released from the hospital on Wednesday.

DMX Sent to Jail

Rap star DMX, known to his parents as Earl Simmons, was thrown in the slammer yesterday by a judge who had summoned him to her courtroom after he failed to show last week for a hearing to face speeding and other traffic charges. City Judge Barbara Leak was unsympathetic to DMX's claims of being ill for the last hearing. "We have granted him a number of courtesies. It ends now." DMX was led from the courtroom in handcuffs and held on $25,000 bail. As of yesterday afternoon, he was still being detained.

Lil' Kim To Leave Prison Monday

The rapper Lil' Kim will be finishing her ten-month sentence for lying about a shooting on Monday, just in time for Independence Day. She is getting out two months shy of the year-and-a-day sentence that she was given last year after she lied about a gun battle, saying that she hadn't seen two of her friends at the scene, a claim that was disproven by photos and witnesses. "I am thrilled to be coming home," said Kim in a statement. "I thank all my fans for all their letters."

Rather-Cronkite: Precursor to Barbara-Star?

Though perhaps not as catty as their distaff counterparts, Dan Rather and Walter Cronkite have a minor dust-up of their own going back many years, and as a result, Rather is refusing to be interviewed for a major documentary on his predecessor.

According to this morning's Page Six, Rather won't participate in a PBS "American Masters" profile of Cronkite, whom he succeeded in the CBS Evening News anchor chair, because he's still sulking over the way he was shown the door at the Tiffany Network. Plus, it can't help that his replacement as anchor, Katie Couric, is doing the narration for the 90-minute documentary, which airs July 26.

The blood has been pretty bad between the two newsmen over the years: Cronkite revealed in his 1997 memoir "A Reporter's Life" that Rather threatened to leave CBS unless Cronkite retired from the anchor job before his 65th birthday. "And once Rather had the job, he never let Cronkite on the air again," says a source. "Walter has never forgiven Rather for his brutal tactics."

A who's who of TV newspeople did agree to be on the PBS show, including Tom Brokaw, Mike Wallace, and Robert MacNeil.

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The Veiw has lost a faithful veiwer. Star was done wrong, and I believe the show is now doomed!! With Rosie and Joy together they will always try to 'one-up" each other considering they are both comedianes. Now that the truth has come out, the viewers will never forget how Star was treated. No one will look at the show the same.

3037 days ago


Best Wishes Star!!! The View is going down. May the Lord Bless and Keep you!

3037 days ago

No legs in Texas :(    

No matter whether u like Star or not, you have to give her props for showing professionalism, knowing she was going to be fired.
Barbara felt "betrayed" only because Star announced her being terminated 2 days early. She told Star she would go along w/ whatever story she wanted to tell. In other words she wanted Star to lie "protect her". Who was she kidding. The only person She was trying to protect was herself. This from a well respected journalist. There's more to this story than we know, but so far Barbara isn't looking too good. After 9 years she could have handled this differently w/ Star. Star showed more class by doing her job w/ a smile. Barbara and producers should consider themselves lucky Star didn't do or say something else on the air.

3037 days ago


What is wrong with Barbara Walters? HAS SHE LOST HER TACT AND GRACE ?
I seen her last night and I was embrassed for her talking all sideways? Why would she say that Star could make up a story about why she was leaving the show. IS THE TRUTH NOT WORTH TELLING? OH BARBARA HAS LOST A FAN FOR SURE !!!

3037 days ago

Julie Burgess    

Huh? I don't feel sorry for Star. Why didn't she wait until Thursday to tell the audience she was leaving....because this got her way more attention, and she showed BW she still had some power. She could have done the same thing on Thursday as planned but she didn't because she wanted was a slap in the face to Barbara Walters. Rosie isn't replacing her, she's replacing MEREDITH, and it shouldn't make any difference to Star if Rosie joins the show, because she already knew SHE wouldn't be back. She's on a power ego thing, good riddance.

3037 days ago


Ugh, I am so glad Star and her ego are out of there. She is so full of herself I'm surprised she has room for Big Gay Al.

3037 days ago

carrie robison    

Star did what she did....the surprise announcement... just to be nasty. If she is so innocent why didn't she wait to make her announcement at the agreed upon time? Because she knew the People interview was going to come out and she was caught. Star was great when she was using her lawyer abilities as a commentary for various cases. However, just like so many others, she got a big head and thought she was more important than she was. She got greedy (remember the wedding fiasco?) she became self important (like so many other "stars") and she became arrogant. If she had stuck to what she did best (being a good lawyer) she would have been better off. Isn't she the only one from "The View" that has her own website? Have you all ever read the self important statements she makes on that website? It is ridiculous. She should renew her law license and go back to being a lawyer.

3037 days ago


I see it that Star is whining, boo hoo so you were let go, it happens all the time. She new 2 months ago that she was out. Why didn't she leave then if it was going to be traumatic. At least they gave her some time to find a new job. In the real world your out the next day. I believe she has been planning this big blow out from the beginning just to hurt the show and the people involved on it. Sorry I don't think she has shown her professionalism at all. She's acting like she's in high school and looking for a pity party, to bad she's taking a decent show down with her.

3037 days ago

Stephanie Lee    

Even though I never really liked Star, I have a new-found respect for her after looking at her last night on Larry King. I think she did the interview very tastefully, with elegance and grace. I think she also made all of the look like idiots. I am so glad she went out and spoke her own words last night, live, and not some words written in a magazine. And for Barbara to tell Larry that she didn't want to be friends anymore was so "High School." I've lost alot of respect for Barbara, she's acting like a little kid.

3037 days ago


I do not like Star , but she told the truth . Barbara Walters wanted Star to Lie and I have lost all respect for her.

3037 days ago


I think they're both wrong. Neither one of them handled it the way they should have. It's all so so petty and childish. They act like they're in high school and not professional women who should have more class than to start this finger pointing at each other. I understand both of their positions and I think both of them are putting their own spin on their side of the situation. This is TV people...we'll never really know the whole truth!

3037 days ago


Who's to say that Star made the wrong decision in comming out with the announcment that she was leaving the show...2 days early? I have to give it to Star because that was her way of "smacking" them in the face. She had no other way to get her frustrations out about being fired. Whether you like Star or not, you'll have to agree that she held her end up for a very long time. She was tired of pretending, and it finally got the best of her.
I'm almost positive that we will not see Star on another network TV show. She had a long nine year run. Most actors never get the chance to remain on a show for that long. Not being an actor, Star has made her mark.
As far as the show is concerned, I think that it's doomed. Rosie has issues. Can she be, shall I say, contained? I personally don't think that she is a good match for the rest of the crew on The View. While liking Rosie as a person, I think The View will change having her as the replacement for Merideth. I see many moments of eight seconds of silence, which will seem like an hour after some comment from Rosie.

3037 days ago


There is no doubt that Star could be annoying and I do think people were turned off by her well publicized wedding but being the class act that Barbara Walters is - you would think it could have been handled differently. Rosie will fall flat on her face because people have her number!

3037 days ago


It seems so obvious that Star is trying to do damage control after she has public shown her bitterness and resentment toward ABC and The View. She is trying to present herself as this professional and honorable person but with the way she acted in the last few days (with her interviews and comments), it is so transparent that she is only thinking of ways to save face and further her career. She is so full of it and it makes me sick just to see her talking. I am glad she is off the View and hope that she isn't on any other talk show. Near the end, The View should have been called "the Star" because it seemed like anything she had to say was about her. It is coming out again as this stupid saga continues.

3037 days ago


I don't read it as Barbara told her to lie. "Walters said on the air that she told Jones that she could say what she wanted to about her contract ending and that her co-hosts would "support her." that is not telling someone to lie. Unfortunatly everyones perception of the words are differant. I do wish Star well but if I was the next employer I would wonder is she was going to slam me on national television if things didn't go her way. Oh well typical lawyer.....

3037 days ago
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