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Janice to Britney: "Drop-Kick" K-Fed

7/5/2006 2:53 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Janice Dickinson has some advice for poor Britney Spears: Dump your husband.

janice dickinsonIn an interview with AOL Book Maven Bethanne Patrick, Dickinson tells Britney to get out of the house she shares with K-Fed: "Go and drop-kick that hick to the next city."

Dickinson, the former supermodel and current reality-show host, also doles out wisdom about Katie Holmes -- "She knew darn well what she was doing when she involved herself with Tom Cruise" -- and Sienna Miller ("Screw Sienna, she took him (Jude Law) from a married woman with three children.")

For all of Dickinson's take on the world, click here for AOL's interview.


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I think Janice is right, Britney needs to get rid of that scumbag. He cheated on Shar with Brit, and now he is going to do it to her. Karma is a B!#$, What goes around Comes Around and it makes no Exeptions!!!! It could be that she's waiting to see if he'll cheat on her before she divorces him so that way he gets nothing, Judges hate cheaters just like I do.

2996 days ago


like SHE should talk!!! WE need to drop-kick her off of the T.V. screens.

2996 days ago

wendell dixon    

I think that Janice J. is a whacked out individual. I really don't think that a former drugged out wanna be supermodel who hasn't had a sucessful marriage to date can dish out advice. Yes i agree that Brit relationship looks scary and headed for a train wreck, but thats not for me to decide. If he's a loser(Kevin F) and she has not recognized it than thats all on her. I just think that advice should come from (1) a licensed professional or someone who has had many years in a sucessful marriage. That Janice has been blasting everyone..tell her to call me in Atlanta..I found her Botox and coke in a bag she left on the plane-LOL

2996 days ago


I don't think she's the most normal person in the world, but good for her to say how she feels. So many celebs keep their mouths shut so they don't piss anyone off,but she doesn't give a crap. That's refreshing in the hollywood world when someone calls it like they see it!!! I now have more respect for Janice knowing she's not the typical hollywood kiss ass!!!

2996 days ago


Oh please, this whole Britney and Kevin thing is old news, this is just janice's way of piggy-backing off of real stars to get some publicity for her "first" supermodel self. Everytime she gives her opinions on these people she gets some press time. It apparently works, but Janice needs to look at her own self. At least Britney is married, Janice must have forgotten that she didn't even know who the father of her daughter was until one of them requested a paternity test.

2996 days ago


wait! I would love to hear what words she has for Angelina Jolie wait! let me say homewrecker!

2996 days ago


I think the whole thing is a bundle of fucking laughs... cheers to both of them for being only as trashy as they can possibly be.

2996 days ago

Lance K.    

You don't have to be perfect to have an opinion. I'm just glad she talks straight instead of beating around the bush and talking in codes.

2996 days ago


who the hell is she to talk,as raggety as her shit is,really,she needs to be drop kicked fo the tv screen...penny-pen...

2996 days ago


Janice herself is a piece of s**t who has all the morality, poise and personality of a pez dispenser. When it comes to what she says, the only thing I care LESS about would be the mating habits of knats.

2995 days ago

Tom H.    

Scary photo. She's a supermodel?

2995 days ago


Janice is a self-promoting has been, with neither class nor scruples.

2995 days ago


i mean its the truth Janice can admit her mistakes and i can't blame her for going down the wrong path. I mean she had a messed up childhood. Really bad childhood. and i don't think there are to many people that can admit and accept the fact that their father was a petafile to their siblings. She is honest because that who she is. I mean those people aren't perfect either.Britney couldn't find anybody without baggage, Sienna apparently doesn't care that he banged the babysitter, cause he was already taken when she got him.The pot can't call the kettle black.

2995 days ago


britney rocks!!

2995 days ago


I think Janice Dickface should be drop kicked off the planet. . .what a talentless hag. . .

2989 days ago

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