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Celebs Who Won't Get Hitched

7/4/2006 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

No Marry CelebsFrom last weekend's celebrity wedding trifecta featuring the nuptials of Nicole Kidman, Marcia Cross and Patricia Arquette, it may seem like Hollywood is in a frenzy to walk down the aisle.

But for every Elizabeth Taylor and Jennifer Lopez wedding announcement there are stars that are avoiding saying their 'I Dos' like the bird flu.

Check out which celebrities have a serious case of cold feet.

OprahOprah Winfrey

Oprah and her rarely-seen main man Stedman Graham have been together for 20 years but she has no plans in sporting a Vera Wang anytime soon. Even though the talk show host doesn't see the point in marrying her partner, she insists Stedman did ask. While she may be a mentor to married housewives everywhere, Ms. Winfrey admits "A piece of paper does not define a life. I always knew that was not the answer for me." The Big O goes on to say "I do believe that had we gotten married, we would not be together today. The traditional role of marriage would not work in this relationship." And we all know if Oprah says so then it must be true!

George ClooneyGeorge Clooney

Despite winning an Oscar and being one of the "Sexiest Men Alive," George Clooney has yet to land a permanent leading lady in his life. He's been linked to nearly every starlet around the world and was once married to actress Talia Balsam, but the confirmed bachelor swears he will never wed again. Earlier this year gorgeous George told Barbara Walters "I know I'll never get married again because I wasn't very good at it." While we may not agree, the one thing we know he is good at is making women (and some men) swoon.

Charlize Theron Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron and her boyfriend, fellow actor Stuart Townsend, have been dating for nearly five years and are one of the hottest Hollywood couples around. Naturally they have the whole world wondering when they will tie the knot. Well to keep the press at bay, the couple has announced the exact date of their impending nuptials while simultaneously taking a political stand. Theron says "we will get married the day that gays and lesbians can get married (in America) - when that right is given to them." With Massachusetts being the only state so far to legalize gay marriage, sadly it seems, Charlize and Stuart will have to deal with a very long engagement.

Howard Stern Howard Stern

The King of all Media aka Howard Stern is another celeb making their bachelorhood a political issue. On May 15, Stern announced on his Sirius radio show that "I'm never getting married unless gays can get married." The shock jock says this is no joke and has declared the issue "his cause." Stern divorced his ex-wife Alison Stern, the mother for his three children, in 2001. He has since been dating his longtime girlfriend Beth Ostrosky.

Halle Berry Halle Berry

After two failed marriages to baseball player David Justice and R+B singer Eric Benet, Halle Berry has sworn off the institution for good. On an episode of "Oprah" in 2004, Berry said "I will never marry again. I mean it with every bone in my body."
The gorgeous Oscar-winner went on to say that despite not wanting to marry she does "need a partner."

So it isn't all bad news for the luckiest man in the world - Berry's boyfriend, model Gabriel Aubrey. If Gabriel is smart as he is hot, he'll prove to Halle why you should never say never.

Johnny Depp Johnny Depp

After being married once in the 80s and engaged four times to Sherilyn Fenn, Jennifer Grey, Winona Ryder and Kate Moss, Johnny Depp finally found the woman of his dreams in Vanessa Paradis.

Together since 1998, the couple have two children together but have yet to make their relationship official. The reason - Depp says he doesn't want to ruin her last name. "It would be such a drag to stick her with Paradis-Depp. It's like a flat note." Whatever you say Johnny. We don't think it'd be too hard to find someone willing to be stuck with the title of Mrs. Depp.

To make hearts a flutter even more, Depp adds "For all intents and purposes we are married. We have two kids together and she is the woman in my life. But if she ever said: 'Hey, let's get hitched', I would do it in a second."

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Robert R Woodall    

Don't blame anyone for not "marrying". Its a sham they way and reasons it is done in this country. One question-How in the world did a person like Howard Stern get in this article? Someone must have been in great need for a filler.

2844 days ago


Yet marriage isn't just a piece of paper, It's a commitment to each other that you make under God and in front of the people you love by promising to be there for each other and not being afraid to share it with the world. Binding your names forever one way or another whether the marriage lasts a day or 50 years.
I've lived with otherpeople before. It's very different.

2844 days ago


First of all before I start I'm not knockin anybody's opinions nor am I judging anyone on this post.
In the eyes of God, YES you do NEED a piece of paper.
No, it doesn't change the way you feel about your husband/wife, it changes how you feel towards God.
Honestly, I love looking at my framed marriage certificate displayed in my livingroom. ;-)

2844 days ago


Marriage is NOT just a trandition and is NOT just simply a piece of paper. It is a convenant with God and if more people would remember this, maybe America's divorce rate would be lower. Just maybe for those who say they don't need a piece a paper, the truth is, they are not ready to trust their love for one another to God.

2844 days ago

Billy Bob    

Oprah sets one "helluva" example for the poor minority kids. Having taught at
an "at risk" school for sixteen years, I observed girl after girl becoming pregnant before they were either graduated or dropped out of school. Some had two children before leaving school. The guys would run around bragging about how many "love children" they had sired.

And, best of all, the working middle class paid, or is paying, the medical bills and for their "public assistance." Whatever happened to "personal responsibility?"

OIe Billy Bob

2844 days ago


I have been married twice.. once for 27 years to a football coach and the second marriage was for 6 years to a Moroccan-born Swede. Well, that is enough for me. There won't be any more husbands... I do need a partner.. I hate being alone...Everyone needs someone to scratch their back and take the dog out at 4 AM, BUT the legal crap you go through ending a marriage is a nightmare. And the lawyers are getting rich off of us SUCKERS who keep making the same mistake over and over. So I say... pick out your man.. stand under the moon on the beach.. pledge yourself to them ( with no witnesses) and then get on with life....IOh yeah... and don't be so rough on the celebs. Heck they are JUST like we are... gullible !! And no.. no... no .. George Clooney is not gay.... I would bet my dog he is straight as an arrow... George, I will believe this until you tell me otherwise...... PS... if you are male, over 50, in relatively good shape,and DON'T look like a bull dog, like pets ( and don't mind taking the dog out at 4 AM), and enjoy munching cheese crackers in bed please write to me...

2844 days ago

Annette Willis    

With all the pre-nups, etc., Hollywood, and many other people, do not seem to go into marriage with the total trust and love that is supposed to be in a union. It's like insurance for a trial relationship. I believe that if I were wealthy and some super star I would be afraid of it also because of the leeches that seek out these people to further their own agendas. It would be difficult to sort through that unless the other person was as financially set.
The sad part is they do not view marriage like the rest of the world, and they miss a lot. I have always felt that the wedding ring (not engagement ring) on my finger does not say "I'm married", but rather, "Someone loves and trusts me". Sure my husband and I have had our adjustments, to put it mildly, lol, but we came through them with love and forgiveness. There is no perfect person but there can be perfect unions and marriage is a way to say "You are the most important person in my life." And neither person should expect perfection from the other. You bend, flex, and compromise until the union reaches the maturity that is meant to be. It is then that the lust turns to beautiful sex and love and such a closeness that you feel like you are one. That is the beauty of marriage. The paperwork? It means that you both have the love, and confidence in yourself and your partner to reach that level of a mature and beautiful relationship. My husband and I are 58 years old and he still calls me his "bride" and he is the completion of my soul. But we weathered the storms, when there were storms, and for the last 10 years there have literally been no storms - we have a full and active and happy life.
I do believe the "paper" counts. Because without the "paper" people have more of a tendancy to be less tolerant of their partners and rather than grow and understand and become closer as one, they take off running as it is the easy way to solve a problem.

2844 days ago



2844 days ago

Renee Adler    

I married the man I had been living with after 28 years three and a half years ago. We wanted to make sure that there would be no more divorces for us. First marriage lasted 21 years and then bango. I am much happier being marred then I was as a significant other

2844 days ago


Gay or straight.. who cares... I applaud these individuals for saying " i dont have to get married"... marriage, like many things, isnt for everyone. True... gays do have their beards.... but it is possible that some people just enjoy being single... and lets face it.. these people have a great deal of wealth... im sure it is hard to find someone they can truely trust. so....... let them be... and you are right.... george.. honey.. come on out... and email me...

2844 days ago


All the liberal minds in the world can dress it up and cloud the waters with "how dare you talk about someone's "love" ....." all you want, but in reality anyone that thinks marriage is nothing but "a piece of paper" has no business being married in the first place.

The reason why in America the divorce rate is now over 50% is proof positive that people that think just like that obviously are STILL walkin down the isle still today. As far as I'm concerned, DON'T get married AT ALL if you think marriage is but "a piece of paper" or "an expensive day" or any other non-sense way of looking at marriage. That is perfectly fine with me. Live together, don't get married, have illegitimate children, play house.....all fine and dandy with me. It is THEIR life to live as they see fit. It is THEY that have to later explain to those children what is "right" and what is "wrong" with the good ole addage of "do as I say, not as I do". It is their perrogative and they have to deal with their own live's decisions.

What angers me is how demeaning and condescending people who CHOOSE to do that are sometimes. Like THEY know something WE "married people" don't. It borders on comical how the moronic lengths to which they cling to non-related statistics as if it were some sort of gospel. Do people honestly believe that married people "cheat" more than single people???? What a joke. People cheat for SELFISH reasons, period. The cheater could care less if they were married or single when they are doing their deed. That is moronic to think that because "statistics say" married people cheat X amount of %, that automatically carries over to say anything about single people. When they do a "survey" on the entire population (single, married, gay, lesbian, teens, seniors, etc.) which shows that one GROUP of people cheat more than another, THEN put some weight to it. Until then, it's all in the eye of the beholder.

Again, I'm not here to judge anyone. People are free to make any CHOICE they'd like in my book. But it angers me when someone talks down their liberal nose at me like MY marriage to my high school sweetheart of 20+ years is but a "piece of paper" most certainly IS NOT......and probably part of the reason for it being 20+yrs and going strong is......because she takes our marriage as serious as I do and doesn't think it's but "a piece of paper"........

2844 days ago


Marriage is much more than a piece of paper. Would you want to committ , share your house, money , car and trust with someone who may leave you with nothing or very little? People marry for many different reasons.....revenge, companionship, friendship, security etc.... marriage legally protects people without hidden agendas. People have the right to remain in relationships with or without marriage. This issue is as complicated as individuals are. Everything comes down to Time, love, money and health. Donna

2844 days ago


If your good enough to live with you should be good enough to marry. Marriage is not just a piece of paper it comes with benefits you don't have as just a girlfriend or a boyfriend.

2844 days ago


My fiance' and I have been together for a long while, and we have deceided that the time to get married is approaching. We will get married in Oct. of this year. Why are we getting married?

1. We love each other unconditionally.
2. We would like to have children in the next year or so.
3. We have to be married to be on each other's health insurance through work.
4. It's easier to say "This is my husband/wife" than explain that this is my live in boyfriend/girlfriend and the mother/father of my kids.

Number four may seem like a cop-out, and really it is, I won't lie. But have you ever tried to explain to someone that you don't feel marriage is the big defining thing in your relationship (especially in the "deep south") but that you are commited to so-and-so and will have children, etc. They look at you like you're bonkers and try to explain to you how marriage is a sacred thing, given to us by God, blah blah blah. Then I either have A. to stand there for 20 minutes or B. tell them that I'm not Christian and therefore don't view marriage as a gift from God. Yeah, then I hear another 30 minutes of testimony and witnessing. No thanks. So that means I "choose" option A. Sorry, but I have better things to do with 20 minutes. Like take care of my soon-to-be-offical stepdaughter. Oh yeah, I hear it about that too.

All in all, it's just easier to get married and be done with it. We know that we love each other, that we are commited to each other for the rest of our lives. We don't need a huge ceremony/reception to tell everyone else, they see it ALL THE TIME. So my wedding will be a simple affair, 15 people... only because my mother (ugh) insists that I have a ceremony and not just go to the courthouse and elope. *sigh* Mothers.

2844 days ago


What about God? If you are a Christian, marriage is the only proper way to have sexual relations with another person. Now, if you are not a Christian then TOTALLY IGNORE what I am saying. However, I would pray and hope that the fame and fortune, which are fleeting, won't perpetually "blind" the minds and heart from the fact that God does give us his "desires" and pattern for our lives. It is mind boggling to me how the "institution" of marriage in which God created and established is so casually referred to as a "piece of paper". Hopefully as YOU read this opinion, you would repent and change your thinking concerning the issue and allow God to get glory out of your life by being "different" from the World in both philosophy and practice. Now, for the rest of you, I am sorry to intrude upon your right to believe and do what you want to do with no regard for our Father.

2844 days ago
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